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  1. Norse mythology

    I like it too, zeus,hercules, hades, etc
  2. Questions about Qigong and Healing

    I honest have a hard time believing thats true, I never seen anyone that got taller with qigong
  3. Im curious about what exactly this practices lead to. Are we talking about controlling eletricity? Is it more of a metaphor? Have anyone here achieved the endgame of the book?
  4. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    No,I dont think so. I learnt it the hard way
  5. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    I would like to warn you that this system should not be used to hurt others. I dont know if there isnt any rule specified on the lineage but Im saying to you: DONT DO THAT I challanged a kickboxer last year while using those techniques and I can tell you: THEY DONT WORK FIR FIGHTING. Everyone laughed at me and I ended with a broken nose and other minor bruises.
  6. So I've been doing some qigong exercises every day and sometimes I do accumulate a nice amount of "feeling" on my hands, and, when I touch my lower abs I feel goosebumps on my entire lowerbody body. Also, I feel those on my shoulders and arms when I touch my pecs. Does anyone knows what it might be? Is it energy related? Thanks
  7. Thats a interesting practice. Is there any material that I can look at that in depth? What is the best type of tree to do that? I kind of invented my routine, which is why Im not confident on it. Also I dont think it will suit me for too long as Im likely to outprogress it sooner. Thanks for the tips and answers.
  8. I cant work until I finish college. Its pretty much guaranteed I will have enough money to afford a teacher when I finish it, but only in 5 years and I cant work while doing it, as it consumes too much time(7am to 5pm plus studying, homework, hospital practical work and transportation ). So I want to atleast build a foundation of energy work until I start practicing with a teacher. I know some qigong exercises and I do those everyday twice along with zhang zhuang. I can feel my hands hot and "electric/magnetic" when I do those and can move that feeling around my body( stronger on hands and feet, weakest at my belly) What do you guys suggest me to do? I cant name the exercises I do. If someone has some free basic theorethical content for me it will be helpful too. Thanks and sorry for my bad english
  9. Delete thread please

    I honestly doenst believe in it
  10. We use our techniques the same way we use on everyone. Theyre made of the same matter of us so we can fuck them up the same way
  11. Woah dude, I didnt mean to offend you. You dont need to be rude because you got deceived ,I know it sucks but you shouldnt trust everything you see on the internet.
  12. I fought multiple indian guys in my karate class and none of them fought like that. Im sorry but I think thats bunk
  13. Jing / Energy Loss - Regain

    Can I use acumputure to intimidate people?