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  1. How to want to socialize?

    Check this - Balanced Spleen means openness. Maybe you are not open enough and/or don't enjoy being with others?
  2. The Spleen Chakra

    There was a problem in my life - I was not accepting pleasure. Before learning about TCM I was thinking that this is a psychological problem, but it looks like it's my Spleen. Here is a very good post I found recently. It's about chakras, but it says Svadisthana Chakra is Spleen Chakra. So pleasure is somehow related to Spleen. I have other symptoms which say that my Spleen is unbalanced.
  3. Master Jiang book

    Link to buy the book - Will reply to other questions later.
  4. Master Jiang book

    I'm in China and have visited Master Jiang with Aurelian and a group of 10 more people. The visit was a great experience. People who needed healing were all healed and the chi kung practice was taught to us. Maybe later I will have a post about my experience, how it was, what happened, but now I just want to make an announcement about Aurelian's "Adventures in Qi Healing with Master Jiang" book. Everyone who orders his book between now and our landing in Romania will get two books for the price of one. We are flying tomorrow back to Europe and probably this deal will end on Monday morning. As usual people who want to visit Master Jiang with Aurelian are welcomed to register on his site -
  5. It's easy to claim that Falun Gong's members organs are extracted. I first heard about that 10 years ago. Any proof since then?
  6. The picture in the article with policeman taking money from doctors, who are making a surgery outdoors - are you kidding?))) I think it's brainwashing and propaganda.
  7. I have such experience with liver, kidney and gallbladder meridians. I was at acupuncturist and when he was putting the needles in one point I was feeling strong pain in another point of that meridian.
  8. I wrote a post about attending a longmen pai seminar led by Aurelian Popa. My conclusion - you have to be able to sit for many hours to get results) But it's a real stuff.
  9. Btw, you can ask Aurelian questions here
  10. I agree, but I never planned to practice neidan before...
  11. In 2003 Aurelian was 26 years old and probably was at the beginning of his qigong journey. At least Aurelian never told that Chang has checked him.
  12. Full lotus

    Does the video work for you? I got 403 error.
  13. Everyone on this forum knows about John Chang ))) Aurelian was at him with a group of tourists in 2003.
  14. Last weekend I was at a seminar held by Aurelian Popa in Sibiu, Romania. He is a student of both Master Wang Liping and Master Jiang. You can see Aurelian on this video The seminar was teaching Master Wang Liping's practices and was split in two parts: for beginners (3 days) and for more advanced students (7 more days). I really liked the seminar and the people I met there! Aurelian is a very nice guy who was very open and answered all our questions. The majority of students were from Romania, except me, a guy from Singapore and a guy from US, who is living in Europe now. Unfortunately I only was there for the first 3 days, my hips and legs were not prepared for sitting practice, but I'm planing to go to his seminars in future again. I found about Aurelian through this forum. He is holding such seminars several times a year and you can find about the next seminar when you subscribe to one of his sites -
  15. Ron Teeguarden's Tonic Alchemy

    Have anyone tried his Microcosmic orbit? What do you think about it?