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  1. Introduction

    If you want I can send you his books in pdf. I have them digitally. If you are interested you could pm me.
  2. Introduction

    Thank you! Were will you live in the netherlands?
  3. Introduction

    It is and people should own it. Life it! It is because of life choices and cause and effect. Also ego is not a bad thing, it empowers. Without it we are a collective entity. God gave us free wil for a reason. Dont be a sheep. All valuable stuff is shared freely and widely. Secret teachings are only secret because the ones who know of it do not want to share and keep the power for themselves. The dantien is not without bounds. At one point is has matured. And one can travel the universe with it. The dantien is our Soul. When matured one can begin to develop the immortal body. The body of the Mind.
  4. Introduction

    Thank you for your detailed message. I know what you are referring to. And i feel your struggles and learned lessons in that regard. In my experience everyone is conditioned in life. And there are two types of people those stuck in the rat race of life and those that are actively freeing themselves from dogmas. The latter hopefully understands the battle of ideas that is taking place. The one that reveals dogmas is often seen as the agressor where in reality it is the other way around. Everyone is at a different stage of their purification, in my experience it helps to have compassion and understanding of their conditions.
  5. Introduction

    No worries mate. I know how things tend to go. I am gratefull you have found time to reply and I enjoy your way of approaching me. It sounds like you are very intune with nature. One advise comes to mind. Start early with seeding sunflower seeds indoor, like 1 month before you would normally be seeding outdoor. Try to seed more seeds that you need and keep only the healthiest ones. Do not use fertilizers, it is a common misconception. Plants do not like it, it burns the roots. Coincidentially, as of today I have aqcuired a plot of land, 100 m2. I am back, baby! I will share pictures come spring. Have you ever heard of the collective works of an Russian author, Vladimir Megre? I have a gut feeling it is in your field of interest. Take care mate!
  6. Introduction

    I do not have many outdoorplants left as it is winter here. Although my appartment is full with greenery. I love strawberries, blackberries, kale, spinach, potato's, cherry tomato and regular tomato's. Also I plant sunflowers yearly. At my peak i had 100+ stawberrie plants. I used to have a plot of land. I moved and currently I do what I can in my appartement and balcony. When an oppurtunity arises I will plant in the soil again. What do you like to plant?
  7. Introduction

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy it aswell. Take care.
  8. Introduction

    Dear EarlGrey I think you are not taking my words for true. I do not need your guidance. I have found my own methods to be more effective and efficient than stagnated teachings. I mean no offence.
  9. Introduction

    Thank you for your explanation and advise. It is very welcome.
  10. Introduction

    On what do you base this? In my understanding we should all strife to self actualization. At one point all the information comes from within. I do understand that at different stages of development different things are warrented. A novice would need a teacher. There is no possible way that I can inflict harm on my self whilst filling my dantien with chi. The only harm that could arise is by the misuse of my energy and the effects of my actions in day to day life with more energy than before. Hence greater karmic retribution.
  11. Introduction

    Hello my name is Marc, I am 30 years old and I reside in The Netherlands. I am a self realised person and I strife to complete myself in this embodyment From as early as I can remember i've always had a sense of purpose and a feeling of uniqueness. I was not brought up religiously yet the true nature of creation, God's Dream has found resonance within my Soul. Or as I understand most know it here as the Dantien. I have faced tremendous adversary and hardships in my life, some imposed upon me by society under guise of teaching how to 'be', by fellow man trying to manupulate me or even by self imposed wrongdoings. These experieces have thought me valuable life lessons. That in turn I can share with my friends, so that they might be spared the pain of wrongdoings and hard knock lessons of life. By no means am I perfect yet in my actions and thoughts, yet I strife to be perfect in every moment of the day. I have read and have studied most, if not al books of wisdom that have caught my attention. In my experience books, people or information in general are attracted into ones life to better make sense of creation and only serves as aide in our perception therof. Truth is ever evolving and never stagnant. By no means should we look external as mote of being. As God said unto Man: "Everything you need is allready within yourself. When you are balanced within, I am with you." Apart from my spiritual inclinations, I have a passion for growing plants, childrearing, animals and gathering and sharing wisdom. Currently I am doing dantien meditation by my own methode. It is similar to John Chang's level 1 and 2 methode and Japanese Hara meditation. I cannot assertain how full my dantien currently is. By my estimate I am near 15% of level 1. In my down time, I like to see movies and shows, do boardgames, go mountainbiking, and I play the ocasional videogame. I hope to connect with people with similar interests, I hope to learn and share and perhaps meet people. See you around! Marc
  12. Hello all :)

    Hello all I am Marc, 27 years old, self taught HuMan. Here to browse the forums and to share my experience were applicable. Thanks in advance!