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  1. Sorry about late reply, I just got your comment. Yes Pedram's system has been very effective for me :)

  2. hey nilo,

    I was wandering what you the about Pedram Shojai and his qigong system. i have purchased his first video but have been very busy with school and only have been able to practice a little bit of it.

    Has it been an effective practice for you?

  3. Hello multiarms, i wanted to know how hard it was for you to set up the one-on-one seminar and if you thought it was quite worth it to go to the retreat? (clearly it was due to the goal of continuing your kunlun practice). Was it hard to find an apprentices?
  4. hello

    Hello everyone, I am a college student who was introduced to eastern philosophy when i was about 17. I am 22 now and have made my way through chan halls and ashtanga studios with great enjoyment and have learned a lot from my practice of zen and ashtanga yoga. I was turned on to Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong by a friend of mine and now i am hooked. I hope that i can learn something from you bums and maybe contribute some of the things that i find in my own practice.