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  1. Golden Flower Meditation

    1 Mental is spirit, ojas. You have it already therefore you can move your legs and hands, breath. When you don't anymore you die to some failure. Your organism self organizes. Its told we have definite amount of it. 2 Anyways how you are able to see events as single feeling. Like birthday feeling, friend feeling, you acquire feelings because you have done so many times this that you can intuit real sense by reflections. 3 imagine now you can use mental energy indirectly to fire synapses and there will be a response in flesh. What you need cultivate that the fire would happen and how over time you get closer and closer to answer but not yet there, you know you have to cultivate if not you never will know.
  2. Golden Flower Meditation

    just saying i like your posts, effort Joeblast.
  3. Golden Flower Meditation

    flash memory comes from belly, body. You can visualize certain past events and when a certain "facepalm" memory comes its from belly.
  4. meditation and channels

    in a simplified way you have two eyes you will look through both of them. You notice you can't do it. One is clear other is heavy. You can even notice some people when they are tired one of the side and eye are lazy or dead/inactive. Basically you have two channels one is inactive other is active and they change sides time to time by themselves. You can do it too and its before the natural switch happen, so there is also a reason why you need do it before the natural switch. You need fulfill what is needed to be done before things naturally get fulfilled. So you could see the channel, and once you see it you will recognize it next time and after that you remember. --- You need conquer world. That means objects and situation fulfill prophesies and when they are done switch happen. So how you conquer is you fulfill them within before the objects in world. This world is bad, because the triggers are bad. You need get pretty low in order to have a trigger. Edit:effort not do the things like drinking coffee when you want to do it, and keep the connection and cultivate the different obstacles what rise are hard to do.
  5. The no-enlightenment thread

    If i am going to tell you what language i speak originally then by doing that i would also tell what my country is. Also i skip the question how many languages i speak.
  6. meditation and channels

    Durga will help.
  7. meditation and channels

    i said i need attention but noone capable of it here.
  8. meditation and channels

    no, need wait next one to appear.
  9. meditation and channels

    i have next knowledge ready to be told. Its just waiting in my mind. There is a rule for telling information. And this time it will blow socks off.
  10. The no-enlightenment thread

    Guess its now time to start learning to interact with people you don't know edit where they are from.
  11. The no-enlightenment thread

    you were a great help today, but too bad you don't know it yourself. I reached my balls much easier today thanks to years of practice.
  12. The no-enlightenment thread

    im sure you can tell it even more tears in eyes. And i'm sure i can get even more pissed off. But thanks to limits, i did reach climax and felt a sensation. So i can't get pissed off for a while.
  13. meditation and channels

    coffee just nudges the addiction, reward wiring. You can replace coffee with any other thing what affects that region. Today i thought about coffee and contemplating about not drinking it anymore and i entered into panic-like mode, it released sensations in my belly i felt something got released and even the desire to take a dump arose. Also there is other things like we have for sensual desire attached to a situation, that situation can be seen as appearance and liberate the sensation from that. You have many things for one thing. You can replace the many thing with anything but the one thing will remain. Edit one part is variable while other stays or is host.
  14. The no-enlightenment thread

    ok, you tell it for years, it works as asmr, it finally dawn upon me, i got a sense. Its to prevent me to start a fight based on from a unlived emotion, so i finally got that emotion before i entered the action.
  15. The no-enlightenment thread

    yanas support each other, but the approach is different. In mahayana you need conditions for enlightenment to arise. Firstly you need stop leaks, karma. For the secret channel work you need special effort or affirmation.