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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and interpret it that way.........
  2. Alan Watts

    A true prophet is someone who does not claim to be a prophet.
  3. So I just realized that if you take that literally it means "have sex with guys and identify as a girl".
  4. Alan Watts

  5. Alan Watts

    Was that an insult? (:
  6. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    Please do and tell me what you find in a PM.
  7. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    Is it permanent? Tell me more. I've never heard of this
  8. Alan Watts

    The ancient Taoists themselves searched for an "enlightenment pill". It's acid. Take 3 tabs and drink a bottle of Delsym cough syrup then play some Alan Watts all night and see the truth. Though you will only hear him in the beginning, before you go beyond.
  9. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    Okay, well I'm gonna try it and il post here how it works out.
  10. Alan Watts

    You have to be on acid.
  11. Alan Watts

    Buddhism is a religion. Alan Watts teaches us to reach beyond religion. He was enlightened. You can sit in a cave for fifty years, or you can just listen to Alan tell you the truth in an hour.
  12. So my friend Austin and I have come to the conclusion that we were supposed to be born in each other's body and we want to try trading bodies for a few days to see what it's like. If you've done his, please share your experience and tell how you did it. Our current plan is to leave our bodies, unplug the silver cords, and replug them into the correct bodies.
  13. you are not your body

    You are you. End of story.
  14. you are not your body

  15. you are not your body

    God is playing a game of chasing his own tail. He is the interpreter and the interpreted. We are interpreting an illusion.