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  1. Jeff Primack

    Dear Adam, Supreme Science Qigong Foundation (our 501c3 non profit branch) was not made to donate money to charity. It was designed to bring FREE PROGRAMS to Africa and bring Qigong into the public school system. We are planning our African Qigong outreach and have already taught Qigong at many elementary schools. For more details about our outreach programs you can visit: I will not enter your trap of negativity. So much pain the world has already - it does not need more. I will say that I drink smoothies EVERYDAY whenever possible, although when staying with you that was difficult because of the crappy food in your house. Right now I am drinking a smoothie. Even my 83 year old grandmother drinks smoothies. Today's recipe has: 1/2 Haas avocado with seed, organic strawberries, lime with the white pith, ginger, red beet, apple with core and seeds, organic cucumber, goji berries, yellow corn cut off cob, mint and 16 ounces of distilled water blended in a 3 horsepower blender. Not 1 single exercise I teach is modeled after another master's form. While it is true that Dr. Wu was an influental teacher in Food Based Healing, I do not believe everything he taught was correct, and I also have expounded and made SSQ teachings to cover disease protocols at a more precise level. My knowledge is tested on my students and therefore it simply works in my book. Adam knows he is spreading disinformation. I have never eaten nachos or ice cream with him. I do not eat these wretched foods. He is jealous because I fired him after he performed lousy work. Hell has no furry like a video editor scorned. I wish you the best Adam. ~Jeff Primack
  2. Jeff Primack

    Dear Tao Bums Forum, Qigong is not about money. Money comes when you offer more value to people. Success is a result of a sincere heart. My teachers were influental, but only to a point. Since I no longer practice any of their techniques, except Wim Hof, I don't mention them. Also, sometimes, the teacher I studied with had a severe ego problem. When I do not teach the techniques of a particular teacher I feel no obligation to mention them. Do you think I should mention every teacher I studied with? That is more ego. I mention those who impact the techniques I currently teach. The Siberian shaman is still my favorite teacher. 12 years ago she lead me to the Qigong Gate. She is very private and will not allow me to divulge her information. We still visit each other. Many of the teachers I have trained with (usually the best ones) do not seek recognition and ask to be invisible. This is the humble way. In closing... I will not be on this forum again. I only sought to respond to the low vibrations my students warned me of on this website. HAVE RESPECT and do not make wild accusations from an unknowledgeable position. Discuss Qigong in a way that would draw new people in... thus not making people feel Qigong is full of ego. Humble bow, Jeff Primack
  3. Jeff Primack

    Greetings JEFF here... The meditations, qigong and tantra I developed are NOTHING like Foo's, Wu's, Morris's - or anyone else some of these anonymous authors above say I stole from. All of my teachings come from years of practice for hours each day training and learning concepts from over a dozen Qigong masters. I never have taught even 1 exercise of theirs. Many of these postings are baseless and filled with a jealous heart. True Qigong is humble. I am certain that if you attend our seminars you would know why nearly everyone says it's the most powerful experience of Qi-Energy found anywhere. Also I only charge $99 for 4-Days Hands on Training. Instructor trainings are also only $99. So whoever is posting the lies... get your facts straight. I do not charge 1000's of dollars. You don't know me. And clearly you don't know my techniques. Humble yourself. ~Jeff Primack Qigong Practitioner
  4. Teaching Qigong Inexpensively

    My name is Jeff Primack. I teach Qigong to a great number of people. True Qigong is humble, yet defends the truth. People have posted (on Tao Bums forum) that I charge thousands of dollars for my instructor trainings. HA HA! They wish... I charge $99 for my 4-Day Qi Revolution seminar and $99 for Instructor trainings. Nobody can compete with my value being offered, so it upsets others. They have posted on this forum that I charge lots of money. So visit and find out why over 15,000 people have attended our workshop. No other Qigong workshop can make this claim. Most attendees have their mind blown by the power of the energy. Best wishes to all the humble teachers living with integrity, ~Jeff Primack Qigong Practitioner Founder, Supreme Science Qigong Foundation