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  1. Taoism / TaoBums FAQ

    so will this help me
  2. How exactly Does One FEEL Chi?

    i was wondering if there are any way that a person could feel chi?
  3. Taoism / TaoBums FAQ

    thanks alot Stiggie RESPECT i always wonder where the yin yang originated from
  4. Dan Tien

    i was wondering if someone could explain to me what dan tien is ?
  5. Confucianism

    what are my friends thoughts on confucianism? recently i have been trying to figure out how they relate with one another
  6. i am interested in learning more about this subject the only thing i hear is that if you dont have sex for a certain period of time and do on like a day it rains chances are it will be a girl(i maybe wrong). also i have heard of such words as jing, etc. has anyone done any research on this practice?
  7. The danger of radical Islam

  8. Just A graphic My friend Made

  9. How Do The 7 Chakras Related to Tao?

    thanks for the links
  10. Is this Chi?

    the other day i was getting off from working and i went home to take a hot shower anyway after getting out of the shower i laid on my bed with my back parallel to the ceiling and my stomach parallel to the floor anyway when i stretched i feel like this rush of energy flowing from my armpits to my hands and to my lower back. and i was wondering if this chi or if im trippin'
  11. The Lotus and Diamond Sutra

    i was wondering why these two sutras are considered to be enlighteners? and where can i get the sutras in their entirety?
  12. What Are Some Aspects from taoism That you can apply to your everday Life?

    what aspects should i apply?
  13. What Are Some Aspects from taoism That you can apply to your everday Life?

    What about the ten percepts?
  14. How Do You Study

    anything else