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  1. Fajin is about creating an explosive impact. With this mechanism you can use 3 measurements to improve your fajin strikes: ~ the total distance the weight travels (further the better) ~ the distance hand withdraws before strike (shorter the better) ~ the distance past the starting mark the fist moves after the initial impact (shorter the better) Explosive force is dependent on the time the fist stays in contact with the target. The shorter the time of contact the greater the explosive force. My take on Fa Jin is what's called Impulse Force. The basics is that the shorter the time the fist is in contact with the target the greater the Impulse Force. The purpose of this apparatus is to remove the human factor (i.e. the partner faking or exaggerating the effect) I have had some folks commenting that fajin is best demonstrated on a live subject. Testing on humans is problematic because of the proven capacity folks have to "ham it up" ... exaggerating or even faking the effect to create a marketable "wow factor". So rather than "enhancing" the demonstration in most cases it robs the ability of any and all credibility. With this mechanism we can be more objective about it and have a fairly common means of communication. In a very real way I am challenging folks to recreate the model themselves and post up a video showing how they would create this "short power".
  2. Tai Chi Chuan Succeeds In Full Contact Fight

    OK sure ... you certainly didn't give the impression that your comments "weren't serious". All good Gotta love the medium of written word exchange
  3. Tai Chi Chuan Succeeds In Full Contact Fight

    Some interesting assumptions in one sentence CloudHands... Innocent children ... Dylan is 22 and though he is one of the kindhearted men I have ever met he is far from "innocent". Also Dylan was determined to enter this fight, I just took him under my wing to make sure he would have the best chance of putting on a good show. Dangerous fight ... It was a pad fighting full contact tournament with rules preventing elbows & knees. Sure in such contest the chance for "shit happening" is always there. But Dylan's conditioning was good and I had given him a solid defense so the danger was minimal. Fight for yourself next time ... again it was Dylan's push to fight here, I just coached him to help him perform well. And in terms of fighting for myself I will be competing next year in the Daqingshan tournament.
  4. A question for taoists

    Some rather big questions there nantogph.... As was mentioned, Taoism is a pluralistic beast ... many different "versions" of it from orthodox, aesthetic, philosophical, folk, through to "Holy shit man stay the fuck away from those whack jobs!!" If though you are looking to do a report I would recommend you look at this: That should be more than enough for your purpose
  5. A question for taoists

    Bahahahah ... damn you mYTHmAKER ... I just spat my soy milk on my keyboard
  6. Tai Chi Chuan Succeeds In Full Contact Fight

    Cripes ... I share a vid of my boys doing some honest fighting and it gets trolled by woo-woo fajin nonsense ...
  7. Tai Chi Chuan Succeeds In Full Contact Fight

    Heya Steve, As always conversations with you are the amongst the most rewarding on this forum Touch (zhan), connect (lian), stick on (nian), follow (sui), and do not separate (bu dui ding). Did you have a good look at the Analysis video? Check from 14:45 ... there is a perfect example of young Dylan following the principles of zhan nian lian sui bu diu and bu ding. The rest of what you are suggesting is there in abundance ... though it would seem your eyes are looking for something else. Could you please post a video of someone from your school or lineage fighting full contact where they are adhering to your preferences. It would help with the sharing of knowledge. Cheers Steve
  8. Why Does Tai Ji Starts with Slow Motion?

    You obviously have a camera and know how to produce videos ... I would be very interested in seeing a clip of you and your students doing some solid sparring.
  9. Why Does Tai Ji Starts with Slow Motion?

    LOL ... I will raise the stakes here Vitalli ... here's what Taijiquan actually looks like in a real fight:
  10. Tai Chi Chuan Succeeds In Full Contact Fight

    I am sure your view is shared by many. "... to release internal force at will." Now there is an interesting comment. I am assuming that you are trying to say that a true Tai Chi master has some sort of "special power" in terms of fajin ... the problem there though is that there is not a single scrap of credible evidence in the world that can prove that these powers can be used in real life. Amongst the hundreds of videos online of these "fajin powers" none of the people in those videos have been able to reproduce this "skill" where it counts ... i.e. in full contact combat or in a scientifically controlled study. Therefore we can place no confidence in the practicality of these powers and likewise can place no confidence in the instructions to attain said powers. In the world of combat there is no room for faith belief. So unless you can provide some sort of evidence to support your claims then I really can't pay them much credence. To the contrary I have shown above that you can train and utilize Taijiquan on a practical level that well and truly succeeds where it counts.
  11. As part of the WKA Tournament Toowoomba October 25th 2014. Featuring Dylan Green -- Ziranchuan Kung Fu & Golden Rose Tai Chi Chuan. Analyzing the Tai Chi Chuan fighting principles used by Dylan Green in his successful bout in the WKA Full Contact Tournament in Toowoomba, 25th October, 2014. This is in response to some folks crying that "This isn't Tai Chi Chuan" ... however, if examined properly, it is possibly better Tai Chi Chuan fighting then 99.9% of the rest of the "Tai Chi Fighting" videos you will find on the internet.
  12. Haiku Chain

    don't look behind you... and if you do don't dare blink... angels coming close. [WIN for the Dr Who reference !!!]
  13. Haiku Chain

    there you go, all done... scones and lemonade ready for Sunday high tea
  14. Haiku Chain

    life is born anew... and yet this summer repeats here we go again
  15. Haiku Chain

    anticipation... watching the new growth of spring life is born anew...