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  1. The gaze of eternity

    that dudes enlightened man.
  2. I would say.. don't 'start' anything... just 'f*ck around' with things as you please. and I would like to guarantee that the philosophy will prove far more important than the orbit or any stupid organ animals/babies. you shoud score the 'secret of the golden flower,' definately
  3. self-tyrnny

    hello friends! Nietzche suggested that stoicism is, in essence, self-tyranny. .. I would agree. To avoid stoicism is to be hedonistic-- which could be deduced as 'slavery unto the heart'... ie, slave to ones whimsical passions. Ive decided that to be stoic is to be slave to the intellect, and thusly, the ego. To be slave to the heart, I have deduced, is to be slave to the soul. So I have decided that there is no greater crime than to deny the whimsical passions of the soul for the sober passions of the intellect. n fact I haev decided that the stoic, egoic intellect serves no greater purpose than to shackle the passions of the heart. This is anxiety, this is worry, this is restraint, this is neurosis-- but first and foremost, this is denial. in practical terms relevant to the context of this forum, this means that rigid practice, scheduled practice is counterproductive in the spiritual practice. The verymoment your practice becomes chore is the moment it no longer serves the soul-- but instead the ego. It is important for the men of the forum to consider the practice of semen retention after following these lines of reason. The pursuit of power is the pursuit of ego. a trap I fall into more consistantly than any other. the ability to act on the whimsical instincts of the heart, without regret, is far more important than the ability to... do whatever it is qigong power-mongers do. gosh, you know... I thought Isounded so smart when i typed thatup... and then when I reread it, I didnt come across that way at all.... lol
  4. I think I got some Orgon

    the folks over at warriormatrix are fucking nuts... ..But I am taking up their cause and plan to spread TB's all over the fucking place. My home, bus, and work place is now thuroughly gifted... I plan to order 51 more pieces for my neighborhood next pay period.. and probably every pay period after that I also got a siva linga stone recently.. which is awesome... and a 300$ obelisk 'succor punch' thing I have no idea how to use=p I will buy a 1500$ wizzer creation as soon as I pay off my bus =p This shit rocks
  5. Chi Cards

    I think I remember briefly glimpsing through the chi card section on the online shops. I just thought they were just there to make money... what are they supposed to do?
  6. Shrooms

    omggggg guys.. the legality of a substance should have little to no consequence when it comes to your decision, of whether or not you should experiment with it. If this is your major issue, you're knee deep in on the wrong side of a moral dilemma. 'give me liberty or give me death.' I would say that pot was a major contributor to my spiritual practice. mushroom trips are better, amplified versions of marijuana trips. (in my experience.) I will definately consider creating my own mushroom cake when I get out of the army... I would also like to cultivate psychedlic cacti. wouldn't it be great if I cultivated a small batch of peyote.. and gave it to my child on his/her 16th birthday? gosh.. what a welcoming ! psychedlic experiences open the mind. (in fact this is the reason why I believe they are illegal.) CHEM TRAILS ARE PROBABLY REAL. GOVERNMENTCONTROL OF THE WEATHER VIA HAARP TOWERS (THE TECHNOLOGY OF WILHELM REICH) MAY VERY LIKELY BE MORE THAN A CONSPIRACY THEORY. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS A SHAM. OUR GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT AND THE RABBIT HOLE GOES SO FAR DOWN YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE BELIEVING IT. 9/11 WAS PROBABLY SELF-INFLICTED. THE NWO EXISTS. PREPARE YOURSELVES; FIGHT THE POWER.
  7. Documentary

    MUST WATCH spread the word...this brought me to tears. http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?d...75242198&hl
  8. orgonite

    whoooaaa that warrior matrix shit is coooooll... check out these electromagnetic pictures of some orgonite.. http://www.warriormatrix.com/viewtopic.php?p=16622 one of which is an obelisk, something I ordered a couple weeks ago and am very excited to recieve it! It cost 300 and I just bought a VW bus, but I am going to HAVE to splurge on a massive $1500 orgone generator... ... it really blows that the wait time is 3 months though.. wtf 3 months? that's a season! =)
  9. what magazines do you read?

    I only have magazines with gorgeous nude women.
  10. yeah, you know... he does have some wild idea's... the trick is be wise enough to pick out the good one's from the not-so-good ones... was he serious about the dolphins?? lol...
  11. this is an invaluable 3-4 hour workshop lecture on the flower of life and the sacred geometry of life. it is priceless knowledge. watch it. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=18...sacred+geometry
  12. no..never heard of it before.. but ohmy gosh it sounds good!!! what exactly is it? =p sex AND tai chi omg how can that NOT be promising?
  13. oh wow you guys are so sweet =) thank you for your concern !! Yes, I sleep well, no I don't need a teacher yet... today my practice was headache free... and, check it out... I had one ofmy strongest 'bliss spells' I have had probably since my tantra practice in highschool =) This is really working out for me =) I think that the orgonite realllly helped in refining the chi I have been packing.. and progress has been a real pleasure =)
  14. I am getting headaches more and more often as I practice. this surprises me, because this means that the chi I pack into the dan tien is being pushed up the spine and causes friction in the skull. I am surprised that I don't feel more friction-pains in my spinal area. are my headaches due to chi 'friction' in the channels of the head? Or I wonder if I am just unwittingly building up awesome chi in the skull? I also find myself getting a lot of little 'shocking' tremors.. my abdomen will jump as if subjected to voltage. this is agood sign I think =) I can't wait to see what happens further down the road...
  15. practice, practice, practice. I know at least that that is my weak point. If we all just managed to sit down and practice for extneded periods of time... we would all be more evolved. What more can you ask for, than evolution? practice is the most important thing. How you practice and to what end.. are just details.