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  1. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong - Complete Level 2

    The complete is the complete level seated, standing static, short & long moving meditation! http://inownwords.com/Page.aspx?Name=Christer%20Wretfors&id=16 Check out this awesome interview by Sifu Christer Wretors of WBBM Europe!
  2. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong - Complete Level 2

    https://shop.platformpurple.com/product/?shop=2473&product=41073 Its OUT NOW!!!! Sunn Yee Gong Level 2 - The intricate & beautiful internal practice of the Bak Fu Pai Kung Fu System. The SYG practice is starting to get loads of attention from many different styles and practices around the world. If your into Inner Cultivation & health this might be for you! Here is a small clip for a SYG practitioner in Germany! Enjoy TEAM WBBM
  3. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    https://shop.platformpurple.com/?shop=2473 NEW SYG Instructional is out on the full complete level 2 "White Tiger Heavenly Healing Practice" performed & broken down by WBBM Europe Rep Sifu Christer Wretfors. Start your internal journey now! LEVEL 2 COMPLETE IS OUT NOW! Enjoy TEAM WBBM
  4. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    Hi Ace, Yeh hardly come here I used to a lot but don't have that much time, rather train! Let me know if I can help you with anything, you can email me @ [email protected]

    Tell me any experiences you have had learning level 1 complete Dave, love to hear anything always nice?

    Your welcome and glad you enjoying the practice, if it makes you feel good then that is worth more than gold!

    Sifu Christer will be doing level 2 very soon Glad that you getting positive results, love to see some of you guys and girls that are learning this to do some clips that way I can help you out. This clip was a run through nice and smooth allowing the body to just be free….enjoy
  8. Bak Fu Pai's Sunn Yee Gong-Q&A

    Wishing you all a Dao Blessed Xmas & New Year! finish each meditation and do the breath percentage all again for each one in the standing! Holding the ball posture at face/mouth can also include the throat energy. As if u was to raise your hands up to fight! Had a very intense SYG session on xmas morning before sunrise, I hope you are enjoying this wonderful peaceful powerful system. Be safe & see you here next year….
  9. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    Hows the level 1 6 seated meds feel for you Ronko?
  10. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    just say you know all the 18 levels and its 4 stage sequence?! You could pick a level say 4 do the seated and standing static meditation then do the short form once and then begin the long set after the %, this is how its originally done also helps one revise that level they doing or levels during the practice. Mixing 3rd level long form with 10th level seated & 7th short form you can do its up to you but I always stick to the traditional way & just makes sense to me. The long form is martial & healing combined but then again most movements in life we do can become martial. Great form I love it also especially when you start getting the dragon body & you just get caught up in the rise falling, contracting expanding of your entire being. Glad your enjoying it!
  11. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    BTW I been getting heaps of positive feedback people have really started to understand this level since the complete level dvd was released, how it all ties together. But I have had a few people email me saying they have been told that I have said to someone (a friend) apparently that SYG & myself knows how to cut off the 5 chords of the dan tian. I have never mentioned or talked about such a thing, this is not a SYG method and terms (names) used to do. Please do not mistaken SYG for Mo Pai, we have nothing to do with them that is what they are said to do and SYG has its own nei gong methods. cheers Sifu Hearfield
  12. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    grown ant yes 3 begin and end YKM Internal will not be released Primordial chaos palm not be released SYG is Bak Fu Pai Shattering Palm & Dao Gar is Sifu Christer Wretfors arts I passed on to him and he is the keeper of these arts, so if he releases them it will be up. Primordial Chaos & YKM is way to hard to make DVDs of and you can come and learn them in person or any of our material if asked nicely and you are a person of good intentions or nature.
  13. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    Will be starting to film SYG Complete level 2 very soon
  14. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Sifu Terry Dunn, is the man for the FP system, trust me on this….
  15. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    We are working on a nice SYG Promo clip, this treasure should be part of everyones daily health exercises.