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  1. Chundi mantra

    Well this time around I have not stopped but in the past I stopped because it got extremely uncomfortable. I think part of that in the past was because I would overdo it.
  2. Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Out of Body

    I'm actually glad I did it with another person because other wise I might have thought I just imagined it, but since we were able to recall the things that we did, the places we went, and the conversations we had out of body that was pretty convincing to me.
  3. Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Out of Body

    Um well yes, but it is going to sound odd, but back when I was in the Army so a long time ago, I was at a house party of one of my friends and I was sitting in one of his living room chairs and I felt like I was floating up to the ceiling. I guess he was just sensitive or something but he looked up and was like "did you know you are floating outside of your body". So later on he told me a good way to make it happen intentionally was to drink an entire bottle of Robitussin DM (I am not recommended one do this). I have no idea how he knew this but one night we sat down in my place and both chugged our Robitussin and in just a few minutes we both floated out of our bodies and went exploring together. Again I have no idea how or why that works, and no idea of how he figured that out.
  4. A scientific view of Qigong?

    Yes I agree, I like learning both sides as well. I think it helps with balance.
  5. Reading/Study as a practice

    Ok that is a decent point.
  6. A scientific view of Qigong?

    When I was in acupuncture school many if not most of our text books came from China. China is a communist country and as such has made an intentional and systematic approach to removing all things spiritual from its content. There was very little "mystical" content in our text books.
  7. Reading/Study as a practice

    If a book was written by a person and is giving advice, and your teacher is a person giving advice, what is the difference then?
  8. Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Out of Body

    In regards to OBE I have in the past.
  9. The god(s) in Taoism?

    I guess that raises another question. What deities are good for Westerners?
  10. Inner smile practice: Problem of authenticity

    I actually do all the above. I will start with visualization but I wait until I actually start feeling something and then that's when things usually start happening.
  11. Reading/Study as a practice

    I thought I would elaborate on my own question a little bit. Since asking that question the other day, for contrast I read the scriptures of a couple other traditions. I don't want to name names but the scriptures of the other traditions have more of a reputation for being more judgmental. What I found was after spending some time reading them I began to feel inexplicably irritable. This happened each day I read them. On the other hand when I read scriptures of a more eastern origin I began to feel peaceful and happy. It was as though the energy of the scriptures affects those reading them, and it seems to go beyond the intellectual understanding of the content.
  12. If you read the Pali suttas they are full of people paying homage to the Buddha and we never see the Buddha saying "oh no don't do that"
  13. Inner smile practice: Problem of authenticity

    Sure. So I learned the inner smile/healing sounds from Mantak Chia's book. It was presented as a warm up to the main point of the book. So I did it and was surprised to experience all sorts of suppressed emotions from way back in my past. I began to remember things that I had totally forgotten about from when I was a very young child, though mostly negative stuff. Even though one is meant to do a few repetitions in each organ, what I began to notice from the practice sort of led to it becoming my main practice for a few years. For example the Kidneys are said to be related to the emotion of fear. When I would do the inner smile/healing sound for the Kidneys, I began to not only remember childhood trauma that I had totally forgotten but actually feel the feeling that I had experienced as a child when it happened. Or if I did it for the Liver old long forgotten anger related issues would be remembered and the feeling that I felt as I experienced them as a child would reemerge. So what was the real world effect of this? Well as I had just mentioned I had experienced some trauma as a child, an abusive environment which unsurprisingly (as I was to see from the practice) led me to being married to a very controlling and abusive person. After I had started doing this practice for a while her treatment of me no longer seemed "normal" but instead it seemed toxic. This eventually led to me leaving her. I had been with her for eight years to that point and a little after a year of doing the inner smile/healing sounds I left her. The example of getting out of a bad marriage might be my most extreme example but to me what was most interesting was the insights into myself that I saw from going deep into each organ. I was see latent mental patterns and emotions that were operating under the surface that had been influencing me without me even being aware. In addition to this there were other physical health benefits. At this point my vision had begun to get a little blurry and after having done a modified version of the Liver inner smile/healing sound my vision improved. I know this is a brief summary but hopefully it encompasses some of my experiences with this practice.
  14. Chundi mantra

    Lately both my daughter and myself I started doing this mantra again and we both had very similar side effects such as backs and necks cracking and being sore weird water blisters on our fingers and being really tired.