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  1. Would people Like a Buddha Bum sub forum?

    Personally I love having a community for Taoism and Taoist cultivation/discussion. Here in the US there are a ton of people into yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism; pretty much what ever is trendy today. That's not to say that all of these people are trendy, but it's not like we can't ignore the fact that spiritual ideals are now good for the market. Having said that, I've seen many a good Taoist discussion on here get totally confused an muttled because the posters would be coming from a variety of non Taoist perspectives. It's not bad to discuss other things like Buddhism, often times there is relative context in Taoist methods, but it does get bad when the core focus gets so far off track for long periods of time. First it's Buddhists, next it'll be the Pleadians or elephants with too many arms *giggle*. Each of these other agendas have several sites for their discussion, certainly far more than we have for Taoist discussion. In closing I'll ask this. If a Buddhist says they want a section on the Taoist site, aren't they being non Buddhist by not only having a desire, but going to far as to place it upon others? Uhhh huhhh... that's what I thought, are we really dealing with Buddhists here or is this a subversive scheme on the behalf of the Pleadians?!!!
  2. Channeling Chi (celestial) and Goosebumps

    To address the 'why' these sort of things aren't written about... The Way is a path experienced, I think that when people experience things like this they simply enjoy and proceed to the next level. Being fascinated with such things will prevent you from experiencing new levels, it will even halt your growth in the current level. If we think about it, talking of such things may be an indication of a desire to be validated or recognized. It's a catch 22 though, in order to attain certain things we must first relinquish cares or desires for even attainments themselves. I'm only speaking in generalities and from my experience, I know that I've hindered myself because of this very thing. In the end I find truth in the saying 'he who speaks does not know, he who knows does not speak'. Unfortunately I speak too much and by my own admission and logic have to wonder if I know lol. I find that it's better to receive such things in humility and appreciation, this allows us to experience them in a truer light and allow them to manifest without our hinderance
  3. Jealousy

    Consider 'why' you are jealous. Do you feel entitled to a thing? If so, relinquish your desire to be entitled. In truth you are entitled to nothing so accept that and smile. The answer most likely lies in your personal insecurity, ask yourself 'why' so you need such a thing to feel secure. It starts with observation. 'We speak out attachments', remember that and listen to the stuff that comes out of your mouth. You find direction by asking your self questions... your line of questioning may lead you all the way back to your childhood. Judgement is a nasty thing, nothing will bind a bad attitude to your heart more than judgement so don't do it. If you have judged someone in your past you better figure out how to love them and let it go because it might lead to stuff like this
  4. Taoist and Buddhist Similarities?

    These two have been intertwined since the spread of Buddhism (which is about half as old as Taoism), partially due to the physical proximity of cultures and also to the alternating whims of Emperors in China. Taoism started to grow with the Yellow Emperor nearly 5000 years ago, this was in the Qingcheng region which is on the edge of Tibet and China. This is where the 5 Elements came from as well as cultivation using air and fire. The older/shamanic methods are really quite brilliant, they way they get right down to animal nature in the way they connect to the Tao. The real nitty gritty of the cross over came from the mountain Taoists in south eastern China (Qingcheng and Emei) and the Buddhist sects coming from Tibet. Today you can go to Tibet and learn cultivation methods that they will partially attribute to the Zhang family, the Zhang family also attributes part of the method to The Sect of the Living Buddha; there is no conflict although each side will represent the form according to their alchemical beliefs. You see this same theme over and over, the same physical form with similar, but distinctly separate explanations with respect to the internal alchemy. Another thing that has muttled much of the two are the politics that have controlled them. Even today the land is wrought with political issues of ownership and religious ideology. For a long time they would have 1 Emperor that was Buddhist and the next would be Taoist; each would tear down the others temples and new factions would be created out of the old. Imagine being Buddhist or Taoist all of your life and suddenly having to convert because the one you chose was now illegal (you would most certainly carry some of your old traditions into the new belief). Unfortunately this is not an issue of the ancient times, it's still happening today.
  5. IP banning to help stop Spam

    I so feel your pain, I started my 1st ISP 15 years ago and I'm STILL spending time every week fighting spammers lol. I actually write scripts that add rules to the FreeBSD ip firewall based on spam/bad logins (attempts to brute force)... it's insane the lengths you have to go to. If you ever need another technical hand feel free to hit me up, I have joonux for breakfast every day lol. On second thought, perhaps we need to create a powerful Fu for the server!!! Go go gadget calligraphy
  6. Are there any appropriate places to post a Taoist workshop? This is one of the few places you can post such a thing, keeping it on the low low while reaching people who would be interested in such things. ps. love the clarity you've brought to the forum
  7. What's the first obstacle for a beginner in meditation?

