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  1. Third Eye Block?

    It does work but fatal1ty rate is quite high, 99.473% wont survive the operation to tell us about wonders of this method. Mostly teachers do not do this due to risk of ruining student with good potential. There is a long way of opening by condensing Qi and moving those bones by force, and this process goes with powerful migraines very similar to drilling the head for whole year. Those who endure this pain 24/7 for 365 days get a minor level opening in third eye area. Soft way of third eye activization is to fast inside a black room without any light for 60 days. You have no light, no humans, around, no electricity, no food, only given once a day a medicinal pill with vitamins and herbs to sustain life.
  2. Third Eye Block?

    Third eye is a physical opening in skull bone in front of head that allows information and energy to bypass eyes and get directly into brain. If you dont use hammer and nail or anth stronger it will not open. Edit. I suggest using drill.
  3. Third Eye Block?

    There is proven method by centuries of opening third eye, it includes two instruments, hammer and nail.
  4. You can think while being empty, you can think without verbalization of thoughts, This kind of thinking is more powerful.
  5. Then there is this guy, who had black hair and perfect health without any food and medical doctors help at the age of 1000+.
  6. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Question to teachers, where to find powerful teacher? What are the different levels of teachers? I am only a beginner and finding the right teacher is essential to future success.
  7. When you piss like waterjet
  8. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    Why you ask students to be open-minded, when you are closed minded yourself?
  9. I doubt any of those practices are real. People may delude themselves. There is no definition of what spiritual practice is. Any kind of mental wanking could be considered spiritual practice. For me spiritual practice should be something real. Everything else is just fake arts. No wonder fake arts will not make you young or powerful, and you age and die like any other mortal beings.
  10. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    I am open minded and honest. I also have critical thinking, which many "gurus" will not appreciate.
  11. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    It is hard to find a real teacher who would have both wisdom and power.
  12. Hello Everybody

    Hey there, I am new to Dao Bums, I am only a beginner and I am trying to find something real, something verified and with real results. If you have good system or know good masters, please do recommend.