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  1. How to project qi from the hands

    Something similar to this was cause of my qi deviation
  2. Jing to Qi

    but the heat that comes from rubbing hands is not the chi it self , its the aftereffect on blood-flow in the area , which is all after-affect of the chi on the location..the tingling of chi movement is different and can be thin , aroused , smooth etc..
  3. Please suggest me a content for curing and preventing qi deviation. Such as articles..books...doctors..acupuncturist names Even in Chinese. .i will use translator
  4. What is Aura body in qigong ...what consist the aura in qigong what it consist off ?...its significance?
  5. Nvr mind

    Nvr mind
  6. What controls the Chi

    Is it possible that Yi is overcoming the shen and disturb the natural shen balance?
  7. What controls the Chi

    When we learn chi feel and moving we are using our mind ...but originally who controls the Chi exactly ? Is it the Shen ?
  8. Is it safe to direct energy to my testes?

    Dont do that the organ shouldnt get excessive heat....i m disturbed by how this qigong teaches are spreading without strong safety measures.
  9. hi

    hi all , im happy to join here because i m really in need for help