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  1. How to open the microcosmic orbit?

    Hy, This is my experience. For me it was simpler than i could think... The key for me was in perseverance, daily, for about 2 month, not in sophisticated techniques...I barely read 1 book - The secret of chinese meditation of Lu Kuan You. I have instead some experience in some yoga..many many years in the past. For me was enough to practice for about 15- 20 min in the morning and 15-20 min in the night. Was better for me to practice 15 + 15 min ( divided) instead of 30 min once. So. in short : 1) accumulate the QI in the abdomen - until you feel it a little warm or better warmer. 2) push it up to the spine more detail : 1) every morning i do some stretching exercises or some light Falungong ( for about 5 minutes ) Why ? I felt that doing that i open my channels and energy is not stagnant in the body. 2) after that i simply sit down with leg crossed and inhale and exhale, moving my abdominal wall until i feel something moving inside. maybe 5 minutes after that i simply cease to breath profoundly and i continue to breath naturally with my intention and my mind on the abdomen..for about 10 minutes.. After 1 month I felt my abdomen warm, i felt that the Qi was accumulating. In all that month I start to practice moola bandha, anus on, lightly, 20--50 contractions whenever it was harden my pelvic floor.(.in the bus, when i driving my car..when i read a book.) NO ejaculation, or as you can afford. but you will loose all your progress if you ejaculate.. After i learned to contract my pelvic floor i mastered the control over my ejaculation..( But this is with...brute force/ muscular control - no real sublimation here, but it is an good step) After 1 month I felt my abdomen warm, i felt that the Qi was accumulating. Sometimes i was sweating and getting warmer all over the body. Gradually in my meditation i began to do complete Buddhist respiration + light anus contraction or moola bandha contraction. But light and not many because contractions distract me or my intention from being there on my Dantien. Usually i feel that I breath with all my abdominal or lumbar or penis skin or more with my nadis ( external meridians - in my aura) and i am not using the nose and my lungs to breath. Mind is as possible...EMPTY. After 2-3 weeks i felt my abdomen warmer, i felt a sort of vibration inside .. I read it someday, somewhere about reverse breathing ( Taoist breathing this correct? ) and the following statement: CONTRACT your anus while you INHALE. I do it few times , in one meditation for 1-2 minutes...Woow..i felt then that my abdomen was with fire and every anus contractions i made , all the energy i felt in my abdomen was pushed UP to the spine..It is a similar sensations as you do the Nauli Crya...all your energy is sucked the head. The energy route is not thin, is not only inside the spine. I felt it all over my back to the neck and had.. I closed after that the circuit with the tongue, as i saw in one book and i felt that some of the energy was going down >> chest >> abdomen...But this is a problem for me ( only a small amount is going down) I feel that the front circuit is still not opened ..My energy is running up and a large quantity i loose in the had or outside the had.. After than i gain control also over my sexual energy..with sublimation. If i feel sexual tension i do some moola badha in SCO, or nauly crya .. So no visualization for me. the thing was happened.. In the mean time , the food was: no meat, or very very little ( maybe 100 grams/week) , many seeds, fruits, grains, sprouted seeds, germs, bees honey, goji, lentils soup, rice, and soups ( to warm the kidney - very important) ...sometimes some herbs like chlorella, asvagandha, ginseng, one..But the menu should be done according your own energy ( not mine) If i eat processed food ( pizza, meat, ... ) more than 1 day i feel that all my channels became blocked and the energy is not free inside them and became stagnant. Hope this helps. Sometimes i practice also the small small circuit as doctor Yang Ming stated in one dvd. It is a small version of the SCO. you drive the energy on the back at the level of the kidney and after that you return it in the front of the body ..on the navel ad after that down
  2. Greetings form Romania

    Hy for all, I am from Romania. I practice for many years various energetic and spiritual practices and for abut for about 1 year I am interested in Tao, Zen and energy Dantian cultivation and small circulation. I found here precious information and I thank you all for this forum Sheiku