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  1. A question for everyone

    Not sure, but im very familiar with the sound of one hand fapping
  2. Hey qijack, thank you for sharing your presence on this forum. :)

  3. Buddhist Qigong

    Yi Jin jing, Xian gong, lok tong king are some Buddhist chikung forms
  4. .

    Post a pic of these burn marks with your forum name written on your hand otherwise this just trolling bullshit mopai crap
  5. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Wish more of these masters would agree to be tested like this
  6. Qi gong feats

    Anyone can do qi gong abilties you just need stupid blind followers like these guys
  7. What are you watching on Youtube?

    This is quite funny and mostly true. i think it applies to 99% of masters that claim these woo woo abilities
  8. Seminal leakage - does this happen to anyone ?

    I think it's just pre cum. That's nothing to worry about.
  9. I wish i had stayed away from all the Micro Cosmic orbit practices. That shit makes people delusional
  10. Meditatio progress(?)

    probably nothing, but only you can know for sure
  11. Heat doesn't necessarily mean it is kundalini. According to Taoists there are channels in the arms and legs that store energy, the heat could merely be a sign of this energy accumulating in these channels.
  12. ...

    only half lotus?
  13. Sexual energy feels too "heavy" to lift

    No feeling of energy is required. Just relax as much as possible as you do what ever you do to lessen the urge to ejac and breath deeply into your abdomen. Just do it as if your not doing any type of energetic practice, treat like a purely physical practice. Just doing this i can last as long as i want in every position except doggy position, Must be the angle or something