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  1. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    I'm going to
  2. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    I've had discord for a while, presently I'm lurking, reading everything you have written and measuring your worth.
  3. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    Freudian slip?
  4. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    I'm curious to know, are you speaking ESL (English as a second or foreign language, the use of English by speakers with different native languages.)? Some of your expressions come across as condescending in tone. It may be unintentional?
  5. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    Excellent of you to make such a generous offer, I accept. When do we start?
  6. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    also as seducers (even when we're celibate), deceivers, corrupters and all round scapegoats for the perversities of men. https://qz.com/india/586192/theres-a-misogynist-aspect-of-buddhism-that-nobody-talks-about
  7. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    One would certainly hope this to be the case...and yet it may not have been so. Oh - to have been a fly on the wall in the mind of the Buddha!
  8. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    A direct quote from the ancientmasters.org website of @Neirong who posts here that: "weak, old, infantile people, women and elderly, [are] learning this" https://ancientmasters.org/library/adam-mizner-scam
  9. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    Contemplating reading this... "Buddhist literature implies that woman is biologically determined to be sexually uncontrollable...the `eternal feminine' as temptress & seductress is a common element in religious thought,"
  10. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    This was the source. I'd be interested to read more on the subject, it's curious. I wonder what the missing part or parts are, that a man allegedly has, and woman has not!
  11. Women are not considered as a complete entity in Buddhism. Their body is not considered fit to attain enlightenment and become Buddha. There is a concept that women are not complete until they attain enlightenment to become reborn as a man. Discussion welcome.
  12. The Sephiroth

    Most gentle entities I've encountered have been of the feminine (hag/crone/ancient one) aspect. The masculine seemingly more prone to defensive posturing.
  13. Hermit heretic

    I'm wondering if the python skull anatomy may be related to Jacobson’s organ, also called vomeronasal organ. It's tongue flicks up and into a receptor place in the roof of the mouth. Other than that I have no idea, neither does snake friend here!