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  1. Qinway Qigong

    I took a weekend retreat in November 2001 in the bay area. It was one of the first Qigong training's I took. Yes it is pricey. I have no regrets. I am glad I took the program it was a good start. The program is based around building Chi and then very little food so that the body can detoxify and regenerate. Your mileage may vary. As an organization Qinway seems to seems to suffer from many of the ills of many New Age organizations and lacks direction and focus. The leader has limited English abilities and does seem to want to become fluent in English. A man named John did most of the work 10 years ago setting up the website organizing training's etc. When he left he was criticized and ridiculed. This being critical of other people or organizations really turns me off. It is hardly turning the other check. If you believe in Karma and reincarnation, then it seems like you want to see the good in all people at all times. So there you have it the good and the bad. Take the good and leave the rest.
  2. Codependency - Any Experience?

    Best Definition of co-dependence. When you die someone else's life flashes before your eyes.
  3. Recommendations for central and obstructive sleep apnea

    Consider getting a Frolov device. You can Google it. It cost about $100. And has done great things for me. It creates a breathing pattern similar to playing a didgeridoo but quieter
  4. Addictions and Compulsions

    Fasting is great. also consider Steam and Sauna to help detoxify. Do check out some 12 step meetings if you find a good one you will find good friends. All of us that have addictions tend to have more then one. When I quit smoking I took up compulsive eating.
  5. Agreed Scientology is not based on science. Where I see the two as similar is that they both say good things, but Scientology is about control and domination. I am sure that the same thing would happen if Venus project had the power to do what they say they want to do. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don't get any idea that they wish to follow the Tao or trust in a Higher Power. This is a very ego driven program. Also I don't agree with there belief that addictions are caused by unequal wealth. Just my opinion.
  6. To me this movement vibrates at the same level as Scientology
  7. Ever compared results of mediums?

    I have only gone to one psychic. She was looking at a crystal ball and telling me my future. I guess my future looked funny to her She started to laugh uncontrolably. I got mad and slugged her. This was very uncharcteristic of me, In fact it was the first time I had struck a happy medium.
  8. Losing chi through urination

    try unine therapy.
  9. Is it the Heat or the size?

    this thread reminds me of a story. A young man was attracted to a yourng lady, he felt the feeling was mutual. However, being a good Taoist he was health conscious and hated it when a woman lit a cigarette after sex. Since he did not know her very well, he just came out and asked her "Do you smoke after sex?' Her reply. " I don't know I never looked".
  10. Hi

    Hi I am a newbie and a student on the path.