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  1. Balancing energy in weight loss...

    If I have my information correct, it is more a matter of my yin and yang being outbalanced that I need to work on. Being that the ketogenic diet creates more body heat, I would (in my novice eyes) think that there is too much yang going on.
  2. So, I am in the process of losing a lot of weight, almost 40 lbs down at this point. The very specific diet I am on has me eating almost exclusively meat, cheese and eggs. I know my energy is out of whack, because I stay pretty stressed out and angry a lot. Any help anyone can offer on getting some balance?
  3. shotgun spirituality......yea or nay?

  4. shotgun spirituality......yea or nay?

  5. starting new job soon!

  6. El Cheapo tea challenge

    Since there seems to be some tea officianados here, does anyone know much about Gunpowder green? I am able to get this 1k box here for $5 locally, and I don't mind it much. Just wondering if the health benefits are there at all. http://www.asiachi.com/teofhespgugr.html
  7. Going Theravadin Taoist-style!

    Huh? I must admit to being very confused by this post.
  8. Want to be a moderator of The Tao Bums?

    Nothing against Sigweard, but I don't think that anyone who advertise their own materials and websites here should be considered for staff; a conflict of interest.
  9. RE: The Buddha Bums

    Wow, has this site turned into a pile of shit. No wonder most of the people from years ago that posted the good stuff have left and moved on to other forums. You do realize, that if you have belief in something, and it's real faith, you will ALWAYS think your path is the best. Otherwise why are you following it in the first place? This site has degenerated into some buddhists, hiding taoists, and and a giant lynch mob.
  10. Mantras and Chants

    Does anybody know of any in taoism, in the same vein as the ones in Tibetan buddhism?
  11. Of Buddhists and Taoists

    So, out of the many things you listed there, post some of them that actually came from taoism, and not the beliefs that were a precursor to taoism. I think you will be hard pressed to answer, if you actually do some research.
  12. Should a Taoist Forum focus primarily on Taoism?

    No, but you certainly talk some truly ignorant bullshit. This comment right here, is enough for me to call you out, and say that you are a liar when you say you have talked to monks the world over. If you spoke even just to 1 monk in each of the places you referred to, you would have a basic understanding of why the precepts are what they are. Saying that they are childish, just shows that you are too weak to be able to follow some, maybe any, of them. You do realize that with your posts in this thread, you are now one of those inconsiderate ones you like to use ignore on? Pot meet kettle, etc. Try disagreeing, without being disagreeable.
  13. The Eternal Self of the Buddha

    Really? Do you just not bother to do any research on your own? The Pali Canon is widely considered one of the best kept sets of religious texts ever.When do you hear about "newly discovered" texts that contradict the major teachings that are done? We're not talking about the bible here. The assertion that the scriptures are absolute, should be taken in the context of the discussion. This whole thing started by talking about what 1 of the suttas said. So, of course, the sutras would be considered accurate in the course of this discussion. If you can't be assed to read everything and know wth you are talking about, maybe you should just keep your ignorance to yourself. Take your hate of religion elsewhere.
  14. Getting lost opening the mind

    I'm curious, how do you think that the drug is going to be helpful? All it will do is befuddle the mind even more, so I'm not really grasping how you can in any way find it a positive tool.