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  1. There is typically a negative thought in your mind related to the trauma. Find that thought and observe it. It will dissolve, and leave you more at peace with the original trauma. Good luck .
  2. Is the way to heaven through hell?

    Suffering is in some ways overrated. There are people who achieve enormous growth by opening their hearts and minds through meditation, philosophy, human relationships, life's wisdom or spontaneous insight. But a person who has not known pain is in some ways incomplete as a human being. He or she will never know the lower rungs of existence; the personal hells that so many poor (and often rather innocent) souls live in. I sometimes tell myself that most wisdom masters must have known some measure of pain themselves, whether that be a broken heart, broken dreams or the human loneliness and pointlessness that sometimes consume us. The most interesting people I know have known pain and loss themselves. For most of us on the planet, it seems to be an inescapable condition of life. And yes, some - many, probably - who experience such pain eventually grow from it. But it's a f*****g brutal way to grow if you ask me.
  3. What happens after death?

    There are lots of people today who practice astral projection. A lot of them use Robert Bruce's techniques for easy projection. You can find them online in various forums, discussing techniques, travels and tips. A lot of them report about a plane where deceased loved ones gather to live and relax after death. Supposedly it's not the final place for the soul. It's a nice idea though, and it warms my heart . A good day to you all.
  4. The metaphysics of Existence

    We are going towards a progressively greater degree of individuation AND integration. "Disharmony" AND harmony. It is both of these at the same time. Evolution has to bring about both of these at the same time. Nothing else makes sense. The universe does not evolve in one linear direction. It evolves as a beautiful paradox unfolding - with two opposite forces evolving together. It has to be both. As above so below. Every force to be balanced by a counter-force. The thing that remains at the end is not just a nothingness. It is an enlightened nothingness. A paradox of sorts once again: An enlightened nothingness/allthing-ness. The sum of all our beauty, wisdom and goodness as consciousness-in-motion. I agree with your other observations though.
  5. How do you heal/release your issues/fears ?

    We human beings make many assumptions about life, ourselves and others. "This shouldn't be so".. "If I do this I might be in trouble".. "If this happens then that maybe happens".. Not all of those assumptions are "real" or even positive for you. Some of them are based on our fears and worries. The best way transcend them is not to talk them down when they arise, or to try and talk yourself up. The best way to transcend them is by simply slipping into a state of neutral cognition where you observe them. Hold them there in your mind. Hold that thought and observe it from a point of neutrality. Eventually - if the thought is based on a false fear - it will fade before the light of neutral observation. In the long run such a thought will start to emerge less frequently, eventually fading entirely. Good luck my friend .
  6. How do you heal/release your issues/fears ?

    By observing them from a point of neutrality. Don't try to force yourself to "courageous" behavior. Don't try to "talk them down" or "talk yourself up". Just observe them from a point of neutral meta-cognition.
  7. Is the number 13 really an unlucky number - or merely a cultural phenomenon? From a more general perspective: Are there any "real" objects or processes - physical or meta-physical - that cause "bad luck" to people? Obviously doing harm to other people and denying your true path might cause the universe to steer away from you, I presume.. What are your thoughts?
  8. A sexual problem

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I appreciate it, and to be honest it makes me pretty thrilled to see so many people ready to help, given that I am a "complete stranger". Lots of good people in here.. Also there are some good pointers in the posts that I will be checking out in more detail.. So, in order to give a few more details on what happened: When the event happened, I lost all natural spontaneous creativity for some reason, and it felt like my groin area had been blocked off, and I was left in a flat/dead body. Sometimes I wonder if there was an element of guilt involved in the experience too: When it happened I was watching porn, even though I had vowed to stay away from that (pornstars don't always have the most healthy reasons for being in porn). So when my impulses got the better of me I felt bad about it, and perhaps also a bit guilty - even though I "rationally" know that manifesting strong emotions of guilt are stupid vis-a-vis one's sexuality. Anyways, about two weeks into the experience I tried really hard to force my creativity back, and it was like something popped in my body and my groin was unlocked, creativity flowing again. What happened then was quite bizarre: My creativity had changed. Instead of being very analytical, trying to work towards new solutions by identifying constraints, I now found myself being way more out-of-the-box-thinking. I probably had three to four months of the most unexpected and radical creativity I've ever expected - and all of it in a fairly flat and dead body . I also felt I had become very rational at the expense of being passionate. I am thinking I maybe shifted my energy away from my sexuality and into my creativity somehow. But given that it was so radical it felt like a very "raw" experience. It's a year later now, and gradually some of the fullness of the body has returned. About two weeks ago something else happened. I had been doing hard physical work for a full day and sat in my kitchen and was feeling exhausted, eating dinner. All of a sudden a sexual thought came on really strong and I thought "oh well, it's neither right nor wrong" and "pop": In that moment it was like a deeper fullness of the body returned, and all of the sudden I didn't feel that sort of everyday indifference anymore: All of a sudden I wanted to take walk, desired to play a videogame, call a friend etc. I didn't have to "force" those things anymore. They felt naturally interesting again. So that's great. What I am still missing though is the excitement, the humor, the laughter, the fullness in sexual feelings, the magic of life.. To be honest, the simple feeling that life is "nice" and "warm" is still not as strong as it used to be.. Less distractions, but less magic too.. I frequented a channel healer recently to see if he could work out something. The healing opened up a greater space of neutrality into which I could pull dualistic assumptions and neutralize them. But it also increased my feeling of indifference somehow. It's like the healing is a shortcut, but something that comes with a price when you have kundalini syndrome. Perhaps because K imbalances are delicate things that you should work out organically from the inside out - by dissolving them in your own recognition of their duality-based nature. I hope the negative effects of the healing will work themselves out over time.. Anyways, that was a bit more detail. If you have any more feedback it would be appreciated . Perceiver
  9. A sexual problem

