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  1. Unraveling Taoist Yoga

    I used onenote to screenshot the pdf pages, ocr it to text, then pass it to a web filter to remove all line breaks, then passed it to a notepad filter to split all the text into sentences line by line for analysis. Took a few sec ^ ^ but before I figured that out, I did the same thing xD.
  2. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Night, they say the dreams are a way to prepare for death
  3. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    You can't experience other's enlightenment: Not being enlightened before, how can you know if you want to or not want to be enlightened - it's 20/20. It's like rationalizing the state of death.
  4. [TTC Study] Chapter 67 of the Tao Teh Ching

    I think this is one of the most interesting chapters in the daodejing.
  5. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Enlightened beings make other chop wood :P.
  6. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    Wow. That's a load of assumptions your making there. Kinda highlights how you think. Nowhere did I say that I know more than you. The source material or the Aurum Solis is indeed a good start, but after schism after schism in the order, its more drama and imbalance. Too bad Denning and Philips are no longer among the living. Outer order stuff. I take the order to be historic now, but their curriculum is still widely published. As for online courses, I can't comment on the efficacy O_O. Sorcery? Is that magic of a material basis going by the definition people give it nowadays?
  7. Unraveling Taoist Yoga

    After many restarts of reading the book, the best thing I found to do is to read the glossary first and organize all the concepts together (maybe on paper). That way, you wont be confused by what the book is saying. Also, skip the introduction and go straight to C1. Read the Intro after all the other chapters. Also, since Taoist yoga is incomplete, you have to look and compare in other texts.
  8. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Before enlightenment, chop wood. After enlightenment, chop wood.
  9. mystical poetry thread

    Drops of water hit my head What is an umbrella? --- An an old one xD: Before enlightenment, carry water, chop wood. After enlightenment, carry water, chop wood.
  10. Mystery object in solar system

    One interpretation of why it is missing is because it was consumed as I so put. But some also attribute it to the entire middle pillar.
  11. simplify

    Cosmic fart
  12. what exactly is "God"?

    The farther you go along your path, the less you keep track of your beliefs. Then, only Silence is left. One profound prayer in the Arbatel is to be free from unending human beliefs/infinite human opinions. There is truth in everyone's statements here.
  13. what exactly is "God"?

    I guess some people don't get my point: there is no way that you can prove such a thing. But, there are methods that people claim leads to experience of such a being, and in my western path, I use many models that access such a being. Real or not real is just a boolean value in the head that falls away against experience. It is Supreme Mystery. I am not attached to belief because it is a commodity I can change when I wish.
  14. what exactly is "God"?

    Id then say it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong because I am not attached to belief.
  15. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

  16. How do you SEE in the third eye?

    Ooh I like eye techniques. I know bewitching eyes, the evil eye, and sight. The first 2 I learned studying curses. How to charm and entrance through the eyes. How to harm through the eyes. I would say clairvoyance and the ability to see spirits is not directly linked to the 3rd eye. I know because my training involved refining my senses. I would say that the third eye is more like on your energy body, for advanced practices. Different cultures attach different functions to it.
  17. simplify

    Dark fluff
  18. Its a different world nowadays, run by the same rules. Might is right. Except now, you can be punished for getting into a fight by the police. Any wicked intent is better left to the shadows.
  19. I Like This Forum

    I really do. Right now, Im digesting Taoist Yoga. Having no connection to these schools people are a part of, and knowing that books clearly have errors - Im reading through the book and organizing it's terms, instructions and main points. Then I go to the search bar and search up discussions on this books and people talking about their schools, etc. Having no teacher, I have to make judgement based on what they say about this cultivation, maybe I'll go evoke some angels to correct my mistakes or heal me when I make a mistake or help me prevent them. I'll see what works and what doesn't - wasn't there someone who fumbled in the dark to be the father of cultivation? And I'll use the personal practice and discussions in my considerations to distill a method from this book. Maybe start off a few of my own. I still have decades left for cultivation and I have my own western methods.
  20. Mystery object in solar system

    Valid point. Real or not real is only a boolean value existing in the minds of people.
  21. I Like This Forum

    Im gonna use hard physical workout and outer dissolving from BKF as the moving and standing components while using the distilled method from Taoist Yoga as the sitting component.
  22. Wu Liu Pai

    Hmmm thinking.
  23. what exactly is "God"?

    Rick and Morty "Don't think about it :P" You can never really prove the existence of something - you can only disprove. Human logic only works in false - not false logic. That is why science, not sciencism - the religion of science - has hypotheses and theories. On the record, we have not yet able to prove or disprove the existence of god or of the pasta monster god thingamjig.
  24. what exactly is "God"?

    It's just the author's bias. But real seekers can change their model of reality at whim. Such mental flexibility can break people's minds - holding contradictory thoughts in the same head ;). But the main point, as I take it of that statement is - The Dao the rabble call Dao is not the eternal dao. That means it exists outside of the limits of their comprehension. Because how can you speak it, the mystery? Humans call the named the mother of all things. But of the nameless???? A mystery ;).
  25. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    ^ *Scratches head* Knowledge on the western art of summoning spirits and various techniques not interesting. Ok *scratches head*. Echoing mudfoot, Im curious what is interesting. BKF's stuff doesnt really matter to me now. Im just curious.