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  1. Hello there once again Melanie :)

    I was just a little curious if you had progressed in your Astral training? Anything interesting to report?

  2. Greetings fellow Texan... or should I say yeeee haw!

  3. The Three Wise Men were Taoist!

    This is so right... And I have done this myself, it takes a lot of control to eat right. But it is so worth it... I think it is something I am proud of myself for. Doing without, will others are not. Isn't easy, but it was, and is rewarding. And I lost Hugs Mel
  4. The Enlightened Sage

    Hi there, I agree with what you are saying here so much, and can relate to the truth of it. I really don't label myself to much. I find that not for me. And do not judge those that find labeling good for them. I have found in my area of where I live, this is not the way people want you to live your life. And they seem to resent a person for not slapping a label on him or her self. I don't know why it bothers people so. Why can't a person just be... Melanie
  5. How repair of loss of Jing is possible ?

    Hi there all, I just wanted to add, I do know that there are things going on with OBE and ream sleep work, that have and can be used to cultivate your whole body and mind... There are people out there who have become so good at this it is amazing... I have had people OBE right to my house to look for an unfriendly spirit that was hanging out. And they not only sent him away. They told me things that they would not know if they where not here. Like we had a leak last Summer, and they let me know we had bad mold under our house. This was true... I don't even know who these people are, any more than I know who you are... But I was helped just the same... Now back to the subject at hand... There is also a group of OBE people, who know how to exchange there healing knowledge for Qi or Chi or other things they may need. In your spirit body you can do, and take more from another. Than you can in your human skin. Still there are limitation to this. Such as you can only stay in OBE state for so long before your body wants it back. But I have found dream walking to be a new thing for me. But again your ream sleep only last so long. You can take things to keep it going longer like meletonin, or other things. That I myself haven't used yet, but know of. Like there are some that use. the plant bella to stay in ream. I know little about all of this really next to some, but I know it is growing the knowledge of all of this, and it is going on... Your friend Melanie P.S. I would like to add that a person that takes from another should always have an agreement with the other to exchange something in return. Or you would be hurting yourself more than them in the end...
  6. What will be the future earth society?

    Even small You are on a roll tonight. I went to a technology conference years ago and they said that this already exist and the military uses it, on the war front. I don't know if that is true. My Military family "would tell me , but they would have to kill me" I don't know how many times i have heard that in my life... It is something to think about though... Mel
  7. What will be the future earth society?

    You are so making me lol... That was good. Can you imagine a city where no one can see anyone. That is so funny... Mel
  8. What will be the future earth society?

    Lol man I don't know why, it just did... I was looking at the pics of the city I guess that triggered the movie in my mind. It is an awesome movie, that is cool you know it. I was wondering if any body would know what in heck I was talking about as far as the movie. No please don't take anything I'm saying wrong. I always have a good heart in it. You know that... Just something about the pictures more than the idea of what the city is about... i actually think that is a pretty cool idea for people who like to be around people, and work well with them. I just am the hermit that lives in the woods. I know i don't look it. Your like, "did you use someone els's pic or what?" Hugs Mel
  9. Great to have you as a friend... You sound like me in your description... That's cool, I'm from Texas...

    Take care Mel

  10. What will be the future earth society?

    Hi there, I get you. I read it. and have heard of it before briefly talked about. And I did look at your web sites. I understand where you are coming from. And I am not against it. If it is for you. I personally am more like a wilderness, free spirit type. And I already resent any and all control over my life in any way. I am a member of the NRA and have CHL, and my CDL... Just because I can. And it is my right to have it. I will take what rights we have left... They have hide so much pork under every bill we sign it is crazy... I guess for me, this isn't what I like. I would rather even now. If I had the money have a house out in the woods. I love being alone... And I would hate being trapped up with a bunch of people like that... Thats like my worst nightmare man... But if it is for someone else thats cool... I'll just take the woods any day. I just got back from a trip to NM Woods, giant elk. It was awesome. I so wanted to live there... But sadly I can't right now. Someday maybe... But don't get me wrong "One man's meat, is another man's poison" thats all I'm saying. I have read some of the other post please don't think that I am bashing this idea for you or others. It could and would be a great thing for some... Warm wishes... Mel
  11. What will be the future earth society?

    You again? Ok what was my premise for "Logan's Run" ? I already stated that, it reminded me of this topic ... It my not remind you, but it did me... Oh and besides Army Brat, I forgot to say my husband is a farmer third generation, Well i don't know it depends on what kind of upbringing a person receives... And with a 25 year Special Forces dad, and a 25 year Special Forces brother, now Homeland Security... I was raised shooting, and out in nature. This is where I would find myself more in control of my life. And believe me this Texas girl knows how to make it. And this would be my personal choice over the topic at hand... Mel
  12. Subconcious Wonderings

    Hi there, I couldn't help but think of automatic writing when I read what you wrote. You most likely know what this is. But for the ones that don't, it is when your guide, or what have you communicates with you. And then again it could be just what you said, you could of subconsciously wrote it your self in your sleep. But what ever the case, it is very interesting and enlightening. And something for us all to think about this day of "1/1/11 the New Year"... We all have failures, and regret, everyone. It is a hard pill to take for everyone. Sometimes it just takes time, and sometimes it takes change in our lives... We are all on the same path together my friend, and I strongly believe that we will all understand things one day better than we can through the eye we see through now... Hugs Melanie

    Happy New Years... I wish you, and your family all the happyness the world has to offer... Take care Mel
  14. 1/1/11

    Thanks man, I'm glad we are friend also. You are a great person with a positive out look, I think thats all it takes... Hugs Mel
  15. What will be the future earth society?

    Hi there, That so reminds me of that movie "Logans Run" I think that kind of control, and way of society really isn't to far from the direction things are going. I have seen things turning to more government, less people. For years now... Is it for me, would I accept it. Absolutely not for me or my family. But I think that most of society could live under that kind of control quite easily... Army brat here, I can live off the land and would rather do so. Than be under some kind of false eden, as that, but that is just me... Take care all Mel