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  1. I descend to walk among mortals

    When you discover the completeness of this experience exactly how it is, the previously perceived issues will be seen as reflections emanating from ones own ego's confusion of how the Oneness should be. Cosmic storms will remain an aspect of the perfection of the Oneness manifesting. Beings still incomplete enough to seek treats of taste and nervous sensory pleasures will not be taming them. They have not yet tamed mastery of the earthly vessel they are piloting. Welcome! Unlimited Love, -Bud
  2. A bird calls in the tree. It doesn't get the call right or wrong, just calls. A human call may be less refined, and often composed of a series of constructed substitutes (words) to replace self-expression in the call. That which can be expressed, no matter the skills or right view of the poet, is not the Dao, but some equally delusionary combination of symbols, containing the same amount of truth as any other patterns of symbols. The nature of the fool is to laugh at wisdom. The nature of the wise is to understand the wisdom remains unblemished by the fools laughter. The nature of reality remains equanimous and equally wonder-filled despite our inherently relative human perception/conception limitations. The fruits of aligning with the nature of reality (Logos/Dao/etc), is to live in the same unbreakable equanimous liberation. Be grateful for those who treat you cruelly, they are the instruments which enable you to recognize and appreciate kindness. Thank you for sharing so much excellent wisdom which helped me evolve Dwai. Every moment everyone starts over fresh from scratch as a beginner with unlimited potential to appreciate Now. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  3. No one has any of them, they are not possessions. Wisdom comes from all places. Examine the aspects of oneself which cares about the critique. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  4. Before experiencing a non-dual state, it's something explainable with psychology verbiage. After experiencing a non-dual state, it's something so beautiful and awe inspiring, all the labeling or explanations seem as useful as using a thimble to scoop up an ocean. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  5. Shuffling energy around in your body is possible, but it will return to match the choices in attention and lifestyle afterwards. Your singular guarantee is the death of your body. Prior to the bodies death, a single moment exists offering the opportunity to appreciate Now. Appreciation for the Now will change where energy resides in the relaxed natural state. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  6. Buddha Did Not Know

    There are no mandatory prerequisites required to appreciate Now. Mindfulness comes when ones thoughts are recognized as their singular responsibility always inherently under their own minds exclusive control. With mindfulness, one may choose to appreciate whatever the nature of Now may be. The commitment level to attain is terminal. It's not the tree or the act of sitting, but the decision to appreciate the real or die in the attempt. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  7. Emptiness is the nature of the whole of reality including unlimited unfathomable realms as well as the whole of your spirits experiential journey. The emptiness is the void from which the One becomes the illusion of 2 and gives rise to the appearance of '10,000 things.' If you're achieving it, you don't have to ask another question. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  8. Noumenon & Phenomena

    Monkey-minding a construct delusion of comprehending God's will is just one more obstacle between a being appreciating Now, which is the whole of that which is of God and the divine. In appreciating the real, one may recognize divine perfection of the galaxy of galaxies. Starting fresh as a beginner knowing nothing and clinging to nothing in each passing second, the cup may have enough empty space for the divine. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  9. Noumenon & Phenomena

    When ones body consumes a fruit, it's not because of a rigorous and precise conscious effort to label and select which compounds and molecules should go to eyes and heart and brain and skin to become that body. The spirit handles this emmensely complex beyond human mind comprehension task for each of us effortlessly. When given life experience rather than fruit, the spirit equally effortlessly knows exactly what it needs to harvest in enriching experience to evolve. Conflict only occurs as a result of a false delusion expectation of how Now should be somehow different than its inherent divine perfection. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  10. The perfect square has no corners?

    All paradox arises only from the fallacy assumption there was something that could have been known or understood by viewing patterns of symbols. Attempting to convey meaning in words shares an inherent pseudo-paradox in that no two can mean the same to any two beings without also being the same consciousness to relate to what the pattern of symbols meant to the author. Chapter 41 rings true in every line with no confusion or paradox required to perceive, he is being a perfectly straight-shooter, but the message falling on ears with expectations to interpret a different message will not discover the directness of its expressions of the nature of reality until ready. This effect is not by chance, but a precious gift. Milarepa Wisdom which explains why the no-attachment state clinging to nothing seems outwardly like making poor life choices, but is part of liberation. Nature grows crystals as perfectly square as I've got tools to measure (and I can measure ~+-0.1um) It's true they still aren't perfect if you could measure more precisely, but that's not related to the meaning, which transcends the geometry of the square and the corners. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  11. Porn

    Intrinsically, for reasons may better poets have already explained countless times, all the aspects which a being expresses upset behavior over intrinsically can only be some relate-able aspect/intrest in themselves they are dis-satisfied with, and when one learns it I can become a powerful technique to drive this enables it to be used as a tool to guide further evolution. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  12. The Daoist Way of Liberation

    Karma positive negative, balanced or eliminated is not liberation, but a karmic conditional fleeting state. Karmic effect concludes only when sincere appreciation of all outcomes brings equal choices in gratitude, as inherently "good/bad" experience optional construct paradigm has been replaced with optional unbreakable choice in compassion to self (aka, appreciation of this one moment between conception and death.) Breath is not liberation, personally never perfected even a single breath and it is with deep appreciation for the challenge opportunity offered in breath. Meditation as an activity to do which in itself is unrelated to liberation, but may optionally offer the opportunity to realize its always been possible to show genuine gratitude unconditionally for all range of life experiences by mindful choice, which is liberation from the capacity for suffering to the limits of the beings choice in mindfulness. We each alone each limit the bounds of our inherent capacity to mindfully appreciate now as it is. The aspects of human constructed expression and labels for confusion, including this post is not liberation, but a gift in compassion for all beings. Humble not-knowing eyes and ears prepared to drop the limitless human labeled constructed self ensnarement in exchange for the awareness and appreciation of the divine beauty in all aspects of the galaxy of galaxies will know liberation from suffering and constructs alike. The immortal spirit inside each being eventually evolves to someday chose to appreciate Now (while inhabiting an optionally distracting meat-sack monkey mind persisting ego-ilusions) , maybe thousands of lifetimes later, but it still won't happen until they make the choice to mindfully do it Now and not choose to stop. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  13. The Daoist Way of Liberation

    Liberation happens when a being recognizes nobody else has ever thought for them, and mindfully choose to appreciate the nature of what IS rather than suffering a personal fantasy of how they think it needs to be instead. The universe offers some sensational phenomenon. If a being chooses to receive the phenomenon with sincere gratitude or with sincere fear is the difference between liberation from suffering and suffering. All suffering arises from a single beings choice in Now, all liberation arises from a single beings choice in Now. Choosing to wait for some time other than Now to choose to experience liberation is ensuring suffering until death. Liberation can not be saved up for with weekly payments over time, it does not have a list of conditional prerequisites, it can not be purchased, it can not be captured or saved in a jar for later use. It is a precious gift you can unstoppably and unbreakably choose to experience in Now, or not. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  14. Taoist Temples?

    Just boarding plane for Warsaw Poland, then Brussels Belgium, then Amsterdam, Ireland, and back to LA June 5th. It will be a pleasure to see you friend. Unlimited Love, -Bud
  15. the Diamond Sutra

    No text can offer more than the reader is willing to gain from it. Diamond sutra may optionally offer unbreakable liberation. Perhaps only the Upanishads and Dao-de-Jing translations evoked spontaneous tears of joy to word count ratios. None of the patterns of symbol/letter arrangement creates the joy of liberation in itself, but through relating aspects to this one fleeting moment between conception and death. Unlimited Love, -Bud