    Alright guys, I have a problem which you may be able to advise me on.. Some time ago - like two years ago - I started to notice that my kundalini syndrome would improve if I managed my sexual thoughts and desires in a better way. I noticed that if I ejaculated less I had more energy to meet life's challenges and also just felt better. As part of the process I also started to slowly transcend many of my base sexual desires by simply becoming less addicted to them. It was a very rewarding process. Long story short a year ago I was about to do some work on a creative project and some sexual urges came on really strong. I found myself being driven along by them for some time and got really irritated as ideally I wanted to focus on my creative project. In that moment, I suddenly got the urge to use my willpower to "force" away my sexual urges and vowed to myself that I would focus on the creative project instead. It was a moment of extreme willpower. And "whap" - just like that - the feeling of energy and presence left my groin and all my thoughts and impulses faded. I was left in a weird state with a flat feeling in the body and without any emotions. Just sort of like an indifferent dullness. No interest in anything. No depressed feeling - but no happiness and joy either. I could give you many details, but I'll make it as short as I feel is possible: Ever since it happened I've lost my sense of humor, I don't laugh as much and I feel more indifferent really. Life has less magic, less power, less attractiveness. It's almost like I've lost a part of me - like being conscious and being in my body doesn't feel the same anymore. I am not depressed. Just feel more indifferent really.. Also, sexual urges aren't felt as fully in the body anymore. Obviously I would like to get the excitement, the sense of humor and all the other things back. I've tried channel healing, acupuncture and my own willpower - but all of them to no avail. Still the feeling of indifference lingers on.. The healing experience even made some of it worse, to be honest. It's a pretty complex problem and I guess it's hard to pinpoint exactly what happened. But my quality of life is suffering from this and I would be interested in any sort of input. Advice, ideas, types of treatment, tips about knowledgeable folks - anything would be appreciated.. Thanks
  10. Both, if you will.. Also, perhaps logic can provide us with the answer. The one and two are the dualities. The Three is their integration, or the nothingness?
  11. I hear you on the duality there - which is mirrored by the nothingness. The Two are the duality.. But what is the "Three"?
  12. Killing the Ego

    The ego should not be killed. It should be understood. But, the first post kind of said that..
  13. Maybe, but I am not sure I fully understand it..
  14. PS: I am not referring to mathematical/scientific explanations of the Universe. Hard science can never explain the purpose or "origin" of consciousness, and therefore the final mystery of the Universe will always be hidden to them. If the Universe is essentially mind, then it can only be understood (or accepted?) through mind. So I am looking for metaphysical explanations about the metaphysical structures that govern reality, and which I think may be (must be) replicated in the logical structure of the Universe too.
  15. Greetings Long time no speak to my "friends" in here. - The ones that are left.. A thing that has been running through my mind these past few days is this: Is the Universe simultaneously contracting and expanding? It seems to me that the forces of the Universe must be - once you deduce them - utterly simple and reducable to just a few principles, perhaps just one principle. And I think this structure/principle would probably be replicable in "us", in the metaphysical reality, in everything, really. One Principle to rule them all. As I was pondering this question, I thought to look to the structure and logic of the Universe in order to see if I could identify two forces - a ying/yang, this-not-that, pulling its mechanics and animating all its movements.. It wouldn't make sense if there was only once force. There has to be two at least. And those two have to animate the rest somehow. Maybe there's a third force too, I don't really know.. I soon came to think of the notion that the Universe must somehow be contracting and expanding at the same time. That there must be something pulling it up and in. One force to define the other force. The two forces from which everything flows.. It's merely an intuition now. But I can't explain why or how, and I have a feeling that once I can, everything else will be revealed. Perhaps the answer is found in how particles and atoms behave; their behaviour, their range of options - reducable to two forces, maybe. Perhaps the answer is found in a meta-view of the Universe as a whole. Maybe even in an understanding of "reality" as a whole - and its purpose. I looked into spiritualist philosophy, but got no real answer. Or maybe there was an answer but I didn't understand, wasn't ready for it.. In any case, I still miss the how and why.. Any thoughts, my friends? Perceiver