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  1. Natural Chi Movement

    I have his book and the way I understand it he just says to stand for 1 hout a day and allow the movements to happen if they arise and however they arise, the movements will be unique to each individual. Works for me. The activations are not needed.
  2. Ok, so if a guy has sex or masterbates and stops before he feels he is about to ejaculate, then starts up again and stops before he ejaculates, then starts up again (repeat cycle). So there is no release of semen at the end of sex. What will this do? I tried this and i am wondering what exactly happens in terms of jing building or jing loss?
  3. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    What DVD is this from? Sifu Chris Matsuo on Standing Mudras & Standing Postures
  4. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Which DVD focuses on Zhan Zhuang ?
  5. Closing dan tien after practice?

    Thanks yall, i will experiment with the suggestions and report back.
  6. Sorry about late reply, I just got your comment. Yes Pedram's system has been very effective for me :)

  7. After practice these days I feel like I have loads of energy and go about my day like a Warlord, I feel intense pulsing vibrations within. Problem is that the world is not a battlefield and my energy is too intense, unecessarily so. What do I need to do after practice to become calm and centered? Do I need to close my dan tien better? Ca anyone help guide me with this?
  8. hey nilo,

    I was wandering what you the about Pedram Shojai and his qigong system. i have purchased his first video but have been very busy with school and only have been able to practice a little bit of it.

    Has it been an effective practice for you?

  9. Your favorite Qigong DVDs?

    this is another keeper: Qigong for Self-Healing Series I
  10. Zhan Zhuang

    My advice is to just stand with knees slightly bent, and wiggle around or do slow sqauts when energy starts to feel difficult, and go back to standing. I call this standing meditation and it has helped me far more than any system of zhan zuhang.
  11. Mountain Rose Herbs

    I've ordered from then a few times, they are great.
  12. 11:11:11

    all about Skyrim!
  13. Abraham Hicks - Do Desires Cause Suffering?

    I dig abraham-hicks but I believe Bashar is the most clear. Desires are the drive for life, without desire nothing can happen. When attachments to desires happen that is when suffering takes place. Follow your passion but don't cling.