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  1. I am wondering if I can get some input on some ways I can incorporate wing chun and a knife or a baton. I know there are weapons the baat cham dao and the luk dim boon kwan. But I do not carry those with me. Also they would be a hassle and they are both double handed weapons. I am only interested in single handed weapons. What I do carry with me is a knife with a 7 inch blade. Perfectly legal where I live. I also have a 2 foot baton. I do not carry the baton with me. But I can carry an expandable baton. So I am wondering if anyone has any advice on incorporating a single knife or a baton into wing chun?Thanks
  2. So Robert "bob" Kim aka Wan Qi is back at his old meditation scam stuff. Just thought I would say something so people do fall for it and give him money and such. This pretty much explains his stuff Her is his youtube page. Even though I dont believe in most of the stuff on this forum anymore just wanted to try and help other people. Thanks
  3. Ice breakers for when you do not work?

    I always learn something new I try and always learn. I would say I'm being honest with myself
  4. Ice breakers for when you do not work?

    I am in a similar position for around about two and a half years I looked for work and I could just see the job I wanted disappearing more and more due to technology and a lot of jobs going that way. So I asked myself would I rather do a job I hate then just do nothing and be happy. I do get a monthly income that I can live on so I don't really need a job. So that is what I am doing now I am still grappling a little bit with the fact that society expects me to get a job. In case you're wondering the job I was looking for was computer repair.
  5. Ice breakers for when you do not work?

    Can you please explain what you mean?
  6. Ice breakers for when you do not work?

    Do you not work due to disability or something else or just no jobs because of technology?
  7. So in America a popular way to get to know someone or to break the ice is to ask what a person does for a living. Well with the current rate technology is going jobs are going to become less and less and will become somewhat of a rarity. So I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for icebreakers that people can use that do not involve asking what the person does for a living what do Eastern countries do and such as far as icebreakers go? What are the customs for ice breakers and getting to know someone in Eastern traditions?
  8. Moderators can you please delete this at the moment I'm looking more locally if need be I might put up another thread.
  9. So I was wondering does anyone on here have any real world or sparring experience with impact weapons such as batons tonfas saps etc Or strike enhancers like brass knuckles kubotans etc? Like how well do they work in a fight? Did they break? Did they hurt you more than the opponent? Etc? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  10. Really i had not heard that about the Dadao?
  11. Just had to post this cause this is some of the best kung fu i have seen.
  12. So in "ancient" times "anything before 1960" in china and other Asian countries how often would a martial artist carry a weapon? When they were going to the market? To the seamstress? To a bar or pub? Generally out in public? What wear the laws in those times one weapons?
  13. So was watching the jackie chan karate kid remake a couple of days ago and a thought struck me. If there any sequence of moves in kung fu that you guys can think of like the whole jacket on/ off thing? Like mundane things we do now-a-days but could be used in a kung fu form?
  14. So I go to different chat rooms and forums. I ask allot of questions. Now most of the places I get banned from give the reason that Im asking "stupid" questions or being annoying. Now yes I do tend to harp on a question and might ask it like 10 times in a chat room over the course of a couple of weeks. I also tend to say weird things late at night like "my mom always said to never run with a carrot after drinking milk" When I do say these things I am genuinely laughing when typing cause I find them funny. Are these banable offences? Like I would only ban someone if they threatened another individual or linked illegal porn or anything of that caliber. My question is what is banable for forums and chat rooms? Also if there is a banable offence why do the mods not try and correct the behavior? Thanks
  15. Caffeine pills?

    So whats the consensus on caffeine pills? I looking more form a general health perspective not from an Ayurvedic / tcm perspective. Thought I would ask here cause its a very diverse group here. I do prefer a redbull or nos but they have a ton of sugar and such and doing the math there is around 200 mg's of caffeine in a 20oz red bull and there is the same in 1 caffeine pill.