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  1. Im kind of skeptical about of the existence of chi. I do have sensations but I cant know if thats something of my head or its real. But if I could feel it from other person, with my eyes closed, it would be real. Does anyone know any practice that involves doing that ?
  2. These girls do feel cold when I touch them, but for some reason they emit heat . And answering you guys about my relationship with those girls, most of them like me, but there is some girls I dont even talk and they still emit this heat. The energy does not feel like an heater type of heat, it feels like sunrays are hitting me . And thanks guys for all the responses!
  3. Thanks man! Yeah, what you say really makes sense and that can be the explanation. But I feel heat from only 5-10% of the girls and they are not particulary attractive. Some times Im trying to sleep on the table and feel a considerable heat on one side of my body, then I open my eyes and I see that a girl just passed by. And the sensation is very accurate.For example:if a woman that emits is on my right side, I will feel that heat only on my right side. Im not saying that those girls are special or anything like that. Its more about my sensibility to that heat. I tested if other people can feel it too but they dont seen to perceive it ...
  4. Yes,only girls, I have no idea why Maybe I am hahaha, but the sensation is true
  5. Some people, girls, emit heat from their bodies. I can feel it from up to 60 cm away from the person. Other people dont seen to perceive that "energy" . Is this chi related ? Im not an expert on feeling chi but I can feel my own energy when im praticing qiqong or meditation.
  6. Hi guys!

    Im a 20 years old latino that practice tai chi since 16 without much dedication. But since last 3 months i train qiqong every day and im getting very good results !