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  1. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

    I was searching this forum for anything on Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and was surprised to find nothing said about it. Does anyone have experience with this mantra? Lately I have found it to be pretty amazing. I'd be interested to hear anyone's experiences.
  2. Animal sacrific and other rituals of antiquity

    This was one of the main things I was wondering about.
  3. Was the Buddha a Genius?

    I think he was THE genius :-)
  4. Vipsanna Meditation

    I've never done a "vipasanna retreat". I have done some general meditation retreats at a near by monastery a few times, and vipassina meditation is the kind of meditation that I happen to do the most. As far as my opinion on the Vipasanna retreats that typically go for 10 days my personal feelings are that if someone has never meditated before I do not recommend this approach as it can be very intense and I don't like the idea of meditation being associated with negative connotations in the mind, so that one does not begin to hate meditation and stop it all together. There are several videos on youtube of people who have done this type of retreat and the reactions are kind of a mixed bag. Personally I just make this a daily practice that I do throughout the day and I find this approach useful.

    I guess that is the tricky part about communication in general, which is to hear what the other person meant as opposed to interject our own meaning into what they said.

    No that is not what I am saying at all. Often karma can feel very bad.

    Ok this is one thing I have put a lot of thought and study into. The thing that law of attraction people do not understand or factor in is KARMA. Getting what you want in life is basically desire+good karma= getting what you want. It's not enough to just want something and focus on it, you must have the karma. It's like going to a store and seeing something you want. Wanting it is not enough, you must have enough money to pay for it. Same goes for destiny. Really there is no set in stone destiny, there is just karma which can be changed and is dynamic and not fixed. If you don't like your karma, you can change it. I set out to do this and it has worked!
  8. Vipsanna Meditation

  9. One thing I think I have come to notice as I continue to practice and experiment is that a lot of ritual practices of religion and the ancient world in particular that I had once shrugged off as the superstitions of a simpler time seem to have more to them than I once realized. One of these is the practice of animal sacrifice, which while still practiced these days, seemed to be a much more wide spread ritual in the ancient world that spanned most cultures universally. I'd never really understood the reasoning behind it, and I'm sure the reasons varied from culture to culture, but it seems that the sages and priests of old often had a deeper spiritual awareness than mere superstition. What I am wondering though is what is the benefit of doing so? What is the mechanism? Does the deity being sacrificed an animal (or sometimes human) to benefit from it? That being said it makes me wonder about other old practices such as baptism, circumcision, communion, pilgrimage, relics, and so on and so forth. I was just curious if anyone had any knowledge, thoughts, or insights into this topic.
  10. Chundi mantra

    Has anyone else found that after doing this mantra life gets miserable for a little while?
  11. Sufi cultivation

    I would be interested in hearing more about what you do in your mystical Christian practice?
  12. Are enlightened people impotent?

    For sure there is a householder path, and sexuality is definitely a part of it. Generally though the understanding is that if one becomes a fully enlightened arahant they either leave the family life and become a monk or die within a week or so.
  13. The short answer of what happens if qi is directed to the third eye area is that the third eye area becomes more energetic, and thus one becomes more perceptive of the energetic. The more complicated answer of what will happen to any one given individual is more difficult to answer. It varies greatly depending on where the individual is at based upon where other energetic centers are at in that person. The results can range from detrimental to a simple increase in perception.
  14. Are enlightened people impotent?

    This is an assumption that there is a point.