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  1. John Changs 1st Westener Student

    Hello Scotty, Not sure if I have spoken to you or not, but I have been inudated with emails to the point I have become almost ready to stop all Internet communication...just to catch up. As to your question: I first started with the idea of nothing more than finding the man I saw in "Ring of Fire." You see, I had become tired of my martial arts/MMA classes I had been teaching for years and felt there was more I needed in life. When I saw Ring of Fire I knew this was my direction and sought to find the amazing man in it. But at first there was no clear idea I had other than the desperate need I felt to go find the man. I then have come to a point wanting to become a healer and help people. No, I have not attained it yet, but am still working on it. There has been so many problems with the Mo Pai school that it has caused me to stall. However, things are looking better and I will go see my old teacher again for help and renew our relationship. I have not stopped despite the problems that have been in place. Many people have wanted to lean Mo Pai's nai gong and I am willing to help them learn. I am not prejudice or one of those clowns who try and keep this knowledge within closed doors. Rather, I continue to carry my teacher's original idea of allowing the West to learn this system. Sorry to have taken so long to many emails and family life, it takes so much time. It is interesting that you mention Dr. Effie Chow. I had actually went up to Vancouver, Canada to see her for an appointment many years ago. I know that after that experience she had become very popular and important. I hadn't thought about her for many years. What is she doing now? Yes, I am married to a younger woman (almost 20 years) with a son who is 12 now. For the first several years she had huge problems with my dedication and daily practice. She has since become accustomed to it and now expects me to train...what a turn around! Jim
  2. Hello everyone

    Per, It is nice to have you available to talk to. Could you tell me what you mean "...this kind of stuff for about ten years." Do you mean you have been training? Or, have you been researching. I am curious if you have been training, and what kind of training you are doing...chi gong, nai gong or just following books? mopaistudent
  3. John Changs 1st Westener Student

    Andrew, It is sort of difficult to start talking about the things that happened or our training. I will tell you off the top of my head. Way back in 1998 during a testing in Pak John's living room. I was supposed to knock over a glass cup that was on a glass table top from about eight feet away. My aim was off, but still hit the cup and broke the thick glass table top the glass was on. I didn't know it happened as Pak John ran up to the table and looked at it bending over. I didn't know what he was doing until he motioned for me to see what happened. The glass top was at least an inch thick, and it was split. I didn't know what to think and was embarrassed that I broke an obvious expensive glass top. I saw first hand how powerful our energy really is. Just imagine how powerful Pak John is. When he was visiting his children in the states, I flew down to see him in California. During one of our talks we had he suddenly stopped and wanted to show me how the power emitted from his hand could cut objects like a laser. We went into the kitchen and took a banana whereupon he forced his energy out of his hand as he passed it by the banana and cut it in two. He showed me how it can burn just like a laser by buring a small hole in a plastic cup. Our training for the first two level has meditation in it; the first level is just meditation. But more precisely it is "concentration" and not just simply meditation. In our system there is a difference. And along with our training for our development, but it also helps build something that isn't connected to developing the dan tien. We develop ESP and visual things unintentionally. They don't come too often, but when they do it is really shocking, because we are not normally used to things like this happening to us. One time when I was going out to do my practice, a face suddenly appeared before me. Its behavior was like that of an rainbow. But it also became larger as I walked toward it, and it never change its angle. It eventually disappeared, but lasted at least 15 or 20 minutes. I tried to shake my eyes blinking etc. and it didn't go away. Pak John told me about his trip to Borneo for his own training...alone, in the jungle, by himself! He said he took about six months of rice and seeds to grow vegetables. But the seeds didn't flair too well and he had to exist on the rice longer than he anticipated. But during his meditation he was given insight into the future and saw Russia breaking up and other events. He knew all about it when he returned home. He also saw his home being built with some funny things that happened during the building and his family was surprised how he knew what had happened. He once told me about during the time he was visiting spirits how they would try and take his chi from him, as dead spirits don't have any. It was then I learned that our dan tein could be freed and moved around for specific reasons. He said that moving the dan tien to your back allows him to be hidden from spirits and they can't try and get energy from him. Hope this has satisfied your curiosity somewhat. Jim
  4. John Changs 1st Westener Student

    Yes, the yin field surrounds Pak John. I am unsure how far it extends, but it isn't too far. When he left the room for something I tried to throw my chi again, but it didn't happen. The Karis's moved by another means, a spirit energy, if not just spirits them selves. Pak John communicates with them to encourage the knives to move. Pak John had stopped his acupuncture with Westerners for some time. But for whatever reason, he is doing more acupuncture with people, as well as teaching. I know of an Australian who tried to gain help but was told he was unable to help. I am very perplexed by this because he said he was unable to teach any longer, but he is still at it to some degree. This point was validated by a Westerner I am in touch with. His knowledge about everything is very conclusive and I believe him. So, who knows now what he is doing. I talked to him several weeks ago, but I didn't ask him many questions. Plus, he uses his son(s) to help translate, so it can be difficult communicating. However, he may be downgrading his position again, as he told me some years ago. He is getting older and has some health issues. He needs a student to take over his position. I am not sure of his intentions nowadays (didn't ask him). He told me some years ago that he wants to go to Bali to go into deep training for the rest of his life. He was going to take two students with him, I was hoping to be one because I was, at that time one of his highest levels along with his Indonesian highest student who took over the school for a short time. But all that has changed because he is unable to go any farther with Westerners than level 2A.
  5. John Changs 1st Westener Student

  6. I never realized I would be such a person of interest. All I wanted to do is help others attain what I have wanted way back in 1990. In my research (it took two years) I finally found John Chang (not exactly his name) and was accepted as a student, and have been training since. I have been in touch with him recently. I asked him directly if there were any "Westerners" he is teaching. I asked this because there were several people emailing me saying they had tested in the last couple years and students of his. He said he isn't and hadn't. So, many of the stories about John teaching non-Chinese just isn't true. He also said I was free to help others. So, there you go... I would love to talk to others, but I will have to say this may be short because talk forums usually degenerate into couch-potato, pseudo authorities telling me the facts...and I don't go there! So, if anyone has questions about the Youtube clip or other questions...