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Custom Tao Bum Title

Custom title poll below based on below post.  

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This is how to create your own custom "Tao Bum" tm Title that will appear below your Avatar once you reach "Tao Bum!" status. (I am not sure how many post you need before you become a "Tao Bum!" may have to ask a senior member! haha :lol: )


But anyway once you have been here a while, or maybe you can do this from day one? Ha ha! That would be the exciting part! If you are new, try it and see if you can maybe you can post your results! :D


1. Okay how to do it, first, click on My Controls. I circled it in the example picture below.




2. Okay now scroll down till you see "Edit Profile Information" click on that. (See Example Picture below)




3. Okay now you should see the box "Custom member title" Enter your title in this box. (Title cannot be too long or it will erase the end of it) After you do that, dont click anything else, you are not done! (See Example Picture Below)




4. Last step. Scroll down now after you have entered your title. And click "Amend Profile" button shown in the example picture below.





There you go. You now have your custom title. But that is not all:


Ettiquette And Editorial, These are merely suggestions below, and not the direct view of Tao Bums, though they are generally the view of the general public regarding certification:


Now if you are going to use a title that is something goofy or not related to certification, simply dismiss the rest of this post.

However, I would refrain from entering titles such as "doctor", "priest" and so forth if you cannot back them up!

Since there is no Board policy mentioned on Tao Bums requiring confirmation of your CERTIFICATION as a priest, monk, rabbi, doctor or et cetera if you choose to do so, you may have people ask you to present any of the following to verify your credentials since it is not policed by Tao Bums. This is of course practical, and quite obvious because someone acting and claiming to be something everywhere else in the world requires credentials. If you are offended, you have something to hide or have your empathies extremely misplaced.


Buddhist Monk or Priest (Yes, buddhism and Taoism are similar thats why this is here):


E-sangha has good guidelines for providing proof to people that you are what you say you are. Simply use the example shown on their board here, Scroll down and read under "Guidlines For Ordained Ministers":


For Taoist Priests? Only the same thing, plus:

1. Name a deity, its Taoist and Buddhist name, its constellation (star(s)) In Taoism and Buddhism, The purpose and significance of the deity along with the descriptions of energies imparted.

2. The name of your sect in Buddhism also. Most are so ancient they carry a Buddhist name also. If you think a sect might be fake, look into a Buddhist name, one sect that is a real one is called Cittipati in Tibetan Buddhism, but in China and the U.S., a few people misunderstand the Taoist name and think it might be fake because they do not know! haha!

3. The list of deities on ones altar or a picture. These are universal and do not change within one's sect.

4. Have they taken the Bodhisattva vow? Many do, the few, the negative do not.

Since priests learn these, it is acceptable. Priest learn many many different rituals, most of which are taught to their students.

Ministers may be exempt from these last four due to difference in training, where as being a priest or claiming to be the highest priest carries more responsibility and karma depending upon ones actions.


For all other people with credentials, I would recommend finding some similarities with those general concepts.

As these are not rules, and I am just merely suggesting these, it is clearly understandable that if one should come to the situation of some type of professional relationship as regards teaching or training, all of these should be furnished upon request. We all live in the real world and should not do things we would not otherwise do face to face.

If I went to a doctors office and wanted to see his certification first (some do though it is few and far between) a Doctor will do this. A Doctor is kind and courteous.

Should we really ask anything different of ourselves and others?




Edit: Created distinction between Minister and Priest.

Edited by TheWhiteRabbit

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This is so didn't I find this before? :lol: One day I looked for like a whole hour trying to figure out how to change that.

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