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  1. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    It consistently produces feelings of welfare and leaves a good and stable sense of vitality that carries on long time. My dreams have been signaling a lot more healing images and symbols since starting. To sum: it just feels right.
  2. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    I have been practicing Fragrant Qigong level 1 for a while now. It's clearly a powerful and very healing method so I wanted to give it my public endorsement and a very brief review. The Fragrant practice and its limitations are not my cup of tea really, but its actual practice feels extraordinarily casual and accessible. If you can see past its formal part, you can't help but be thankful for how easily it integrates to daily life and how little effort it requires outside of the regular practice commitment of two or three sessions each day. The Fragrant Water is another fine perk that is a stand alone healing practice on its own.
  3. Help Needed to Translate Alchemy Book

    Really interesting, thank you for sharing! Everyone should note that sponsoring authentic Dharma or cultivation texts' translation and publishing is an excellent merit. The chief benefit is that in future lifetimes you will be able to receive such texts yourself.
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    @Nintendao It was user @natural who posted the sad response. I liked the bear, he's got mad skills. This time I'm not sure if even Chuck Norris could defeat such a fearsome enemy.
  5. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    @moment, now is a time that we start building a safe space for all living beings. Someone's feelings could really get badly hurt because of that video you posted! The above video titled "5 funny monkeys dancing" seems to feature apes of chimpanzee origin, so it has been titled in a bigoted, species discriminating manner. We want to have politically correct human and chimpanzee relations and thus we are obliged to give our chimpanzee cousins a proper dignifying designation "ape" instead of the inappropriate slur "monkey." In the current year we don't want to remain ignorant or claim that all simians can be categorically labeled with misidentifying terms without asking their explicit consent first, which is to recognize that some minority of chimpanzees could actually feel that they themselves are monkeys and not apes and should be identified as such by their proper designation. Furthermore, the dancing sequence and the accompanying music seems inspired by traditional Irish dance and music. We will have to talk this through with the Cannabums department heads and make sure that human cultural activities are no longer improperly appropriated by playful simians of any species. We further demand that human diversity is increased among simian entertainers in order to prevent a simian monoculture agglomerating on this campus. We want to have pre-emptive lead against all discriminating specist behavior. Therefore I am going to recommend that our human members have exchange periods among simians. Hopefully this will lead to new heights in mutual respect and understanding, and also sharing vital technological skills. Humans in particular could learn from simians how to settle fights and wars with flinging fecal matter against the opponent instead of waging prolonged campaigns of destruction and violence. Yours truly, virtue The Self-Righteous and Self-Declared Dean of The Dao Bums Department of Political Correctness, Social Justice, and Reconciliation Between Species
  6. Please look in the mirror very carefully. No one likes hypocrisy, and exposing hypocritical standards is not any sort of "ad hominem attack." I made a strong ethical point about not mixing guns and practical street-level politics because we don't want to encourage or escalate violence, now do we? Then you cited a political fighter disowning non-violence and calling the US immoral. It's completely relevant and clearheaded to call out your own shilling for the Chinese government in this regard. You have showed much wisdom outside of political topics, so what's stopping you from applying the same principles of lucidity and kindness here?
  7. Discussion about sustainable agriculture and different methods of permaculture gardening! Sharing your own experiences and dreams is very much welcome. I will keep updating this first post with good materials, i.e. videos and text, about the topic.
  8. It's disappointing to realize that there are members here on the Dao Bums hinting violence as a key factor in building a better world for everyone. Take the following in contrast with the quote above: This quote masquerades as moral outrage, but it is stopping short of calling another group of people sub-humans. Then I recall you have history of systematically defending the People's Republic of China despite its obvious abuses against specific ethnicities. For you to not to be a hypocrite in this instance you should also be crying for the armament of the Uyghurs and Tibetans who are suffering right now at the hands of a highly organized government lacking conscience and good faith.
  9. I would be glad to see private people interested self-defense, hunting, and marksmanship to learn basic skills in using handguns and hunting rifles. Anything more is excessive unless you train with the military or tactical police squads. More about that going overboard department: People congregating under political and otherwise intentionally factional banners to train with arms is just bullshit. Think about for a moment what kind of seeds you are sowing and what kind of moral panic it would create, especially if it turns out to include actual combat training. If you want to foster peace and really bring people together then forget guns — unless you want to have a traditional shotgun wedding.
  10. Blue aura people

    Flying Phoenix Qigong cultivates a blue healing energy that others can also see around the advanced practitioners. Not sure if this is anything you could be interested in, but I would guess that Flying Phoenix community has a lot of people with blue auras.
  11. Chi generator to store chi

    Thank you for your expanded thoughts @freeform! I knew of the balancing aspect that is involved in the Tree Gong training, but I stopped short of commenting more and kept the message very concise. My stab was the usual caveat aimed at claims and adverts that say connecting with the external sources makes for extraordinary practice. This obviously has a quality of exchanging and balancing information that can be nurturing, but it's not cultivation rather than preliminary practice. That being said, maybe it's clear now that I posted my reply on the wrong topic. Please excuse me!
  12. Chi generator to store chi

    Tree Gong and Other External Energy Generating Methods I feel this bit indicates clearly how modest attainment it is to tamper with methods that condition one's own energy to rely on some external setup. Also, such is the suspected level of attainment in styles that promote Tree Gong as an essential skill.
  13. Martial Arts demonstrations gone wrong

    It means that you didn't get the Riddle of Steel either.
  14. The locked thread by incompetent MOD

    Don't you people see that instigating and staging Bumfights could end you up in legal troubles?
  15. New Moderator Team

    Great call! I would finally want to see that Jeff PPD section nuked! I reported this issue on the bans thread months ago. There are some pages Jeff had intentionally set to energetically connect the viewer with his practices. If you have good faith about people's complaints about entities and other nastiness around Jeff, then the PPD should be at least hidden if not completely deleted.