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Edward M

Hi from uk

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Hi, I'm Ed from London UK,,, used to post on here a few years ago, doubt you will remember me, i posted only once or twice!!


I am a christian, but i guess attempting to be a christian mystic---or gain some gnosis..


I've practices various internal arts, some bagua under alex kozma, and silat under K, a student of simon das....didn't go far with either of the arts...i'm more mental than more ways than one lol suffer from a psychosis, might or might not be to do with kundalini....had experience with golden light inward and outward a few years back, and was promptly put back on anti-psychotics, although to be fair i thought i was being followed around so.....


I do basic follwing the breath meditation, sometimes use I-am mantra,,, currently getting into the jesus prayer..


I have material by scott sonnon, i'll be asking questions on its usage before long on the main forum here..


Ok, I think that is enough for now....





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