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Six Paramitas or 10 Paramitas?

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are there six paramitas or 10 paramitas?


and what are they?



Six perfections of Buddhism.









(from memory! - feel free to correct)


They are the positive aspects of Bodhisattva activity. That's Mahayana. Theravada add another four.

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The six paramitas can be broken down into seventeen aspects.


Transcendent Generosity

Material giving

Giving Dharma

Giving protection from fear


Transcendent Discipline

Avoid negative actions

Undertaking positive actions

Bringing benefit to others


Transcendent Patience

Patience when wronged

Patience to bear hardships for the Dharma

Patience to face the profound truth without fear


Transcendent Diligence

Armour-like diligence

Diligence in action

Insatiable diligence


Transcendent Concentration

Giving up distractions

Actual concentration


Transcendent Wisdom

Wisdom through hearing

Wisdom through reflection

Wisdom through meditation


(Not from memory!)

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