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  1. For many months and years I had left this forum, I have been recieving many e-mails over time regarding me and my Taoism temple. I had decided to post in this forum just for those who want to reach me and know what I am up to and so on. If you wish you know about my past, read Mak Tin Si / Mak Jo Si Biography If you wish to know about my temple, visit Chi in Nature Ltd. Taoism Temple Website. We are not a charity or religious organization. We incorporated our business since 2006 as Chi in Nature Ltd. and therefore we are a business (for profit) and so we do not offer free service or free teachings. Do not inquire about free service or teachings. Everything is open and posted online in our website clearly, just read it literally and it have no hidden message or hidden meanings of any kinds. If you wish to read about Taoism, visit Taoist Master BLOG (my blog). There are tons of stuff about Taoism, magic exposed, etc,. Everything you want to know about the Taoism all over the world. If you wish to see me online, please visit my Youtube Channel. I have tons of videos up and our channel is very popular with over 2000+ subscribers. I had uploaded over 600 videos myself related to my hobby, kung fu, chi kung and Taoism. Enjoy as you wish. FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW ABOUT "YODA" or Kyle B. Proudly presented Kyle B. (Tin Yang) -- Click into the link and see his current status and so on. He have been with me, learning under Tin Yat Lineage and ordained as a Taoist since long time ago. If you wish to see his most recent testimonial about his experience with our lineage and magic, see Kyle B Testimonial on YouTube. **Some had been saying that our magic is not real and we are scamming people** 1) Do not abuse, insult or bullsh!t without knowing about what Taoism really is. 2) Read our website, everything is clearly written right now for you to read about us. 3) Want to see some others who had experienced our magic? see Testimonials of Chi in Nature and Mak Jo Si YouTube 4) Most people who had bad mouthed Mak Jo Si (me) are mostly bullsh!ting out of the blue or they are Chan's Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist who are trying to bad mouth Taoism sect with their dirty mouth. Ignore it or just approach us and see the truth yourself, everything is clearly presented on the website and blog. Who is a fraud? You can see it yourself. I am in business since 2006 and our temple is a real location with real people, it's not s scam. Our website is very open and clear for all the read and understand before they purchase or decide to pay for anything like exorcism or other service. There is no scam at all. What you see is what you buy, what you buy is what you get. Period. 5) I had been in Luk Yam Shen Gong Sect (scammed badly but became a master level guy, I followed a few different Sifu(s) before), graduated from Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect 茅山上清宗 from a 72th gen master and completed the system. Later on, I was told to advance on there for the Tin Yat Lineage was born in the winter of 2009. For the full details, again, see Mak Tin Si / Mak Jo Si Biography. Regarding Ng Yin Do Pai 悟然道派 - Yes it is our sect before Tin Yat Lineage was formed due to the fact that we got scammed by a con artist and he had influenced our past Taoism cultivation and everything as well. Again, read Mak Tin Si / Mak Jo Si Biography and you shall know what the con artist story is. We already openly accepted whoever want and qualify to transfer from Ng Yin Do Pai to Tin Yat Lineage in 2009-2010. We also expelled a bunch of bad students as well. We do not hold Ng Yin Do Pai anymore right now and our lineage is Tin Yat Lineage. Any Ng Yin Do Pai students are welcome to contact me to inquire about how to re-join Tin Yat Lineage to learn the system. NOTE TO ALL: All WHO CLAIM TO BE NG YIN DO PAI STUDENTS ARE NOT RELATED TO US. We had clearly stated this fact and if anybody claim to be a Ng Yin Do Pai student, please notify me immediately about it with links or proofs and evidence. About Mak Tin Si or Mak Jo Si, why Jo Si and Tin Si - Basically they are like a position title. Tin Si = Celestial Master which is a position in Taoism. It doesn't mean much to a normal person at all, just more things to do on our cultivation side, and yes I am still a TIN SI. Jo Si = Lineage founder, clearly stated, Tin Yat Lineage founder. There is no hidden message and these are not for fame at all. It's just like calling one a professor or PhD. They are what they claimed. Religious and Philosophy Taoism Again, I am sick and tired of seeing those who know nothing about Taoism and bullsh!t about me and Taoism I presented. If you do wish to know about Taoism, visit Taoist Master BLOG (my blog). I had posted tons of articles up for you to enjoy with video, photos and tons of proof for you to see. Most Tao Bum guys are really not even exposed to the real world of Taoism but brainwashed by the naive western Taoism culture instead. To see the real Taoism, you must open your eyes to the origin or at least where it started -- China. See what it is really like, they have no what you call "philosophy Taoism". Taoism is Taoism as a whole thing, even the philosophy is in the Taoism system which you all called "religious" Taoism as well. It's a whole thing but some of you just ripped the pizza apart and took pepperoni and call that a pizza, please, don't be so naive and still think you are right. Expose to the real world and read about what real Taoism is about. Again, read Taoist Master BLOG (my blog). Okay, enough said. I am leaving and won't check back here. If you wish to contact me in person, please e-mail me DIRECTLY [email protected] Thank you all for those who still check into my section or check up with my current status. I appreciate all who still have the interest in me and my stuff. Bye now and wish you all found the real Taoism.
  2. See my current post on personal section to find about me, I am not in tao bum anymore

