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  1. Cultivation technique???

    It's winter where I'm at in Illinois., This what I was reading someone tell me if I'm ok with following or should I stay away from it
  2. Cultivation technique???

    Well I'll wait to try it. If someone could explain if they could better I just want the dos and fonts before I do something don't want to hurt myself.
  3. Cultivation technique???

    Question? Mediation outside in the cold where snow is. Can I do that or not recommend and why please
  4. Cultivation technique???

    Ok thank you for the great tips it means alot.
  5. Cultivation technique???

    Just confused on the meditating I guess. I breath inhale exhale out of my nose and use my belly. Am I missing something.
  6. Cultivation technique???

    Ok, how do I tell.
  7. Cultivation technique???

    Ok thx for all helpful remarks everyone.
  8. Cultivation technique???

    O ok thx when meditating for qi gone what should I think about to feel my dantin is there a way I should do it or don't think about anything. I thought I had to imagine the energy flowing in me or am I wrong?
  9. Cultivation technique???

    Thx for great responses, baby's name is Aiden Gene I plane on teaching him qi gong if I'm able to at young age. But I had a question hope u all can answer when I'm meditating with laying down or sitting lotus stance, I feel tingling every where back head arms legs and feet. Not sure if it's right what do I think about, I think about life energy but I am confused, I tried to find books on it but no luck as of yet.
  10. Cultivation technique???

    Thx, is there any special technique or is it just meditation?
  11. Cultivation technique???

    So I am a late beginner and was just hoping someone, could shoot some light my direction. I did exercise alot but after my baby was born haven't had the time I do exercises after work but not alot. Hoping someone for know could help me. Search alot on the site but not what I was hoping for. O is body refining pills a thing I can make my self. Any info good or bad helps along the way.
  12. New here

    Hi all noob here. Nice to meet u all have a new born son my name is Michael.
  13. Hello

    Hi I'm new just wondering what is the best technique to feel the dantin. Sorry I am a noob.