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  1. That's interesting. Thanks for the advice, Lairg. I'll take it into account when looking at what to do!
  2. That's interesting. I already try to maintain a right relationship with the stuff inside me, though I mostly use Internal Family Systems-type stuff and Inner-Relationship Focusing to do it. I just struggle due to my OCD and internal tensions and ridigity. Would that be similar? It's more or less just being accepting and curious towards whatever is inside you and finding out why its doing what its doing.
  3. Correct me if I'm mistaken, isn't this Spirit Replacement Therapy? I think it was made by William J. Baldwin or something?
  4. How though? There's so many different views on this issue, and sometimes it's conflicting info. As a total beginner it's pretty confusing, especially since there's magicians who advocate for a kinda, "Fate matters, don't fuck with anything, your attempts to make things better might itself draw predators" type view - idk if that's what they mean, but that's what I'm getting from it right now.
  5. I'm looking for what opinions are on here esp from experienced posters on this topic? I just want to take responsibility for this side of my life and be able to experiement safely while tying up some loose ends from my past and bad habits I've picked up that are causing me spiritual and magical issues. I've had some shitty experiences in the past before dabbling with stuff irresponsibly. As in: bring up traumas, become a sex addict, fuck myself up energetically (or something - idk what it was), have nightmares nightly, etc. I more or less /have/ to do it because I need to tie up some loose ends and my way of dealing with issues is to lean towards them by informing myself rather than turn away. I'm currently looking at Josephine McCarthy's book on the topic, and Jason Miller. Are these authors good? I swear Josephine makes my OCD act up like hell even though I generally like her. BTW part of the reason I'm seeking this information is because some healing methods I have used work incredibly well for me, but the problem is their authors are new agers - meaning, they assume everything is light and fluffy. I don't. I want to be ready if something goes wrong, and want to know what can since a lot has in the past, and I'm not in a place in my life where I can afford needless risk. I'm sorry all my posts are these questions, I'm not trying to be lazy. I came here to ask after spending lots of time researching multiple book lists, listening to different opinions, and looking at what people from different traditions seem to think regarding this stuff.
  6. Lol! Nice one. I doubt I'd be able to invoke if I banished in that case.. This makes sense to me, yeah. I settled on not doing the LBRP and mostly just sticking to easy, low-weight folk methods instead of using it as I felt like I don't know enough about these somewhat nuclear-grade methods (compared to lighter ones I mean..) to be deploying them in a house I share with multiple people and animals during a pandemic where any changes may be harmful. Also felt like the 19th century western schools were kind hardcore and that I don't know enough about what I'm summoning/calling upon. Basically, just felt not ready enough and an inner sense of discomfort.
  7. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Dw I was just kidding. I think it didn't come over on text or something. Nurses are normal, the ones I've met either didn't talk much or were nice to me. Are these Satanists the real deal or are these guys like the Satanic Church I think it was, who're just trolling to make a larger point? Yeah I think the bad ones are probably a vocal minority. Now doctors on the other hand.. genuinely 50/50 in my country! Must've been a really annoying one if you wanted to physically assault them hahaha
  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    What do you mean, brother? Of course Satan would like vaccines!!! Nurses are evil, I tell ya hwat! Here's something that'll tickle your funny bone, though: when I was about to type 'Satan', the poltergeist activity in my house acted up again. (((internal screaming)))
  9. If it's ok with you, can you explain how it works? Also, what is that? I've actually never heard of it before hahaha. Google turned up nothing when I searched for LBRG
  10. This makes a lot of sense. I agree w/ this, and your other comment has given me much to think about. I live in a bit of a chaotic environment so connecting with it is difficult, but I believe I can make it work somehow. I think I'll start with just developing a healthy stretching routine and simple things like that and build up. Thanks for the advices, friend!
  11. Wow, thanks for the informative reply!! Much appreciated. This makes a lot of sense. Does the LBRP banish anything that is beneficial? My mother for instance thinks my grandfather likes to visit and well.. I don't know how much sense that makes, but better safe than sorry.
  12. Evidence of the Dao in daily life.

    This is amazing! Right down my alley. It reads a bit like Han Shan, in spirit at least.
  13. Evidence of the Dao in daily life.

    The Dao that doesn't wear cool hats is no Dao, my brother!! I once knew a sage who would constantly talk about how many hats they wore. They even had cool names like 'Father' 'Mother' 'CEO', etc.
  14. I'm happy to get a reply from you, as I consider you very informed! Thanks for clearing up my doubts. I'll keep this in mind! Do you have any advice for a beginner on how to start and do so safely?
  15. I saw a post on r/occult today that basically asked, why in Golden Dawn adjacent magick do people in the outer order banish and not invoke, and how does this not lead to a huge imbalance of energies? I'm curious since I've been considering the LBRP for a while now (haven't done it, since I'm learning about all this stuff before doing anything) but now am hesitant.