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  1. What is God from a Taoist viewpoint?

    Hi dosa, thank you for sharing. Can you maybe share more about that topic - I would be interested in hearing more. Also about this, I would be interested in what practices you mainly do. Thank you very much, Julian
  2. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Yes, you are right on that. Sometimes it is not so easy though - I somewhat "require" or want to see some signs, so that I know I am moving in the right direction
  3. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Interesting, thanks I only feel it as a warm "field" yet... when breathing there it gets hotter though.
  4. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Thank you, no worries - I respect that. I am still not there yet but was curious about the signs... I have heard that one could see it in the face and eyes, but don't know.
  5. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Thanks. Could you please elaborate on that, for example what the specific physical signs would be?
  6. Flying phoenix new member

    Yes, it is. You can find more about it here: Edit: Sorry, and also ofcourse welcome LightShadowDao18. I would love to hear your experiences with FP so far as I practice the same every day but unfortunately only for about 20-40 minutes a day at the moment. Greetings
  7. Aliens among us

    Hey Starjumper, I like the thread topic. Would love to hear more about the story of the three people. Greetings
  8. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Thank you for the links - found it very interesting. Have you any or can you recommend any of Liao's DVDs? Greetings, Julian
  9. Salt water cleanse

    Sorry, I didn't explain it. I meant the salt water cleanse where one would ingest 1-2 liters of water mixed with 1 Tablespoon of natural salt right after waking up in the morning, on empty stomach. This will result in a detoxification and cleaning of the colon. "You will take your digestive tract back to its childhood state. "
  10. Grains

    Haha, danke I actually have a tool to cut zuchini in noodles but only tried it once or twice. I may have cooked them wrong as they were too watery for me. Or are they not cooked at all??
  11. Grains

    Thank you, I see it the same way. Unfortunately we don't have that many food labels here in Germany which say "grass-fed". For me there is such a difference in taste when eating grass-fed products instead of grain-fed products. About the corn thing I have to be careful about. Because of my gluten sensitivity I can't eat any wheat pastas and pizza anymore (which I did extensively for many years...), so to still my pasta desire I opt for the corn+rice noodles maybe once a week. Don't think they are too healthy unfortunately.
  12. Salt water cleanse

    Hi there, has anyone here already tried a salt water cleanse, to cleanse the colon? Just curious about your experiences - I want to try that before I will do my first ever Liver/Gallbladder flush. Thank you and best, Julian
  13. New but not so new

    Hi Longtimepractitioner, welcome. I am also very much interested in your stories and experiences, especially with true masters. I am looking forward to it if you like to tell more about it, maybe in a new thread. Thanks and greetings, Julian
  14. Tea Appreciation Study Group

    Cool thread idea! I started loving teas only about 3 years ago. Personally I love green teas and Matcha, but only recently started to explore Pu-erh teas. Haven't tried Oolongs yet but will. Also I like to drink Guayusa tea - it is said to help open the pineal gland, or decalcify it. It was used by shamans to stay awake and alert during night watches.
  15. Thank you very much that will be on my book list then! (as for the tangent: haha, I was just old enough to start using the PC when my parents got a 33.6kb Internet modem and we used an AOL software to get "in", despite being from Germany. So, I know the funny sounds, which I won't ever forget, and the long waits :))