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  1. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Yes, because I want to know what results they got, why is that a problem? And why are you assuming that I read the 50 pages lol
  2. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    What type of results did you guys get ? Im not trying to undermine your system or anything like this. You can pm me the results if you want to . (I cant pm you)
  3. Storing Solar Energy in the Lower Dantian

    Of course I tried to but could not find anything about him after 2010
  4. Storing Solar Energy in the Lower Dantian

    Hey, I know its unrelated, but is Ni Hua Ching still alive ?
  5. So I was reading "The Way of Energy", so I can improve my zhan zhuang, and one of the paragraphs talks about spiritual qiqong that gives telepathy skills. I did hear about spiritual qiqong sone years ago, but didnt have sucess finding anything about it. Today I tried to research again but with no succes, the only thing I found was an old man practising an strange form but no more info about that. Is spiritual qiqong a thing ? If so, is it possible to learn on the internet? And what about the telephatic habilities that the book talks about, they exist? Thanks in advance
  6. They say that one way to feel chi is to point two fingers to the center of your hand and move it closer and far and if you few anything. I do feel some sort of energy when I do that, but after a few times, my hand get hurt. Feels a little like an 1st burn, can anyone explain this? Keep in mind that I dont touch my hand at all. I practice zhan zuang and the 8 brocades if anyone is curious
  7. Really sorry for that. The thing is that I dont really know the name of my practice since I learned those exercises when I did tai chi classes back in 2015. Never asked what style is so I cant name them. Thanks for the response! I will search about those styles you mentioned! Thanks for the response!What is the best position? I stretch every day so I can do the lotus sitting but Im not really close to achieve that level of flexibility, it will prob take an year if it works at all Thanks for the response! For nowIm trying to improve my diet considerably, and stretching and exercising every day. But I cant really find a good teacher in my city, is it possible to learn it online? Thanks for the reply! I want to optimize my entire being, I want to have more energy, be stronger,smarter,wiser,calmer and more charismatic. Thanks for the advice! I did shaolin kung fu for many years so Im pretty familiarized with the mabu stance, but the asian squat seens a little harder to do. Will practice daily if it means increasing my chi. My only concern is if it is bas for the knees. Thanks for the reply! Its an interesting perspective! Thanks for the answer! That response is pretty different from the last one, while on the first you kind of dismissed spiritual stuff, this one looks pretty spiritual. Maybe the answer is the middle path ? Also, I didnt really understand the note 3 and the last question. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the fast answer! And Im not after healing right now, Im interested in increasing my chi to be more powerful in various aspects of my life. And I forgot: sorry for my bad english, not my first language
  9. I do qiqong exercises every day, but I dont think Im progressing at all ... I do feel strong heat sensations in my body that got increasily stronger with training, but its not getting stronger anymore. Can someone present me some powerful practises? Thanks!!
  10. Qiqong exercise for increased focus?

    What specific qiqong you recomment? Thanks for the answer
  11. Im in need of an qiqong exercise to increase my concentration skills, I going to do an important test next week and need to be the more concentrated possible(I have low attention span).Im pretty good at maths but I commonly make mistakes because of lack of attention
  12. I kinda have an idea of what chi and jing is but I dont really understand it very well... Can someone explain me those 2 and the others energies in a simple way ? Thanks!
  13. Im having those symptons for at leas three months now, and next week Ill have an very important test . Already tried irritable colon disease and parasyte meds prescribed by a doctor but with no success. Some says stress cause digrstory issues. I not feeling stressed, but maybe I am suppressing this feeling? Since Ill have an important test. Can any specific qiqong help me with that ?
  14. Im kind of skeptical about of the existence of chi. I do have sensations but I cant know if thats something of my head or its real. But if I could feel it from other person, with my eyes closed, it would be real. Does anyone know any practice that involves doing that ?
  15. These girls do feel cold when I touch them, but for some reason they emit heat . And answering you guys about my relationship with those girls, most of them like me, but there is some girls I dont even talk and they still emit this heat. The energy does not feel like an heater type of heat, it feels like sunrays are hitting me . And thanks guys for all the responses!