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How many religious Taoism's are their? + Everbody Huntik Go.

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In Taoism, lineages are basically divided into two main categories, which you can view them as two different ways to cultivate. But at the end point, they shall also need to know and learn the other side to reach the higher practise. Just like taichi and shaolin.. one internal and one external art. But at the end, one must learn the other side and you will achieve both ex and internal to form a true yin yang in your practise.


Taoism lineages main divided into 2 main types.


One emphasize on FU and mantras, usually service for the public, helping people to cure illness, bringing fortune and luck with ceremonies etc,.You can refer to the Zheng Yi branch of Jeung Dao Ling.


One emphasize on ceremonies and ritues, chantings and scriptures, things that trains your daily life, ethics and morals, etc,. You can refer to the Chuen Jan branch of taoism.


But for both of them, when you finish the basic studies of what the branch emphasize, you will also learn the other side in a higher level of trianing to achieve a full yin yang in your taoism study. That is why both ways are the same, just depends on what you want to start off with and which one fits your style more. Some like to go with FU first, and some like to go chant first. It is just a personal preference and fate.

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Sorry was distracted by the cute girl in long striped socks at 0:40 B)


Edit : going to have to toss in the Gantz credits.

warning, contains graphic images and some nudity!




Well the young lady is referred to as Miss Melons! In fact Gantz is a very disturbing anime. Both visually and mentally. I love it a LOT :o


But it's not for those under 18

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