  3. Please read my personal forum section for update of me and my current status, I am not at tao bum anymore

  4. Please read my personal forum section for update of me and my current status, I am not at tao bum anymore

  5. Celestial Teacher, are you still on Tao bums?

    Do the writings of Dao Teacher Ni, Hua Ching resemble your lineage?

    There is Peace under Heaven.

  6. hey friend, please lt me know how yo heal my dim vision and lazy eye using FU :(

    hope all is well.. -mizu

  7. please help me very quickly

    it all started after a nap just after you came back from your meditation center practise or service? what did you do there? meditation or do some kind of stuff? if so, you might caught something called yin-illness, which is ach caused by yin-energy or spiritual stuff. do you feel any chill / cold or freezing feelings? or got fever? or emotional?
  8. 3 souls 7 spirits

    One soul is not equal to one individual... 3 hun (3 souls) are your left, right brain and the special glade in the center, one take cares of physical stuff, one take care of emotional stuff and one take care of yuor communication with nature.

    This saturday day is the 15th of the month (lunar), of course full moon... every 1st and 15th is a full moon too. But medtitating to get the full moon energy? (yin energy) um..............
  10. One news! I have just encountered something yesterday which I want to share about this! In my temple, some people did came for the swine flu prevention FU, but it is even more seirous than you think it is. A lady came and said she was having alergies and the runny nose keep bothering her. But I cannot see that it is an allergy in her, but I saw the swine flu energy attached. I gave her the swine flu prevention FU and she worn it around her neck. Instantly, within 5sec, her running nose all stopped! She was shocked and amazed but don't know why this happen. I told her "It was the swine flu that you got" Her eyes popped out and stared at me.."THE SWINE FLU?" WHERE THE HELL DID I GET THAT FROM!?" It was the energy of the swine flu that is passing around already, so you may not have much symptom like a normal flu, it comes very fast and almost invisibly invade people. Maybe a month or two later, many people will know they have some problems. Long way to go...lots to happen.
  11. Yin eyes v.s third eye

    For Yoda -- Even people who have mastered the heaven-eye (so call third eye) they do not have the self-talking or self-moving or whatever guidiance thingy inside their body. It is just for "seeing". The self-moving, self-talking or self-giving advice thingy is just possession (ghosts of course), which really drains out your energy and you then become their slave... (but some people are happy to be their slave, how weird!)
  12. Yin eyes v.s third eye

    Why do you want to see ghosts anyway? If you practise in the REAL taoism lineage, you will see deities one day when you reach the level anyway. I can tell you that even some of my stage2 and 3 students did saw deiteis too.
  13. please help me very quickly

    When did you have this problem and is it hurting all the time?
  14. The best way to know if FU work or not is to try it yourself, nothing else can satisfy you except for experimencing it yourself. As a Chinese say, you cannot talk about war on a piece of paper, you must really got to DO IT.
  15. yes, just like how the people now like to take vitamins. do exercise, meditation etc,. and stuff to strengthen the body before things get into you. So for this swine flu, for sure we want to prevent before anything else. That is also why I am offering this prevention FU here for all who need them.