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    alot of members on here are just trolling, thats why i practice , more then i post. bagua & Neigong is high level shiit. you read the 36 songs? Right you ARE!! naw, i study in anatomy and biology, i use words like sperm, red blood cells, bio - electricity

    I was just wondering if anyone here studies this only.
  3. kuji kiri

    I know the subject, I wanna know if anyone has any PDF that they wanna past along.
  4. Mixing of Jing

    seman lol
  5. Mixing of Jing

    by JING i mean SPERM
  6. Mixing of Jing

    why the hell do people think sex is for anything other then reproduction.... that is the only reason. if they both just stop having intercourse with people and conserve there own jing they will be fine. but no they want to do the only thing that takes away there jing while preaching they wanna conserve.
  7. Mixing of Jing

    ill give her some jing 2x times a week... lmao
  8. Spiritual Adepts

    you guys are lame for editing and deleting what you i got holes in this good story.... too bad i cant stay on internet all day and read it when you post.... Asswholes.... lmao, i truly am upset i didnt get to read the ending of this. you dont meet a adept everyday you know
  9. Spiritual Adepts

    honestly i doubt any of are trolling. i can see were goin alittle off topic, hopefully this doesnt get derail about "WHO AM I" lolz but please continou, like i said before this discussion of adepts is interesting. lolz dont derail from the adepts
  10. Spiritual Adepts

    this deserves a round of applause , this is true spirituality we need. the love of these sages. i feel like spirituality and nei gong has a wedge between , what do you think???
  11. Spiritual Adepts

    Nice post Elijah, Very interesting!
  12. lesson 1

    nice, this is just as important, maybe more.
  13. lesson 1

    3 things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe, to know what he ought to desire, and to know what he ought to do. -st. thomas aquinas
  14. i see your watching me

  15. "Reverse" g'Tummo - Yi/Magnetic Version