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  1. Alchemical book suggestions

    Dear Cat: I love and adore my beautiful Sparkle. She is my inspiration to do all the dirty deeds I'm famous for. She even calls me Dragon Master. Does it get more dubious than that? Eric Yudelove
  2. Alchemical book suggestions

    All the rumors are true and you haven't even heard the really bad stuff. I was even left back at the Taoist Immortality University, they called me to come forth and get some enlightenment and I came 5th. Lucky for me my wife loves me, but she's even more dubious then me. You shouldn't know from it. I'm considering changing my name to Jessie James Yudelove. Thanks be it to Divine Providence that I have a good heart. Eric Yudelove
  3. Alchemical book suggestions

    To all you civil servant Taoists: I may be dubious but I love it. Eric Yudelove
  4. Beginning Taoist Practices

  5. Taoist Practices

    One day, Bohun Wuren went to see the philosopher Liezi. But as soon as he saw all the shoes laid outside of Liezi's house he turned and walked away. A servant saw Bohun Wuren do this and called to his master Liezi that a guest had appeared but was leaving instead of entering. Liezi rushed outside and when he saw that it was Bohun Wuren, he called out: "Master Bohun, you've come all this way, why don't you come inside and teach me?" Bohun Wuren stopped and turned to Liezi and told him: "I cannot do this.I told you before to keep the light within yourself and not to let others see it. You are gathering followers instead of keeping them away. One who knows does not speak but one who speaks does not know. You had to go and reveal your brightness and attract all these people. You show petty intelligence instead of great wisdom." Then he turned and walked away. Eric Yudelove
  6. Flowers

    While my wife Sparkle was doing some writing, preparing for her next book, I came up with a very short scenerio that really told a complete story that requires some active use of the imagination. Upon reflection I saw how it might be the shortest short story. FLOWERS What if you were transported to a planet where flowers were the dominent species and you just ate a flower. Eric Yudelove
  7. Taoist Practices

    I was one of Mantak Chia's original American students. I started studying with him in 1981 and studied with him for over 20 years. I also studied with a number of other teachers but not to the same extent. In 1999, Chia named me a master and I really haven't studied with anyone except a number of books for the past 8 years. The names of my books are "The Tao & the Tree of Life", 100 Days to Better Health Good Sex and Long Life-A Guide to Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung" and "Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy". These books have been translated into 20 languages worldwide. Eric Yudelove
  8. I need help with alchemical experiment and "100 Days"

    Dear Hundun: Thank you for your concern. When I 1st saw your message, I thought to myself - Doesn't he believe in magick? All right were returned to me by Llewellyn on June 29 for both "100 Days" and "The Tao and the Tree of Life". "Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy" is still being published, so those rights were not returned. My books are still being published in Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Hungary, France, Spain, Poland, India and China, so I do not have these foreign rights. But that will not affect my original idea. Now I can just expand on it. Eric Yudelove
  9. 100 days laying the foundation

    Try my book "100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life- A Guide to Chi Kung & Taoist Yoga". The entire book is dedicated to answering your question. Eric Yudelove
  10. Hello Again: I was recently on & checked in to see what my books were selling for these days. I was pretty amazed to see that prices for "100 Days" were going through the roof. I attribute that to 2 things 1) the book is no longer in print in the US and therefore the availability of books is diminishing and 2)a new interest in the system I laid out in my books. So I know there are a lot of girls and boys out there who aren't able to get a copy. Anyway, I really think this system will seriously enhance your practice. So I need some one knowledgeable in such things to perform an magickal alchemical display for me. Turn "100 Days" from paper and print into a website. Contact me. Eric Yudelove
  11. Beginng Taoist Yoga- The Crystal Ball

    amazing thread!! thank you!! i knew there was a reason i was drawn to crystal balls. Here's something amazing, a 300mm - 12 inch - quartz crystal ball on my hexagonal dining room table in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This is an extraordinarily healing stone with great positive energy. MESY
  12. Beginning Taoist Practices

    Dear Yuanqi: I guess I had difficulty understanding your original post or exactly what your point was or even whether you were Western or Chinese. I think I may have been reacting to something from the past that had nothing to do with you. My Regrets, Eric
  13. Beginning Taoist Practices

    Dear Yuanqi: I don't think you read my post carefully or it confused you. I wouldn't take Aristotle's views on the Elements, from 2400 years ago, as the know all and be all of the Western Kabbalistic & Magickal Tradition, which he pre-dates by about 1500 years. Anyway, he wasn't Chinese either, as if that is some requirement to see the "truth". He was Alexander the Great's teacher(a Westerner) and probably thought too much also. Wood is not listed as hot & wet, but as warm & moist. Metal is cool & dry. This is a big difference. Fire is hot. Water is cold. Earth is neutral. Air has 2 poles: warm & moist & cool and dry. These "elements" are used in a practical-not abstract manner- in both the Western and the Eastern traditions. In the Kan & Li alchemical formulas cool Metal & warm Wood are used to regulate the temperature in the Cauldron. They are referred to as the White Tiger-Metal and the Green Dragon-Wood. Often they are seen as being ridden by two immortals with beams shooting out of their mouths and into the Cauldron. I don't think they teach this in Chinese Medical School or medical textbooks. How would you corrolate the 5 Chinese and 4 Western elements? I found when my "100 Days" was first published, it got flack from people who never read it because I wasn't Chinese. Well the Chinese almost wiped out the Taoists in the latter part of the 20th Century and came close to losing the whole tradition. The practice of Internal Alchemy was specifically banned by the Communist government as being non-productive to the state. It is a good thing that Westerners were there to pick up the pieces and help to put them back together again. Anyway, now they're publishing my book in China. Racial arrogance is not the ticket to the Way. Master Eric Steven Yudelove
  14. "100 Days" published in China

    I was very pleased to recently find out from my publisher that "100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex and Long Life" was published in mainland China. Somehow this feels like a real seal of approval to me. Considering the somewhat anti-government material in the early part of the book-which I'm sure must have been deleted-I was really amazed that it was published there at all. I don't usually pat myself on the back, but this time I think I deserve it and I just wanted to share this with all my Taoist brothers and sisters out there. I include a picture of the cover. Eric Yudelove