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  1. Unraveling Taoist Yoga

    I used onenote to screenshot the pdf pages, ocr it to text, then pass it to a web filter to remove all line breaks, then passed it to a notepad filter to split all the text into sentences line by line for analysis. Took a few sec ^ ^ but before I figured that out, I did the same thing xD.
  2. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Night, they say the dreams are a way to prepare for death
  3. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    You can't experience other's enlightenment: Not being enlightened before, how can you know if you want to or not want to be enlightened - it's 20/20. It's like rationalizing the state of death.
  4. [TTC Study] Chapter 67 of the Tao Teh Ching

    I think this is one of the most interesting chapters in the daodejing.
  5. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Enlightened beings make other chop wood :P.
  6. Unraveling Taoist Yoga

    After many restarts of reading the book, the best thing I found to do is to read the glossary first and organize all the concepts together (maybe on paper). That way, you wont be confused by what the book is saying. Also, skip the introduction and go straight to C1. Read the Intro after all the other chapters. Also, since Taoist yoga is incomplete, you have to look and compare in other texts.
  7. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Before enlightenment, chop wood. After enlightenment, chop wood.
  8. mystical poetry thread

    Drops of water hit my head What is an umbrella? --- An an old one xD: Before enlightenment, carry water, chop wood. After enlightenment, carry water, chop wood.
  9. Mystery object in solar system

    One interpretation of why it is missing is because it was consumed as I so put. But some also attribute it to the entire middle pillar.
  10. simplify

    Cosmic fart
  11. what exactly is "God"?

    The farther you go along your path, the less you keep track of your beliefs. Then, only Silence is left. One profound prayer in the Arbatel is to be free from unending human beliefs/infinite human opinions. There is truth in everyone's statements here.
  12. what exactly is "God"?

    I guess some people don't get my point: there is no way that you can prove such a thing. But, there are methods that people claim leads to experience of such a being, and in my western path, I use many models that access such a being. Real or not real is just a boolean value in the head that falls away against experience. It is Supreme Mystery. I am not attached to belief because it is a commodity I can change when I wish.
  13. what exactly is "God"?

    Id then say it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong because I am not attached to belief.
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?