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  1. Hello from another Newbie

    Thanks for the info, BKA! I recently found a copy of Park Bak Nam's "Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang" and find the chapters on footwork very helpful. As far as which style I'm studying, I started studying last fall with one of Mr. Bisio's students and that lineage is Liang Zhenpu -> Guo Gumin -> Gao Ziying -> Gao Jiwu. I recently started practicing at Frank Allen's school and I believe his lineage is B.P.Chang -> Bruce Frantzis -> Liu Jing Ru (Cheng style). Both schools started me off with mud-stepping.
  2. Hello from another Newbie

    Thanks for the replies and welcomes! Basically, I really don't know anything about the use of meditation in Taoist practices and read about Mr. Bisio's book on a web forum dedicated to Chinese internal martial arts. There appears to be many Chinese IMA folks over here on TTB, so I thought that I'd ask if anyone had an opinion. On the book, I mean. I'm really new to Baguazhang and I'm trying to remain conscious/aware of what I feel while mud-stepping right now, as single-palm change is currently confusing me. I've read a few posts in the personal practice section since reaching the required five posts, and wonder whether I should even be thinking about this at this point, given that single-palm change is an apparent challenge! Maybe I ought to just keep mud-stepping! Specific questions: I'm not sure how Tao is "shown" or "revealed' through Baguazhang (or Xing Yi, Tai Chi, et al.) practice. Is it a walking meditation? Are there seated meditation techniques used or even helpful in Taoist practice? Thanks again for the responses!
  3. Hello from another Newbie

    Thanks OC!
  4. Addiction

    Congratulations on no longer drinking vodka! I suggest you put your fears aside and seek professional help. Ten years is quite a long time to live with a daily, altered consciousness. Rehab or a 12-Step program will certainly help take the "edge" off the early days of sobriety and give you a solid foundation with which to recognize when you are in danger of relapsing. These will also provide you with an immediately available support network. I'm not saying that it's impossible to kick on your own, but staying sober will be tough. Why make it any more difficult by doing it alone? Then again, I could be completely wrong. Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche appeared to have functioned OK, other than for a few serious lapses of judgment.
  5. Hello from another Newbie

    Thanks, for the welcome, Uroboros!
  6. Hello from another Newbie

    Well, I'm certainly a newbie to this forum! As for any experience with Taoism: I read the Feng & English illustrated versions of the "Tao Te Ching" and the "Inner Chapters, Chuang Tsu" some thirty odd years ago when in high school and found them to be over my (at-that-time, stoned) head. Threw coins with the I-Ching, but only as a novelty and I never really understood the Tao behind it or the triagrams. Later on I read "The Tao of Pooh" and figured that I had gained some concept. After that, a co-worker explained to me that the main teaching of the Tao was "To do nothing", even if the boss told him otherwise. That was a fun(ny) experience! I've been practicing sitting meditation, on and off, for some years now, mainly Zen. I've read many books written by many Zen masters and teachers, but never turned my attention back to study of Tao. I am familiar with Tom Bisio as I was introduced to Baguazhang practice by one of his students last year. I've never met Mr. Bisio, nor practiced with him, but am familiar with his martial arts credentials. I have no knowledge of his understanding of Tao and am asking if anyone here might be familiar with his book.
  7. Hello from another Newbie

    Hello, my name's Gene and I found this site while looking for more info on Taoism, particularly Taoist meditation. I'd like to ask whether anyone reading my post has read "Decoding the Dao: Nine Lessons in Daoist Meditation – A Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Meditation" by Tom Biso? I look forward to learning from and participating in this forum! Best Regards, Gene