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  1. earth is not flat so much anymore, things will go away and return.
  2. I can read some writings. Then feel my nerves and desire to say something something SOMETHING conservative. Not able to articulate, to know what exactly causing it, so i keep want attacking persons who seem going somewhere. Now i am better at acknowledging those phenomena. This also is after the fact post, but i struggled, now i did got a release by noticing i have issue. I should watch nerves and urges not other persons. More free will: Less being on borderline, more stay in center.
  3. we are result of ancestor making love carnally.
  4. if you purify, that means you don't do the things you would do, next time its a feeling or urge, next time it is more of a feeling etc. You can start know things and do the things in mind so in real life there won't be the gross connection happen. -- biological 2-3.. path fetter model is possible to achieve. Real life bodhisatva skill or what world the subtle doings are done before things appear in this world. So Buddha is done lot of things already long time before. but this is just half the story, since enlightened being can become sentient being but they actually not become, sentient beings are just a matter of time when they disappear like a dream or false seeing. -- i assume that enlightened being get to know the mechanics like a clockwork, that after 1 comes 2, so there is predictions not extrasensory perceptions. ------- hmmm sentience will disappear when get to know abc mechanical logic. I wonder if that means emptiness, that there is no sentience, so also therefore there can't be any sensory perception.
  5. the I, self is coming around age 5 or so, at least after the internal organs have in place and the meta substances gathered where they belong and then there is prolly a contact made with mind and body / brain and heart and then self arises. You can use that self to find the contact, once you see it, there won't happen a contact and you find yourself in space like sense of self. that require work and effort, doing, being in mediation active mind searching and can't be dreamy but the first cause is about wanting to know knowledge what arises itself from primordial source below navel. So but it is against the philosophy of sensualists and hedonists that means the mind or brain needs to be made empty first, and that is require dicipline and vows.
  6. same thing can be said that Home Alone first and second movie was much better than third. In third there weren't even same actors acting, but the still the plot was same. So i assume the plot is the same with Old and New testament. So what is the plot? Jesus comes second time, well if it is not coming then you switch to heaven is within us all and need find it, so but hmm there comes a twist that Jesus will actually come. So then are your mouth then full of shackels, any regrets? *Jesus perhaps will come with a spaceship armada. Maybe even it was made up story who knows, but for a nowadays person it is a book story, your brain reads it and you interpret it second time, a brain filtered crazy train of thoughts. -- I wonder why can't you notice crazy thoughts, and just continue with knowing about crazy thoughts, you don't have to throw them away. Instead you evangelize, sry i have that part of brain occupied by crusaders, so if that ends, there is pagan religion, giants and other mythical creatures what once lived.
  7. Yes to each their own. But i think people already have a delusion before they start read bible. Its just a book of words in a row. Teachings idea is to understand thyself what 'dongo' views reader has: what thoughts arise while reading a book. So can go introspective, to start penetrate what makes up the faculties, where the thoughts come and what are their characteristics.
  8. ok, i came back. This is something new for me. But for now bye bye.
  9. let me just go and let the feces out, i will consequently have a shift in brain. To make room for new energy. Yea i can notice the shift. And also know that the delusion will come back from experience. What if i fail and actually let teh feces out, means failure, i will of course need to let them out, but i can cultivate it longer and more in one go being mindful of the process. There is an escape from this circle. It is to connect the feces channel to brain and the feces will cool down. But it is not the connection we actually make, but we notice more and more and see the connection. It is start from seeing a shift, becoming more oriented and focused on watching the process, also using mind in a correct positions in order to see more and see what works and make notices what supports and what is avoidance and what makes it too intense etc. Today seem to be a feces day. And by the way there sometimes also liberates an emotion while i get rid of certain type of feces what seem to be stuck at first. Currently there is opposite problem as its too hot and wet. OT, means original topic.
  10. read the JEffs response its OT doesn't take care of weaklings, negatives, oppressed, wrongdoers, haters.. The insights support and nourish everyone according to what they need. If i want to become master thief, then i get relevant insights and opportunities to fulfill that desire.
  11. don't read it literally. Try to read the entire body of text and get a one shot approximate meaning and from there come to search for validation to get a better and better meaning and what sensation exactly decides what could nudge you strong enough to write your interpretation down
  12. If you have 8 eyes all seeing quadruple distortions in deep space, you still need practice to get insights. There is possible that a enlightened being like you could eradicate blocks and bring down light energy, but the usefulness or merit of it is microscopic in relative to the merit what not dependable on phenomena insights derive.
  13. when you have done something like 1000 hours, you might have developed meta there are various levels what are revealed over time. So if to talk about the meta or pointing at it then either you recognize it or not. So apparently i have no understanding, can you help me or point me to a place where i could study or reference what the OT is about? My guess is that it is some energy what causes personal issues to clear up, blocks dissolved. If that is so, there is some counter points what could be important to point out.
  14. just for the record i gotta know what aura is, it finally clicked to me, reading scientific article about coronas. The thoughts and connections could be totally off the point but that click somehow opened to a wider array of possibilities. So if i next time ehar about auras i resonate more mature noise when state my opinions..
  15. what energies? like you come aware of that "you have hands" kind of realization? can you guys articulate what area of interest you talking about?