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  1. & monkeys too i believe.
  2. "an example: the experience or state of no-thoughts, at first it was a genuine experience and it felt really nice, during meditation. but after a while i discovered that, during my practices in the past months, I wasn't actually in that state that I started with and i was actually in a thought of no-thoughts." My experience of 'No mind' is this - If you think you are there ... you are not. The only time you realize you were 'there' is when you come out of it
  3. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    Not a problem im glad you found your info.
  4. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    Jim did briefly experiment with MCO but had great difficulty bringing his energy back down again so advised against it. I remember him referencing the book but cant remember a specific name. Sorry.
  5. No-Thought-State / Two Questions

    Perhaps we are thinking of different states, no mind vs quiet awareness. I can only comment on my own experiences with no mind ... quiet awareness is not something I've worked towards. Sounds interesting though
  6. No-Thought-State / Two Questions

    The funny thing about the no thought/no mind state is that you only realize you were there when you come out of it if you think you're in it - you're not in it.
  7. Carl jung and eastern thought

    How odd ... just yesterday while i was showering this very issue popped into my head I will be following this one.
  8. Unfortunately i dont could you please give me a clue? ... or PM Cheers.
  9. How did your Dark Night of the Soul end?

    Hello my friend Depression is hardly at all different than what youve described. As for the dark night - does it ever really end?
  10. Heal depressive (sexual) energy - Howto?

    I think unfortunately there is no way around this one - you have to ride it out. These emotions however unpleasant must be dealt with ... its normal & many of us have been through it. Personally i wandered though life in a daze after the breakdown of my long term relationship - for a little over a year, then one day as clear as you like pop! (& it was practically that) my brain said "Thats enough, time to get on with your life" ... & i did ... what a relief. So however difficult it may be to deal with (& it must be dealt with) it will not be forever & you will love again Good luck my friend.
  11. No thoughts

    Perhaps you are referring to 'No mind' during meditation?