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  1. Favorite "new" mineral supplements (& PQQ)

    Awesome, thank you Okay, will have a look into that aswell! Sounds very good.
  2. Favorite "new" mineral supplements (& PQQ)

    Cheya, what was your dosage of the DE at the beginning and how much of it do you take now? I just received it today and started with half a teaspoon in one glass of water. Thanks
  3. Favorite "new" mineral supplements (& PQQ)

    I just watched a lecture on iodine from him, which was interesting. Might have to supplement it or need to take my kelp powder regularly as I had some hypothyroid and prostate issues. Also I got to know that my red spots on the skin (cherry angioma) could be from too much bromine exposure. This would make sense as it is found in flour and I had a past where I ate tons of pasta...
  4. Favorite "new" mineral supplements (& PQQ)

    Thank you very much for these links and the information, Cheya :). Already watched some and will look more into silica at least. Very interesting. Would be happy to hear further experiences with it from you in a few weeks.
  5. Mass shootings

    Maybe it's just a coincidence...
  6. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Okay, thanks That's a good view on it I think. Overthinking and avoiding things to the extreme although one maybe has desires for them, makes life difficult. I have already ordered live kefir grains from a private person by the way and will try to make kefir at home the next days...
  7. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Thanks. Yes, I also have the instant pot as it helps tremendously in making bone broths and I got into coconut yogurt, which to me is the best yogurt I have ever eaten. Will continue doing that... Regarding kefir, I am not so sure about the milk content. Gundry and others are saying to eat only Casein A2 milk/yogurts, like sheep or goat milk. What is your opinion on it? I mean, if you think milk kefir could be "damaging" in the long run. Greetings
  8. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Hi @redcairo, thanks for your post. I also suffer from gluten intolerance for some years - it also came out of the blue for me. Yet I was a heavy pasta freak - maybe that was the reason for the problem now. I also think it is due to leaky-gut - only came to know about the latter as I got new symptoms for the last months which point to an inflamed thyroid (having cold hands/ feeling cold/ etc). Right now I am trying to heal my gut with several supplements, bone broth and homemade coconut yogurt, but kefir I don't know anything about... Will have to research it! Don't know where to start though besides googling, maybe you have a tip for me. Also I was recommended to eat a lectin-free diet, as my gluten-free alternatives for the last years relied heavily on corn products, which are said to be able to create inflammation in the gut or worsen the gut lining. Have you heard from Dr. Gundry's lectin free diet? Best wishes, Julian
  9. What is God from a Taoist viewpoint?

    Hi dosa, thank you for sharing. Can you maybe share more about that topic - I would be interested in hearing more. Also about this, I would be interested in what practices you mainly do. Thank you very much, Julian
  10. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Yes, you are right on that. Sometimes it is not so easy though - I somewhat "require" or want to see some signs, so that I know I am moving in the right direction
  11. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Interesting, thanks I only feel it as a warm "field" yet... when breathing there it gets hotter though.
  12. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Thank you, no worries - I respect that. I am still not there yet but was curious about the signs... I have heard that one could see it in the face and eyes, but don't know.
  13. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Thanks. Could you please elaborate on that, for example what the specific physical signs would be?
  14. Flying phoenix new member

    Yes, it is. You can find more about it here: Edit: Sorry, and also ofcourse welcome LightShadowDao18. I would love to hear your experiences with FP so far as I practice the same every day but unfortunately only for about 20-40 minutes a day at the moment. Greetings
  15. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Thank you for the links - found it very interesting. Have you any or can you recommend any of Liao's DVDs? Greetings, Julian