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  1. The best sleep I ever had either with or without dreams is after I drink Reishi/Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) tea just before going to bed. At a certain concentration I start having lucid dreams but at lower concentrations just knocks me down and sleep like a log with no memory. This dreamless sleep is the most resting and refreshing sleep.
  2. Grains

    It does not matter which kind of fat, but it matters to be fat not sugar. Most animals have a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats and also lots of cholesterol, which is good for consumption. The problem with plant source oils is that they have too much omega-6 and too little omega-3, so the right balance should be about 1:1 but because of vegetable oils this balance is more like 16:1 omega 6 to omega 3. By the way these omega fats are called essential fats, without them the body could not survive, while there is not such a thing as essential sugar or essential starches or essential carbohydrates. Essential fats and vitamins and minerals are the base of building cells, energy and hormones. The reason everybody is using carbs as source of energy since the dawn of agriculture is that they are cheap, easy to produce, low effort high return, but they come with inflammation and chronic disease.
  3. Spring = Wood Summer = Fire Autumn = Metal Winter = Water Center = Balance = Earth Vernal Equinox = momentary balance but the energy phase is rising = Raising Yang / Descending Yin Summer Solstice = Yang Apex Autumnal Equinox = momentary balance but the energy phase is descending = Raising Yin / Descending Yang Winter Solstice = Yin Apex
  4. Because in the winter the lung and kidney energy (metal and water) increase and the liver and kidney (adrenals) need more protein than in the summer and spring when you need more vegetables/greens/fruits. In the ortodox christianity there are 4 fasts over the year, every fast/lent is in each season for several weeks. These fasts should be done so that you burn the fat and animal toxins accumulated through a vegetarian diet, then after fast you start gradually a meat diet. And the reason is that in between each season there is a period of earth energy that needs to be balanced through a vegetarian diet. Earth energy is the transition energy between winter and spring, spring and summer, summer and fall, fall and winter. In these periods the spleen-pancreas-stomach is more active while in the other periods are their respective organs , liver-gall-bladder, heart-small-intestine, lung-colon, kidney-bladder.
  5. That is true too, because youth is wood phase of life while old age is earth and metal phase of life so of course you have to balance with more vegetables as you grow older to balance the earth/metal energy of your life.
  6. ...for you, because you have too much earth energy. Fat is earth energy, vegetables are wood energy. Earth and wood (or wind) are antagonists and they balance each other. Basically you have two organs to burn energy either the spleen-pancreas (earth element) that deals with the sugars in the vegetable food to produce the energy or the liver (wood element) that deals with the fats from animal origin and produces energy. You need both because you have both organs but some people are more active on the right side (liver-gall bladder/wood wind element) or on the left side (spleen-pancreas-stomach/earth element). Ideally is to alternate the diet from sugar based (fruits-vegetables) to keto based (animal origin fats), this is the "natural way" the dao, yin yang alternating. If you go only on one side is like walking on one foot, which you can but is not natural.
  7. ' Unknown' Bronze Age Culture

    Reminds me of Vancouver Museum of Anthropology the totem poles of native indians. Totem Poles Pictures
  8. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    It's all about dopamine. Without dopamine your brain couldn't function and your live would be depressing and bland. Too much dopamine produces addiction and may destroy you in the end but too little kills you too. So it's not about eliminating all those things forever and for good, just maintain a healthy balance. About sounds, the Chinese music theory as well as many other Asian musical systems are based on five tones as oposed to the western musical scale based on seven tones. Every tone has a frequency and every frequency resonates with something in your body, for your information there are healing sounds too. You have to be really smart to know how to use them just the same as the tastes.
  9. There is only one single reason people fight since immemorial times and is not for belts or titles:
  10. No, with your detox you basically irritated your colon by destroying the natural lining. The pain is an indication that your nerves connected to the colon are inflamed. You have to restore the colon lining like naturally should be, including a layer of microbes that live there. First you should eat fatty things to lubricate the colon. Second you should eat pre-biotics and pro-biotics but natural not pills. Pre-biotics are all vegetables that contain sulphur in their juices like onions, garlic, cabbage, Brussels sprouts. You have to cook them to get rid of the irritable substances that are spicy. Onions and garlic usually are cooked or stir fry before cooking with water, they become slimy transparent and retain their sulphurous smell. The sulphur is used by bacteria in the guts to eat and multiply. MSM is one of the substances are naturally produced in the guts, but you have to give them sulphur to produce MSM. Pro-biotics are all kinds of fermented foods that have live bacteria or fungi that still produce the fermentation process. These are saurekraut (fermented cababge), tempeh (fermented tofu), stinky tofu, kefir (fermented milk), yoghurt (fermented milk) but the best is Balkan/Greek yoghurt, natto (fermented soybeans), kombutcha (fermented tea), havarti camambert gouda brie emmental cheese (all these cheses are fermented, the smellier is the more fermented is) . All these fermented foods give you healthy bacteria to live and thrive in your guts, these are essential for you to digest the food you eat.
  11. All things umami