    My method... Physical Relaxation; Don't worry about good posture at first... start at the top of your head and physically relax every part of your body, tell it to relax and it will. Mental Relaxation; Go to a beach for a bit and enjoy the sounds/smells and sunlight upon you. Count yourself backwards from 10 to 1 and clear your mind. Exist as a passive observer. Breathe easily/deeply through your nose with your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth. Listen to the sound of your breath as if it were heavens own music... appreciate it and receive its love. Stuff that pops into your mind beyond this point is typically emotional garbage you have to clean out. Use this as a tool to identify attachements, desire and issues from the past. When you've relinquished these things you will be able to exist in peace and experience meditation.
  8. Secret of the Golden Flower

    I thought I would offer my two cents on the topic. This is just 1 perspective, I'm sure this particular cultivation manifests differently to different people. My intention is to address the general way in going about this, not to provide details on the method. I've learned 2 different methods, although very similar, one from Qingcheng and one from Maoshan. I cultivated it in what I would consider a short amount of time although that was only due to the right foundation work. I would say that this is easier for someone who's a strong meditator and has developed/opened all 3 dantians to a reasonable degree. I followed a simple method and did not make it technical at all, I practiced in simplicity for some time. I would think that a technical process would preclude one from being able to attain this because it distracts us; you can not experience a thing if you believe you already understand it having never known it (the whole child like nature is needed). It also never activated in practice; I never worried about anything activating, I simply enjoyed. The beautiful thing is that it activated when I put my hand on a students head one day, as if it was some divine medicine that would pour out only when everything was right. I found myself standing between 2 worlds, a large golden disc of light rotated in front of my minds eye and consumed me. Needless to say, it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced up to that point. My best advice would be to learn the meditation method and practice in simplicity without the desire to cultivate this attainment. Details are great and I'm all for the technical knowledge, but making this overly technical will most likely hinder you.
  9. Video Gaming

    I've had to put them down altogether, but that might also be because of lack of self control. I write software and LOVE writing bots for games, were it not for that I would probably never game. I played WoW, worked on both the Glider bot as well as Pocket Gnome (I soley wrote the 1.5 revision of PG). I crack out on it though and it's bad for me lol. I would play with 5 toons at once and loved being able to solo instances or dominate PvP, having the smallest richest guild was fun too lol. No self control though, it was all or nothing... I decided to save my ass and close all my accounts. As for any positive aspect, I can most certainly say that my time would be better spent on other things. As for recreation, sure it was fun recreation and we all need some of that, but now I resort to things like masting contact staff... just as entertaining and I'm gaining levels IRL lol.
  10. The Best News of 2011, So Far...

    Nice post! I've had my eye on the algae for some time, one company that's been working to develop it is located in west Texas (yaaaa haw!). The farms themselves look like a sort of large green house with rafts hanging through which the algae flows... in the desert is just fine (so long as you have a water source). One concept that I really enjoy about this is that the oil in the earth today comes from ancient algae. Seems to me like it's a smarter choice to skip the years it takes to create oil and just use the source
  11. Kunlun and spontaneous movement qigong

    Very well stated, in depth and quite accurate! My spidey senses are tingling.... uuuuh huh!!! *huuuuugs* (but you knew that was coming) ps. thanks for sharing your water, we like with that sort of intention
  12. whats the Beef

    Good point, I read something once that is a good illustration of this very point; it's actually how they learned where 'mad cow' disease came from. It was noticed that in tribal communities the women were the only ones who would get the mad cow. They followed that observation and discovered that it was because the women get the crappy cuts of meat while the men got the good cuts of meat. In the end it was determined that you would only get mad cow from eating crappy cuts of meat; if you ate a good cut from the same cow you wouldn't get sick.
  13. whats the Beef

    That's why I switched to Taco Bell brah... their beef filling doesn't quite weigh me down like real beef does. seriously... think about it!
  14. videos from Chris Matsuo of Dragon Gate Sanctuary

    I love ECETI, I was up there when Kan (Kunlun/Max's student) exorcised a brother and produced a black cloud from his body... that place is just magic. He took some amazing photos too; he was saying 'look, theres a being' which none of us could see. He then started taking peoples cameras and snapping pictures, the crazy thing is that the beings would show up in the photos he was taking!? They looked like stacks of light; I could go on n on about that place lol. If you (taotongue) call up there ask for James and be sure to tell them what you think of Kunlun That goes for the Dragon Gate Sanctuary too!
  15. Is it just me?

    I love this place, a wide variety of souls who come together and are actually able to share! NeiChuan, I'm still waiting on the Mo Pai manual... what gives, I've gotta get past level 2!!! *group huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug*