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  1. Potent Systems

    My review about the yan xin recording and practice : I dont feel any transmission and energy from this system. So I will not use it anymore, if someone else is interested by the 2 cd recording I will send to him. At this time I practice Pangu Shengong as I had some health issue, I'm feel much better and I do only the moving form, I plan to get the non moving and higher and now I study the seminar from Master Fu regarding the Emei Qigong system ( Emei Wuji Gong, healing transmission, mantra practice, using empowered items etc). This system is very potent. I dont know if the use of empowered items is same as Qinway but they are strong source of energy who can be used to do empowered water and sending qi or healing to other. I practice also the Dragon Gate Chi Kung, I feel much energy from level 1, the basic posture are very effective to replenish the inner centers.
  2. Potent Systems

    The Fan Teng Gong is not wrong, it's from a different lineage. Emil has learn it during 1984 from Master Lung Yu Suk.
  3. Potent Systems

    I dont want to violate any copyright so I give here a translation of the free extract from the ebook only available in german ( sorry for my bad translation however I hope it will help someone else). When I will have learn myself, I will be able to give more accurate instruction on each of the 14 exercise. For now the background and story plus few general instruction :
  4. Potent Systems

    Do you know FTG and the history of this form ? I'm seeking to learn more about it and I will do some translation soon if I can get some info. For me FTG is powerful for other it can be weak, I have just share and hope it will help someone else. On the other hand, FP is a great system but I dont practice it so I cant say if FTG is watered down form but in my opinion lineage of these systems are not the same. I will do some research about that.
  5. Potent Systems

    You can ask Emil if there is any breathing pattern or visualisation for this form, I will ask also. What I have felt today is also a state of emptiness and it gives strong energy feeling into lower and middle dan tien ( even more here for me). There is an ebook with more information about fan teng but into german... Yes the collection is amazing and there is many subject of interest for me however I need to know if I can learn them without understand german. On youtube we can try to activate translation with subtitles.
  6. Potent Systems

    Emil is very generous as he is in the process of giving many teaching free on youtube since longtime, he has just put 2 videos about Ma Wang Dui Qigong. This one and the Fan Teng Gong have dvd quality. I'm practicing Fan Teng Gong (first part) and in the process to ask to Emil some advice about it. Yes most of the systems are traditionals method and seems not be easily found elsewhere ( also I dont know their history) but few have been created by him through his personal research for example the "Multidimensionales Krafteld Qigong" Roughly translate with google : The multi-dimensional force field Qigong allows you a completely new access to the life energy of the Qi. The multi-dimensional force field Qigong is an exercise program that can be used by self-application for energetic charging and harmonization of the tissue and organs in the body.The exercises strengthen the function of the 3-fold heater. The multi-dimensional force field Qigong was developed by Qigong Master Emil Sandkuhl from the essence of many Qigong systems, which he studied over the course of 25 years and developed the experiences of his 20 years of intensive teaching activity.
  7. Potent Systems

    Yes I have learn through youtube here The full system is given online since few days. I have sent an email to Emil but no response yet.
  8. Potent Systems

    It is also possible to learn directly from him via video recording ( on youtube), here an example given freely
  9. Potent Systems

    Emil from Germany have a large collection of dvd, Fan Teng Gong is given as high level qi gong on youtube and this is exactly what I feel when I do it, a tremendous expansion of energy and a feeling to meld into this field, also I feel the field during the rest of the day who gives me more and more energy.. Hope to find translation but for Fan Teng Gong the form is easy to learn and quite powerful. I dont have the history and cant find it. Emil seems to have created several qi gong.
  10. What became of Qigong Master Yan Xin?

    I'm very interested by Ya Xin Qigong as I have seen few video of Master Ya Xin and feel great waves of energy from him and especially his voice,also I will try only with a picture and see what happen. I wish to include this system into my daily practice, I feel it very beneficial for me even if the whole system is not available. We have now the 9 Step Qigong method from the book Yan Xin Qigong and the Contemporary Sciences. Three Practice Methods chapter 9 from the other book available Secrets and Benefits of Internal Qigong cultivation book. These 2 books seem to complement each other. Perhaps someone in the future will translate some other stuff until this time this is a very good start I think who will keep me busy during longtime or forever.
  11. Potent Systems

    This qi gong form Fan Teng Gong has a very positive effect on me, there is a field of expansion into it. It refresh, awake and raise my energy level, here the first part : . I like also the positive mood that I have after to have done this form. Also very easy to do for everyone. What do you think of it ?
  12. Potent Systems

    This is Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung dvd set from Gilles Marin but I guess that is a Mantak Chia style Buddha palm. I will check Verimillion Sparrow Returns. I wish to go deeper into the primordial qi gong as it gives me lot of energy and deep peace and stillness state. I have ordered 2 dvds from wudangtao, Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) was recognized and chosen by his master to learn the ancient wisdom of Wu Dang Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and healing Arts. He is a 14th generation Wu Dang Zhang Sanfeng lineage holder and a 25th generation Long Men Taoist Priest. The 2 dvds are : Wu Dang Hun Yuan (Primordial) Qigong Wu Dang Internal Kung Fu (Nei Dan)
  13. Potent Systems

    Thank you for this gem, Purple Cloud Qigong that I learn now with the video !. Also the T'ai Chi for Liberation has very quick and deep effect on me, I feel surge of tremendous energy build up within and around me since I do this form from John P. Milton. I do that more and more morning and evening. I'm in the process of learning San Houa QI Gong ( Qi Gong of the 3 Flowers) who claim to unify and move the 3 dan tian beyond the head ( wan k’i tch’ao yuan), it needs also a qi empowerment but it's possible to practice without, this is just additional help to practicer. I cant say anything from now but within few weeks I will let you know here. There is 3 initiations stage over few weeks. Have you try the Buddha Palm healing qi gong ? Eclair_Blanc
  14. Potent Systems

    I wish to add a list of qi gong system for further study (if someone is interested by them orjust to experiment them). : Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong and the other series DVD from Master Li Junfeng Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is a specialized form of Qi Gong practice that “restores man to his original Self.” According to Li Jing, “Awakening the Soul is one of the forms in Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong. It is a sitting practice which consist of eight movements. Some insight of this practice are give here The Meditation form : Seated Form : Standing Form : Taiji Shen Gong from Li Jing Siberian Qi Gong ( who works with a different approach ) Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong Guo Lin Qi Gong
  15. Potent Systems

    I was not aware of this fact for qi gong but through 11 years of siddha yoga/kundalini/mahayoga and tenaga dalam I can use clairvoyance/clairsentience ability to know which qi gong is good or not for me. As this is a new way to use clairvoyance for me( but a great exercise).I need to sharp the skill for this task but I will do some experiment with various form of qi gong from very different lineage and on the time I will give my result. I'm not link to any thing or tradition, I prefer to be free from anything. I'm open to experiment any form traditional or even new agey or better " whatever works". How it is possible to reach Liberation if we are bond to something even a lineage or form ? This is my point of view. For example what I have seen for celestial qi gong: I like very much this qi gong form and the teacher is great but this system is not good for me, it seems to block heart area and disturb me but for another it will be amazing. For now I have a very good feeling about Qi Gong from John Milton ( Taichi for Liberation), I'm into deep meditation state when I do it and also thoughtless after the practice also I can feel very subtle vibration. Taichi Ruler / Cloud Hand from Carl Totton : I have great result from these dvd, I feel strong energetic flow int whole body and hands also seems to enhance my other practice or make them more alive. It gives also a very positive mood. I start absorbing the essence from Simon Blow but dont have yet fully study and learn but I like lit. I'm also learning various other form from Ken Cohen ( QI Healing DVD set very interesting), Sifu Boggie ( very special teacher but his qi gong seems to work well for me)etc I need to know which system is good but also if they can work well together without problem.