    That's exactly what I wanted to say: Umami is Monosodium Glutamate. Monososdium Glutamate is a substance that appears during cooking of meat and salt, which is the oldest food humans ate since the fire was invented (which is around 1.5 mil years ago). That's why is the most addictive substance, it is deeply ingrained in the human psyche since the beginning of human race. Just like sugar which is on par with the addiction, they both produce dopamine secretion just as any other drug. Salted fish has naturally monosodium glutamate, as well as salted shiitake mushrooms or as any salted cooked meat. They are harmless in small quantities (as found in nature or as a result of natural world) but very much harming to health in the refined state. Here Japanese and Chinese got it wrong, they add monosodium glutamate to many dishes in their restaurants just to make them more tasty than natural, so that the customers become addicted. For the same reasons manufacturers of potato chips or any salted or sweetened packaged foods have monosodium glutamate added. But this is wrong since those food are empty of nutrients produce addiction and hormonal imbalances in the body.
  12. Translation: quiet heart means a low adrenaline secretion in the blood and as a consequence low cortisol. Adrenaline and cortisol are hormones produced by adrenals which are the "kidneys" in TCM but they stimulate an active heart due to emotional trigger. The more adrenaline and cortisol you use, the more you produce until a certain point in your life when the adrenals cannot produce anymore and are "fatigued". Adrenal fatigue is one of the century disease and is a silent killer, it is the main reason people die, because a low adrenal means a low immune system. One of the most taxing on the adrenals is the "sexual competition". This is a normal process in animal life, you have to compete fight and win the competition to be able to reproduce, so it is deeply imprinted in the animal instincts of every human or non-human being. So every time you have sexual thoughts, your fight-or-flight response is triggered and the adrenals are activated. So the secret of a long life is a life without stress, without sexual thoughts and without any kind of fight, conflict or competition. Translation: this means don't spend much energy, or at least spend it wisely or efficiently. Efficiency is the ratio of reward or energy used with respect to the energy spent. On this principle works taichi or any slow motion activity that maximize the efficiency, although not always a slow motion is efficient, which is why comes the next principle. But for mental activities slow motion is best because it trains most efficiently the neural networks of your brain in the fastest way. Also just sitting has its own benefits, you can control your mental activity and most important, your emotions which are necessary to be controlled as explained above Translation: walk fast and active, means be active, your muscle, tendons and bones need stimulation. Without physical effort your muscles shrink and your bones thin and become brittle. This is not only about walking but any other physical activity of any muscle and bone of your body. If don't use it you'll loose it. Also being active makes the heart pumping which is a good thing because is done by physical activity and not by emotional trigger (stress). Physical activity is a stress anyways but it has the other benefits like cleansing the blood vessels and oxygenating the tissues. Translation: recover from all the other activities, your body produces hormones anyways and your glands reserves are emptied during the day to day activities and you need to replenish them. The main role of the sleep is to shut down the mental activity and let the body restore the hormones back. During sleep you produce serotonin and dopamine, testosterone and adrenaline and cortisol so that next day you have enough substances to burn for whatever challenges your life brigs to you. People without sleep can die, and an over stressed mind can become suicidal, so the sleep is one of the most important elements that sustain your life along with air, water, heat and food. This is basic survival skills, if you know them and apply them you'll live long and prosperous.
  13. Subjective reality is what it is in my mind, but what is in my mind is not in your mind and never be. The objective reality is what it is in both our minds, the reality we perceive, this forum, the letters, the way we interpret English language, this is a consented reality, the laws of universe are objective reality we can consent or not but we cannot avoid it. The objective reality is that we all have to eat to produce energy which is called "calories" but the first and second law of thermodynamics states very clearly that you can consume energy and can produce from the energy consumed but you cannot create nor destroy the energy. The Taoists say "from Jing to Qi to Shen" which means you have to eat to produce caloric energy to produce consciousness in your brain. This is the correct way to interpret all those stupid texts. They say that if you stop the Shen, the Qi required is less then the Jing is less, so you have an excess of Jing unused. So this is the "way of immortality" you stop your thoughts and your brain activity and the caloric requirement is reduce to almost zero, but then you don't live anymore, you can be as well be a mummy. Which is what they turned into: in living mummies that later turned into dead mummies. But a mummy is as dead as anybody else, because the consciousness is dead.
  14. Exactly this is what they are, they live in people's imagination, dreams, hallucinations. They are not real in the objective reality.