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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I third that, very beautiful Sifu Garry! Warmest Regards, Shen
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    No prob, and thank you, that's the name that sort of resonated with me sometime ago and so on the web that's what I'm called. Warmest Regards, Shen
  3. Hi everyone.

    Welcome Sifu Steve, hope you have a good stay here! Warmest Regards, Shen
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Good luck on curing your disease Sifu Steve, my mother is quite old and in a lot of pain herself, not for the same reason but I can certainly relate. Constant pain is something that certainly shouldn't be in anyones life so I'm wishing you all the best! Warmest Regards, Shen
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Well said all... Back from a long hiatus and doing the first standing med twice a day for 108 breaths each time with plans to add the first sitting one soon. So far I can report it makes me sleepy after practice but after I wake up from the naps it induces I notice my acne has receded by quite a vast margin and that I have a generally nicer complexion all around, further my sinuses aren't near the annoyance they were previously. Will keep everyone posted on any future findings, good to be back in the swing of things after dawdling for so long! Warmest Regards, Shen
  6. Names Shen, what's yours? ^_^

  7. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Grandmaster Doo Wai sounds like a great and wise teacher. Also sounds like your son is lucky to have such a dedicated father.
  8. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    That makes two of us, the art of Bak Mei alone is legend in history and the Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong system is almost not even known at all to the world right now, it would be a crying shame to lose these arts before the world at large has a chance to even experience them. Warmest Regards, Shen
  9. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    True that, I do indeed appreciate. I especially appreciate the gifts you modern Sifu's are bestowing upon us who are unable to travel. People like you allow people like me to learn things that would otherwise be impossible for us to learn, like the Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong and even Omei Bak Mei. You and other modern Sifu's do this world a great service. Warmest Regards, James
  10. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Heh, same here! I didn't discover any of these wonderful practices 'til a few years back myself. I'm gonna be 24 on the 16th so yeah, now I feel like I've fallen way behind, I better get crackin' ASAP.
  11. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Then I wish him all the best in his training and hope one day I can achieve at least a fraction of that dedication myself. Warmest Regards, James
  12. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Hey no sweat man. That's life circumstances, it doesn't disable me by any means though as I can still download whatever I need thanks to the wonders of download managers. P.S. You must be very proud of your son for being so dedicated. Warmest Regards, James
  13. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Yes sir, I do indeed have a DVD burner so it's certainly possible. Just that it takes awhile to download due to my backwoods Internet connection... Oh how I wish I could live in town, next year perhaps for that. Warmest Regards, James
  14. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Ah I see, very well then... a downloading I will go. Thanks for the reply Sifu Garry. Warmest Regards, James
  15. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Okay I'll have some money available in July to purchase the digital download. Though I am curious of one thing, are you going to be selling physical DVD's again someday or is it all going to be downloads from now on? Warmest Regards, James