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  1. Inner smile?

    Yea, this is what I have been searching for. I may stop posting on this forum from now on. Farewell and take care!
  2. Inner smile?

    Is this the loving-kindness practice? I have been posting on this forum forsome time but never did much study of Tao practices. Maybe this is the one for me?
  3. Fear of the Feminine

    Thanks, I'll take your advice. You seem wise.
  4. zhan zhuang posture

    hmm, why not just stand upright with chest out for standing meditation? the zhan zhuang posture doesn't look so elegant. I don't like it.
  5. Fear of the Feminine

    Patriarchy is the best for society. I'd like to remove all the divorce laws immediately and a lot of other laws which favor women overwhelmingly. Then husbands will have more power and ease of mind. No way you can be feminist and 'empower' women if you're the least bit spiritual. The obvious nature of women slips by you. I'd say you're very ignorant who promote females in place of power.
  6. so in full lotus, the left hand lower body is stimulated with the foot on top of the left thigh? but I would say loving-kindness works even if you're sexually active, although to a lesser extent. It's not enough to go into trance. why I think it works is because I can feel the love energies coming up from the perineum area and suffusing the body, right now it's from there and there is also bodily changes, like sharper eyes, fuller lips and bright face. My nose shape also changed quite a lot. My legs seem 'toned' and uhmm, yueah...lots of changes. I know when I walk into a crowd, people start acting differently because the love presence is so strong. But mostly it's the eyes, if you can imagine the love eyes. recently my vision has been blurry most of the days when I focus of the breathing as I am now. conserving the essence(jing?) and then doing it would make you go into powerful bliss quite easily I believe.
  7. Hello friends, I have been wondering of methods to pull the energies from the lower body(below the navel?) and was hoping if any of you can kindly clear my doubts. I do 'loving-kindness' practice but recently there was absolute awful chest pain, hard to describe while doing this, and it lasted for a few days. Not sharp stabbing pain but more like someone straight bludgeoned you there. This made me wonder why? It was unbearable at times. There was no love being formed and I had evil thoughts. So just like that I changed my breathing, by breathing from the perineum again and then it was all well, I can feel the love energies pretty much all day and my chest/heart is fine and libido is incredibly strong. Anyways, I think this is because of pulling and stirring those lower body energies. I used to go to the gym and do basic freeweight movements, like deadlift, squats, bench etc. and then came back home and my brother said you looked very fair. It always happen when I squatted, even without weights, my face glows more. So, I thought maybe these movements are stimulating the 'chi' and most probably I think blood? but not sure. That explains the complexion and getting more handsome. Then I went out in the sun today and tried to PULL the energies up from the soles of the feet with my hands, doing a lifting motion slowly but as if I'm applying force and wow, could I feel the energies moving upwards. Then I did a deadlift motion with the intention to pull energies up again and then again I felt it. What also happened was that my deadlift form seemed perfect but my intention was only to pull the energies up and not focus on form. I don't gym anymore just go for walks at the park for exercise. But I am very sure this loving-kindness needs fuel which is fed from and around the generative organ. Any opinion on this will be appreciated, thanks.
  8. this sutra gives information on ancient Brahmins and also Buddhist creationism I was filled with wonder, first time I read it but I read this information here first
  9. thanks, friends for all your replies I'll just make do with the Loving-kindness practice for now cause it feels good.
  10. Whatever the case maybe, I still don't have an apartment of my own so it's hard to get laid.... so it's a Huge problem
  11. that sort of sex goddess always left me with bad feelings. love-making is more my style. I don't really value creativity and imagination that much. Just having a face, voice and body that's writhing in ecstasy is enough. that;s how I can take in her Love into me I have a sensitive body as it is, as I've said before, just brushing females gives me orgasmic sensations.
  12. Then if there isn't a girl who meets these conditions, methinks it's good to not have a wife then. how can I rationalize a girl as a soulmate who fails at simple virtue? Humans have flaws but I want an angel-to-be wife or whatever heavenly-nymph-to-be.
  13. I'd still like a virgin wife, thanks. Also, I'm not one for Amazing Life Adventures. What will my family think if I bring home a prostitute or one who has slept around before. They'll think she's easy and not to be trusted. You can't just sleep around as a girl w/o any consequences. Would you let your daughters have intercourse with any and every bum she comes across in order to 'explore' herself or have 'life experience'. And I've seen it in pornographic videos just how degenerate and animal-like American women are. Spoiling away their merit as beautiful people.You can't control your daughters and women at all. What a waste.
  14. what do I look for in a wife then, besides beauty? You tell me. Asking earnestly here. my personal preferences are - kind, attractive, generous, young, doesn't drink, never lies, doesn't kill or want anyone to be killed(even insects), no gossip, cares for parents and doesn't argue with brothers & sisters, addresses those elders to her with respect. Isn't one for talking needlessly and just for the sake of it. Does not anger, get jealous or bear any grudges. Can do housework diligently and with care. Subordinate to me, not equal.