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  1. When I'm not playing, this is what I'm doing, that's how seriously I take it. I have lake in Chokmah, counting the binary digits as representing earth, man and heaven, not heaven, man, and earth. The water trigram, 010, is assigned Malkuth, but may also be thought as assigned to Yesod, because both the 17th and 18th paths (and Tarot trumps) belong to it. This is significant considering that Lurias' Tree has Malkuth at the bottom without any paths extending from it anywhere except to Yesod. Anyway to answer your question, this is my assignment and you may find out more about it at my website:
  2. This diagram assigns the trigrams to the sephiroph on the Tree of Life. A Tarot trump may be assigned to each trigram as follows: 111 = The Chariot 000 = Death 011 = The World 100 = The Hermit 010 = The Star 101 = Strength 001 = The Sun 110 = The Devil
  3. Practical alchemy apology

    @FraterUFA I'm asking why you think we have drifted away from the original subject, or have steered off course from its object. Your exact words were that we have "drifted a long way from the original subject of the thread", and have "steered far from it", which certainly seems to imply that we have drifted or steered away from our original objective.
  4. I did a little research and found that the Chinese word for "planet" can be broken down into two parts: "moving" and "star". The "moving" part is the same that is used in the "phase" part of the "five phases". The names of the five visible planets have each of the phases (water, wood, etc.) conjoined with "star".
  5. Thanks Harmen. On page 215, note 58, it says: To this can be added that the names of the planets themselves are identical with that of the elemental phases. And if they were worshipped as gods, that itself could account for their correlations with the seasons and directions. Elsewhere (p. 212) there is evidence for these correlations from the Bronze Age (circa 5000 B.C.).
  6. Practical alchemy apology

    @FraterUFA Have we strayed because of the misdirection of Rubas' videos, or is it something to do with our interpretation of them?
  7. Practical alchemy apology

    @FraterUFA I'd say the thread is about the reasons for engaging in practical alchemy. Now if you are of the opinion that they can only be given you by your personal instructor in alchemy, then I guess that would rule out having any sort of exposition or discussion in a forum like this.
  8. Practical alchemy apology

    I added a pdf of a previous version of Baha'u'llahs' alchemy tablet at my previous post where I quoted it (see the post for details). EDIT: I've found a link to another version, at the same site, which seems to be more recent: .
  9. Practical alchemy apology

    Here are the four elements derived from the Yin-Yang binary system: Fire: Yang (4) + Yin (0) + Yin (0) = 4 Air: Yin (0) + Yang (2) + Yang (1) = 3 Water: Yin (0) + Yang (2) + Yin (0) = 2 Earth: Yin (0) + Yin (0) + Yang (1) = 1
  10. Practical alchemy apology

    Yet, without our mercury, nothing gets done. Concerning this Baha'u'llah says (as translated from the Arabic by Stephen Lambden, with his notes in brackets and parenthesis): ( from ) EDIT: I'm attaching a pdf of a previous version of this translation, which includes items 8-10 in section II (omitted in the version at the above link). The reason it was removed probably has to do with the opening sentence of section III, which is derived from a different mss. (see the introduction for details, though no reason is given for preferring one mss. to the other): TB-MCOPT.pdf FURTHER EDIT: I've found a link to another version, at the same site, which does include the missing items: .
  11. Practical alchemy apology

    Just for the sake of completeness, I'm posting some diagrams from the work of Oswald Wirth mentioned previously: Their relationship on the Tree is clearer here: Here are the six Partzufim: The first is called the Realizer, corresponding to Nachash: Opposite to it is the Dreamer, corresponding to Yechida: Then comes the Pacifist, corresponding to Neshamah: Opposite to it is the Conqueror, corresponding to Ruach: Next comes the Egotist, corresponding to Chia: Opposite to it, the Altruist, corresponding to Nefesh: EDIT: correspondences with the Partzufim are my own.
  12. Practical alchemy apology

    What isn't Jewish about Spirit, Soul, Body?
  13. Practical alchemy apology

    You can do so yourself. Did you not say previously that you prefer the Hermetic concepts in their pure, neo-platonic form, as presented in the CH and ET? In their Sumerian form these concepts appeared as the Tree of Life, and have been transmitted to us by the Jews. They had no need to graft anything onto the Tree, because all they had to do was become re-acquainted with the teachings that had already been given them by Abraham. This is according to traditional accounts among the Arabs, that Abraham was acquainted with and transmitted the Sumerian lore, such as alchemy and astrology. I think there has been some confusion generated over these concepts, particularly in presentations like that of Rubaphilos, in which initiation is presented as something in which the initiated has no way of knowing what it is that he or she is being initiated into beforehand. As a workaround, even Rubaphilos finds himself recommending that candidates familiarize themselves with the degree system of the Order of the Golden Dawn before initiation. The true doctrine is even clearer in the work of Oswald Wirth expounding the Hermetic symbols of alchemy in Freemasonry (which he derives from the Rosicrucians). Particularly his exposition of the psychological archetypes related to the planets has much in it to link it with Rubas' presentation of the Partzufim. Unfortunately the work exists only in the original French (and the Spanish translation I own), as far as I can tell.
  14. Practical alchemy apology

    @noonespecial The "Jewish stuff" (including much stuff in the Zohar) includes, according to traditional histories among the Arabs, the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, whom they regard as having obtained their ideas from the Jews. The Corpus Hermeticum is chock full of it. As for the Emerald Tablet, the Yetzirah, and older parts of the Zohar, there is evidence to suggest that they are indeed part of the older, authentic Tradition.
  15. Practical alchemy apology

    I see no reason to focus on a specific branch of the "Qabalah practiced by the R+C" (the German), to the exclusion of the more original, and consequently broader, Latin tradition, as the GD seems to. It could be due to a language barrier, and consequently to their having to rely on secondary material, rather than the original tradition. As for the CH and the ET, considering their relatively late dating, it is likely that they are an expression of Hermetic material with, as you say, "Jewish stuff grafted onto it". The more original Hermetic material can be traced to the Sumerian religion, and its diagramatic expression in the Tree of Life ( see for example the study of Simo Parpola called The Assyrian Tree Of Life ).