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  1. I love how your questions inspire me to think so much. Haha. You're great. You should have seen what I typed up, before my ipad crashed. I really need a new tablet thingy. I'm definitely not a busy body, just a busy mind. As for you, no idea. I think a question like that, I'd have to know you better.
  2. My minimalism refers to minimal life and possessions. Efficiency over excess. Seperate from thoughts and concepts. My simplicity refers to concepts. Simple things, are just things as you see them. For example a leaf falling from a tree. Complex things would be thinking about the forces on the leaf, why the leaf is green, how the leaf is alive, whether the leaf is made of energy, whether the leaf exists in dimensions we can't see. And yet within all the complexity, a leaf is a leaf. Edit: holy shit I just wrote like 5 paragraphs on the concept of simplicity, abstract thought vs non-abstract, spirituality and religion. But my ipad freakin' crashed on me. My goodness I had such muse there, all gone now though.
  3. Idiot question: How to learn "WISDOM"?

    Wisdom is getting better at "being you" and also "acting in accordance with the laws of the universe". People naturally get better at this as they age. Or maybe the laws of the universe get better at acting in accordance with you as time goes on. Same thing. Two sides of the same coin.
  4. Spontaneous qigong

    Well maybe it is different, I was thinking spontaneous movement = spontaneous qigong. I do a mixture of qigong moves and "exercise" ish moves. Idk. It looks a little similar to yours at times.
  5. Spontaneous qigong

    @nature beeing funny that you recomended me this thread, I'm actually getting better at spontaneous qigong myself. I'm actually using the same intuition that I developed previously that I followed to take the proper supplements. After a while intuition can branch from qigong to medicine to life. You just have to "feel" it. Honestly I really need some custom qigong for myself. In my right shoulder and leg, I have lumps in my muscles, bones, blood vessels, and nerves because of an injury combined with long term illness. And I've found a qigong that really moves all my body parts and corrects my problems wonderfully. What I do is get a wide horse stance, feet planted in one spot, and move my ankles, knees, and hips in various ways. And also in horse stance, I rotate my arms like I'm doing skip rope or full circles with my arms. Horse stance really is what saved me and my posture. Zhan zhuang as well. I need to introduce the various internet communities I know to zhan zhuang. So easy to get into horse stand and related postures. It seems like the key to the arms, elbows, and wrists is various forms of rotation. The key to the legs, ankles, kneeds, ribs, neck and jaw is back and forth wave like movements in horse stance. Honestly around half of my spontaneous qigong is wave like movements currently. The waves really erode what needs to be eroded.
  6. My views on the divine pretty much come down to an amalgamation of a few of the most popular interveiws on, but with my own opinions. All I'm pretty sure of is that we will know everything at death, or there will be non-existance. That seems like a pretty good deal imo. There are a lot of hyper spiritual people that say that the life after death would be amazing and actually have a brand new system, or we reincarnate, or something like that. These people probably know a lot more than me. Religion seems to be a way to feel something already inside ourselves, be it the divine or THE divine or a part of physics we don't understand or an aspect of our brain. It's hard to say really. But yeah I'l know when I die. At any rate it seems no matter the standpoint, the idea seems to be to be that all of life is a lesson that we have to learn to love, be open, adapt, etc. As you can pretty well see, I'm open to all religious/scientific standpoints at the moment, if you want certantity then maybe ask me in 50 years.
  7. Where can I buy legal psychedelics online?

    "Lysergi" has a legal lsd analogue and has been pretty popular. 1p-lsd is what it is called.
  8. Thanks, I was too just thinking I was opening myself up to these thoughts too much, I should just block them off and go to how I was before I had this surreal dream. EDIT: Locking this because I currently believe that I had a one time psychotic episode and shouldn't look too much into it.
  9. Liver controls planning, was the liver entity a representation of my habit laziness destroying myself? What is liver wind? I seem to have many of those symptoms: I guess qi isn't just energy, it is how we use it as well, and I never plan to use my energy for things, only choosing to rest. Is rest and laziness a symptom, or the root cause itself? EDIT: Nvm exterior wind moves quickly and doesn't stay long, while I am having chronic problems.
  10. I dreamt a lot of stuff one night, but the stuff I keep on remembering was that inside me there was a entity on my liver like sludge with a face on it, and the impression I got was that it was feeding off my energy. Secondly there was octopus-like creatures with no face that I can remember. One giant one was on top of my whole head, and there were other ones as well. They seemed like they were helping out, utilizing energy in order to do things like pull out spikes in my brain and other areas. Thirdly there was some entity that was made out of blackness and eyes, flat and without a specific location. This didn't leave me a big impression, I thought "if I leave it alone, it will leave me alone". The liver entity gave me the largest impression. I have chronic fatigue and it seemed like it was the culprit sucking up all my energy. Does anyone have anything for defeating energy parasites? Were the octopus creatures actually helping or just pretending? Or is a dream just a dream, even though this one gave such a large impression on me? Alternatively I can continue practicing FP chi kung even though I feel it is eating my energy.
  11. From a scientific veiw, I don't think it will work. We are like 200 years too soon for this. Nerves and blood vessels wont align since those are often slightly different between people. Impossible to reconnect spinal nerves. If we could connect a head to a body then we wouldn't have people paralized etc. We aren't that far yet. I have no idea how his heart will beat and lungs breath. As for energy bodies no idea.
  12. I'm beginning to discover this myself. The stuff I've been experiences daily feels like it goes beyond what can be comprehended through physical means, I'm even starting to believe in metaphysical stuff which is usually the territory of religion. Do you have any advice for learning "thinking in the jing/qi/shen framework"?
  13. Yeah man IDK, this is why I made this thread, I was having some crazy "quantum physics" theories due to having a 2 week long psychosis session, although I made my water theory before that. Now I have to deal with erasing old leaps of logic. I'm doing much better now though. I'm gonna go ahead and delete a few theories I now think of as not true.
  14. Thnx man I haven't been criticising my latest ideas enough. Well in quantum mechanics each atom only has a chance of being in one spot at any point in time. All the points they can be at at a time are a probability field. But I'm unsure if whole molecules also have this probability field or just atoms and smaller particles. But it would make sense if molecules, cells, or even whole people have this property. People have a chance of being in many places at any time, just depends on what they chose. I may be wrong though, not sure.