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  1. Need Help For Severe Problem

    Thanks for enlightening me, people. I delved into this issue before and again the waves drowned me to the point that I am here. I forgot the essence of my own life and wallowed in my lack of personality. Thank you for taking your time waking me up from this cycle of self mental abuse. I have not yet recovered from the demons currently haunting me, but your response is not wasted for you atleast my will has been ignited.
  2. Need Help For Severe Problem

    Good day guys. It's been 3 years since my last visit. In this 3 years, I lost many people. Some died and some went a path different from mine. I had been depressed during these times, but still keeping my dao intact albeit being chased by my demons. Recently I've been addicted to certain genres like swapping of girlfriends in the adult manga section and had been slapped by one of the scenes there. It is when a better guy made the beta guy's girlfriend happier than him. Y'know typical cuckold that happens in the real world. It just hit me, that when a man is at his lowest, the most painful kick to be received is a kick from a loved one. Especially if that kick leads you to the abyss. These kinds of stories do not usually swallow me, but through that I remembered the circumstances of my family. My parents when through (they did not swap though. Just divorced.) the same and I can't help but sympathize with my dad. Well he I cant say he is not at fault as well, but it seems to be more painful to be kicked at your lowest moments. I am afraid of having a relationship for reasons that 1.) I am afraid to meet a woman that might kick me when I'm at my lowest 2.) I feel inadequate. I got a mediocre dick, I am not a rich guy and my social connections are limited 3.) I am afraid to meet a woman that has special kinks I couldn't provide 4.) I am afraid of love. Please help me... I don't know what kind of help I need. I just want someone to talk to.
  3. Coincidence

    Goodevening Guys. I am here to inquire about something. Is it possible for Qi to coincidentally affect a person's body movements? In my early meditation, I don't really have knowledge on qigong forms and all I do is lower dan tian breathing. I could also say that until now, all I do is the basics. When I first felt something, I randomly moved my body (hands, waist, head, neck, arms, elbow and any part of my upper body cause I am sitting). That is how I felt my body should move because of the freakin' vibrations on my body. Recently while browsing here, I stumbled upon the term "Flying Phoenix". The name is just cool so I looked into it. As I searched, I saw a Terrence Dunn video on youtube. As I saw his movements (upper body), I was shocked that the movements I thought that was random, was actually a real qigong stance, especially SOME hand movements. The only thing I am not certain of is that if I got the breathing patterns correctly. Also, some of my movements are the same, but the sequence of movements is not in proper order. So the question is, Is it Coincidence that I did those moves? Could Qi, possibly move a person's body? note: I am not a master nor a veteran. I am simply asking because I humbly admit that my knowledge is scarce. One thing I am sure of is, I am not a poser. I clearly want to learn and gain insight. . video reference:
  4. Daoist Dieta

    Senior Grey, dragon well green tea? Is that the name of the tea I am holding on the latter pic?
  5. Daoist Dieta

    So my mom bought this tea (Twinings Wild Berry), guys. Is it good? I tasted it, the taste is high tier and theres no acidic after taste like lipton, but it has lesser spirit than my fav tea (not lipton, but something written in chinese.) Below is the chinese green tea (my fav).
  6. Spinal Issues

    I hope you dont mind guys that I am frequently posting threads on inqueries. I hope it doesn't bother you. So awhile ago, I meditated after drinking tea. While I was doing the usual meditation, tension gathered on my lower spine. Then everytime I slowly invest air on my dantian, the tension transfers upward like its travelling through my spine. The tension leaves from one section and transfers to the other. Whenever I do reverse breathing though, the tension goes downwards. Sweat is induced from the tensed area too. BTW it does not hurt, its just tensed. Note: please notify me if I posted on the wrong topic.
  7. Strange Energy

    What is kundalini??
  8. Strange Energy

    What is up guys. I am back for another beginner inquery. So this just happened awhile ago. I was coughing and my lungs seems to be clogged with some sort of liquid. I am aware that my condition is related to an abrupt change in weather. So, I decided to sip a cup of tea (Lipton - still researching for a better alternative or organic tea) 11:50-ish at night. After finishing my tea I made sure to feel it inside. Well nothing supernatural, just exagerating my cup 'o tea. Then I tried to meditate for a bit. I did the usual sitting meditation. Breath through my nose conservatively, deeply and efficiently. I only maintained my posture for 8 or so minutes, but within those 8 minutes it is not the lower dantian which I am supposed to cultivate reacted. Energy travelled upwards. No pressure on my head though, but something weird is accumulating on my whole head. My mind is super clear. The thoughts halted. I am aware but I am not thinking. I am observing, but not presuming. It felt so good. Maybe it is because of the tea, I dont know. I opened my eyes and even though it is open I feel like I am not using my eyes. How could I say so? Because I dont feel the soreness of my eyes seconds ago. And it seemed to feel that these are not my eyes. My eyes are opened, but I don't wanna close it during my meditation. It seems that something feels off whenever I close it. Like the stream of energy stops as I close my eyes. The downside of this experience is that some parts of my body ache (due to my posture), because again the energy seemed to focus on my head instead of my whole body. I hope it is not jist because of the tea. BTW I'll start the qigong mailed to me by taichibasics.com. Edit: BTW my yin tang accupressure point(googled it) felt weird to. Before whenever I press it, a stabbing and pointy feeling arouses on it making my head and eyes calm. Now pressing it makes no difference. It is beating too.
  9. Daoist Dieta

    yes I am, but mostly I could only afford lipton tea bags which is a commercial brand. I am even planning to cultivate my own tea leaves.
  10. Daoist Dieta

    Well I am a protein/fatty food guy. I barely eat veg, but if it is ideal then I would eat.
  11. I feel like such a noob!

    That is what a taoist should be. A noob. The challenge is how to remain a noob with multitudes of knowledge hurled at you.
  12. Daoist Dieta

    Good day guys. Jun Yu Xian again for another beginner's inquery. Please suggest a diet that could help me in cultivation and also would help me make my body fit. Note that I am not neglecting workout. I just want to want to eat something healthy.
  13. Is this the so called Cinnabar Field

    I am from Philippines senior Grey. The secondary goal for practice is for Martial Arts, Longevity and if Magic is real then why not. Primary goal is to practice the discipline and become a better and real person that I should be without the shackles of other people. TBH, I was inspired by chinese cultivation comics, but I know daoism is more to it than what I could comprehend from the comics so I am here wanting to find my way.
  14. Is this the so called Cinnabar Field

    Thanks for the warning senior Zork. I almost practice something dangerous. I will also avoid the random breathing techniques I created. My knowledge is still lacking. I am a poor guy so maybe the access to better resources could wait. But if anyone is willing to lend me resources, my soul would forever be thankful.
  15. Is this the so called Cinnabar Field

    Senior Nin, so Dan Tian is not really located below Navel, but behind? Well I kinda feel something like a stone whenever I breath out, but it is not that deep. And it is the cause of heat like pouring tea in my belly. BTW I could not induce breathe to the direction of my gonads. Knowing that it is not the real dantian direction makes me feal relief.