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  1. Breathing technique?

    Ok thank you
  2. Breathing technique?

    Can u guys/girls help me on my breathing technique. I seem to be doing it wrong I tried finding in the forms some helpful stuff but I would like to hear from everyone's point of view on this subject. I understand if u don't want to. It's ok I'm lacking in this part I would just like some help and explain if u could thx so much.
  3. Breathing technique?

    1-no 2-no 3-yes
  4. Breathing technique?

    I am sorry I think I understand a little bit by inhale hold exhale hold repeat with clear mind.... I had another questions finding root where u guys buy your herbs from and can certain herbs help my cause?
  5. Breathing technique?

    I think I understand what u said dragon I'm not sure going to see when o get home then I'll post what results
  6. Cultivation technique???

    So I am a late beginner and was just hoping someone, could shoot some light my direction. I did exercise alot but after my baby was born haven't had the time I do exercises after work but not alot. Hoping someone for know could help me. Search alot on the site but not what I was hoping for. O is body refining pills a thing I can make my self. Any info good or bad helps along the way.
  7. Cultivation technique???

    It's winter where I'm at in Illinois., This what I was reading someone tell me if I'm ok with following or should I stay away from it
  8. Cultivation technique???

    Well I'll wait to try it. If someone could explain if they could better I just want the dos and fonts before I do something don't want to hurt myself.
  9. Cultivation technique???

    Question? Mediation outside in the cold where snow is. Can I do that or not recommend and why please
  10. Cultivation technique???

    Ok thank you for the great tips it means alot.
  11. Cultivation technique???

    Just confused on the meditating I guess. I breath inhale exhale out of my nose and use my belly. Am I missing something.
  12. Cultivation technique???

    Ok, how do I tell.
  13. Cultivation technique???

    Ok thx for all helpful remarks everyone.
  14. Cultivation technique???

    O ok thx when meditating for qi gone what should I think about to feel my dantin is there a way I should do it or don't think about anything. I thought I had to imagine the energy flowing in me or am I wrong?
  15. Cultivation technique???

    Thx for great responses, baby's name is Aiden Gene I plane on teaching him qi gong if I'm able to at young age. But I had a question hope u all can answer when I'm meditating with laying down or sitting lotus stance, I feel tingling every where back head arms legs and feet. Not sure if it's right what do I think about, I think about life energy but I am confused, I tried to find books on it but no luck as of yet.
  16. Cultivation technique???

    Thx, is there any special technique or is it just meditation?
  17. New here

    Hi all noob here. Nice to meet u all have a new born son my name is Michael.
  18. Hello

    Hi I'm new just wondering what is the best technique to feel the dantin. Sorry I am a noob.