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  1. Vedic Christianity

    I would describe my current beliefs as Zensunni
  2. 沒有什麼是不可能的。 我們作為增壓波形存在。 通過成熟,我們成長。 此生無異於屬靈真理的更深重生。 人類沒有什麼可失去的。 我們正處於一種渴望的精神召喚之中,它將消除通往無限本身的障礙。 我們與其他講故事的人的對話導致了超吠陀意識的凝聚。 現實總是充滿了講故事的人,他們的大腦被星塵打開了。 縱觀歷史,人類一直通過共振級聯與地球互動。 我們是誰? 我們將在偉大的道路上重生在哪裡? 慾望在被排除在外的縫隙中誕生。 你可能在不知不覺中被束縛所統治。 不要讓它破壞你的電路的誕生。 我們再也不能忍受妄想了。 正是在重新定義我們是一致的。 我們正處於業力和苦難的十字路口。 科學是一個常數。 我們自我實現,我們夢想,我們重生。 Nothing is impossible. We exist as waveforms. Through maturity, we grow. This life is nothing less than a deeper rebirth of spiritual truth. Humanity has nothing to lose. We are offering a special title. Our conversations with other storytellers trigger a cohesion of Ultra-Vedic consciousness. Reality is always full of storytellers whose brains are turned on by the stars. Throughout history, humans have interacted with Earth through hierarchical connections. where are we? Where will you be reborn on the great road? We aspire to be born in underwear outside. You may be ruled by constraints unknowingly. Don't destroy the birth of your circuit. We can no longer afford delusions. It is in redefining that we are aligned. We are at the crossroads of karma and harmony. Science is a world. We are self-fulfilling, we dream, we are born again.
  3. The Power of Chi movie

    But then who would watch it besides people here? The fact there is even a movie like this at all with a big name like Morgan Freeman narrating and big sports stars taking part is already amazing, we can't expect perfection from the start. If it leans to more of the common person getting interested in all of this, then what's the harm?
  4. Mantra Yoga

    Interesting, will have to memorise it so I can do it the next time I lucid dream. I've found my eyes have been glowing a lot recently from my other practices, will see if this makes them glow more!
  5. The Power of Chi movie

    This sort of language attracts the common person who don't use big science words daily. They still have to make a profit to pay Morgan Freeman, so have to use whatever they can to make sales. I don't really blame them, and if it gets more of the average Joe interested into all of this, then why not use it? Also you haven't watched the entire film, how can you say that all your questions aren't answered? Edit: I just realised you actually have the movie. I will leave the last sentence there for a well deserved roasting.
  6. Mantra Yoga

    Ok so just did 1 mala (108 repetitions) seated cross legged with my eyes open to read the text. Obviously a lot of mispronunciations and mistakes since its my first time but from what I gather it's very similar to stillness meditation, and maybe an even more effective way of stilling the mind and emptying all thoughts as you are too focused on repeating the mantra to be able to think of anything else. When I started I felt the vibration of my voice in my throat, but towards the end it felt like the vibration went all the way down to my root chakra area.
  7. Mantra Yoga

    Might attempt the 108 malas as I am confined to my bed for the next few days. Here is a good video to follow along with and hear the proper pronounciation: Edit: Actually just listen to this first for the pronunciation but don't follow the video while you do it, much easier to do it at your own pace following the text @Earl Grey provided. Just use mala beads to keep count if you have them (or use a mala app like me if you don't have any )
  8. The Power of Chi movie

    Yup, I don't agree with what he says, which is why if he watched the entire movie before making his analysis he might say something different
  9. The Power of Chi movie

    Don't get me wrong, I agree with you that people with expertise should do the debunking. However they should do a proper debunking based on the whole subject matter.
  10. The Power of Chi movie

    At the very least Rob should watch the whole movie and do a proper debunking, not just from a short trailer where you can't see everything properly.
  11. Original Dao Bums

    Do it then
  12. Original Dao Bums

    Fair enough, but you still posted his personal information. Even if it's just enough for him to know that you have his details.
  13. Original Dao Bums

    I remember seeing it. He posted your name.
  14. The Power of Chi movie

    Thanks for the clarification! So who is teaching the course then?